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Input and Output Operations in C++ Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Input and Output Operations in C++ Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

C++ uses a convenient abstraction called streams to perform input and output operations in sequential media such as the screen, the keyboard or a file. A stream is an entity where a program can either insert or extract characters to/from. The predefined object cin is an instance of istream class. The cin object is said to be attached to the standard input device, which usually is the keyboard. The cin is used in conjunction with the stream extraction operator, which is written as >> which are two greater than signs.

Try Input and Output Operations in C++ Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Input and Output Operations in C++ Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Input and Output Operations in C++ Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the output of printf ("%d")

Answer: Usually the output value cannot be predicted. It will not give any error. It will print a garbage value. But if the situation is



int a=1,b=2,c=3;



The output will be the value of the last variable, ie. 3
Question: Why do we need to close a file.
ifstream ifile;"temp.dat")
What happens if we do not close() a file?

Answer: Normally file is close automatically if an application terminates normally, however if the application terminates abruptly like with a call to abort() or when application crashes, the file is not closed properly. Consequences are:<br>1. Data might be lost which was still in buffer and not flushed to file.<br>2. In worst case, the file my be destroyed.<br>3. intermittent problems in the program.<br>4. there is a system limit on how many files can be open at any one point, Source:
Question: What will be output of the following code
using namespace std;
class abc
public :
void main()
cout<<" Its main function "< }
int main(int c, char **v)
abc a;
cout<<" Error can not accept it "< exit(1);
cout<<" its in main program "< a.main();

return 0;

Answer: The code you have given has many compile time error , but conceptually it will work I have corrected some lines like cout<<" its in main program "< a.main(); it will not work because main the member function is void type it will return nothing while << director needs change void main() to int main() and return 0 at end.exit() function will not work in cout because it returns void type.<br><br>Also add some lines like printing address of main function,It i Source:
Question: Help me to write a c++ program using strings that does the following tasks 1)Removes multiple spaces between words. 2)find the longest word in a text. 3)extract the number of integers in the text. 4)extract the number of doubles.5)extract the number of words in a sentence.

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: How to write c++ program to write a message to the screen?

Answer: #include<iostream.h>
void main()
int i;
cout<<"enter the value of i";
cin>>i; /**massege print
} Source:
Question: How to write a code for replacing a character with astrick sign?

Answer: ch=getch();<br>putch("*"); Source:
Question: I was creating a program that has a 2 dimensional array with 25 elements.How can I display the highest row sum?
lowest row sum?
highest col sum?
lowest row sum?

Answer: Assuming that your array elements are non negative, Initialize static variables highest RowSum & highest ColumnSum to ZERO. Keep calculating sum of each row & column in for loops and simultaneously keep comparing & assigning the rowSum & columnSum with static variables highestRowSum and highestColumnSum respectively if the earlier values are higher. Similarly you can do to get the lowest values but the static variables should be intialized to a MAX number. Hope this answers without furnishing a Source:
Question: How do you write a program which produces its own source code as its output?

Answer: write this program and save it as will show the program to the consol and write the source code into data.txt file...................<br><br>#include<stdio.h><br>void main()<br>{<br> FILE *fp,*ft;<br> char buff[100];<br> fp=fopen("pro.c","r");<br> if(fp==NULL)<br> {<br> printf("ERROR");<br> }<br> ft=fopen("data.txt","w+");<br> if(ft==NULL)<br> {<br> printf("ERROR");<br> }< Source:
Question: Bitwise Operations - Given inputs X, Y, Z and operations | and & (meaning bitwise OR and AND, respectively), what is output equal to in?

Answer: output = (X & Y) | (X & Z) | (Y & Z);<br><br> Source:
Question: Can we make any program in c++ without using any header file and what is the shortest program in c++.

Answer: Program will not execute without header file.<br>shortest program in c++ is to print "hello world" Source:
Question: Is it possible to have different access modifiers on the get/set methods of a property?

Answer: No. The access modifier on a property applies to both its get and set accessors. What you need to do if you want them to be different is make the property read-only (by only providing a get accessor) and create a private/internal set method that is separate from the property. Source:

Answer: It can be done using get() & write() functions. Source:


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