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Web Sphere Portal Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Web Sphere Portal Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

IBM WebSphere Portal is a set of software tools that enables companies to build and manage web portals. It provides a single access point to web content and applications, while delivering differentiated, personalized experiences for each user. IBM WebSphere? Portal products provide enterprise web portals that help companies deliver a highly-personalized, social experience for their customers. WebSphere Portal products give users a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need.

Try Web Sphere Portal Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Web Sphere Portal Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Web Sphere Portal Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Is the naming of connection factory independent of the name specified by JMS client?

Answer: Yes, the naming of connection factory is independent of the name specified by JMS client. This is made possible by WAS (Web sphere application server) with its resource references. It isolates the application from object names. This feature is important because it gives us the flexibility to change the administered object without changing the JMS client code. Source:
Question: Explain about extended deployment?

Answer: Web sphere application server extended deployment increases the functionality of the server in two main areas they are manageability and performance. Dynamic virtualization between servers is possible with the help of XD. A stand alone distributed cache was added to it under the performance header, it is known as Object Grid. Source:
Question: State some of the features present in web sphere?

Answer: Some of the features which are present in web sphere are: -
Order management
Web sphere commerce accelerator
Analytical and business intelligence
Open standards such as Java, EJB, etc
Web sphere commerce payments and customer care, etc Source:
Question: Explain about Web sphere MQ JMS Provider?

Answer: Web sphere MQ and Web Sphere Business integration manager Broker are very useful in providing Java messaging services to wide range of clients (publisher ?subscribe, point to point). Java classes are chiefly responsible for translating the API calls to API`s defined by web sphere. It is very useful to have knowledge of Web sphere MQ for proper configuration. Source:
Question: Explain about caching proxy of IBM Web sphere Edge sphere?

Answer: A caching proxy can be configured in forward direction or as a proxy. Content requested by the user is cached by edge before sending or adhering to the query. Page fragments arising from JSP or servlets are cached by Edge and the caching process is slow. Performance and scalability of J2EE applications can be increased by edge. Source:
Question: What are the JBoss portal server features?

Answer: * Highly integrated web applications? costs reduce by portals. JBoss enables the reusability of branding and deploying new applications of composite nature.
* The users and the industry can be customized, personalized their experiences in a secure and well governed manner by using JBoss portal.
* JBoss incorporate components into a portal as reusable and standardized portlets, as Jboss is platform independent.
* Performance and scalability is ensured. Source:
Question: Explain about the network deployment feature present in WAS?

Answer: Managing singletons will be a thing of the past and it also provides hot recovery of singletons which makes you forget about your GC collected singletons. Transaction logs can stored on a shared file system. For clustering run time operations deployment manager`s role was eliminated. J2EE failover support and cell configuration support is also present. Source:
Question: Explain the types of portals, Function-based portals and User-based portals?

Answer: Function-based portals

Horizontal Portals:
These are the portals are of type general interest. Yahoo!,Lycos,AOL,Freeserve,Sympatico are examples of horizontal portals.

Vertical Portals
They provide a gateway to the information pertaining to a specific industry such as insurance, banking, finance, automobile, telecom etc.

User-Based Portals

B2B Portals
The enterprises extend to suppliers and partners by using B2B portals.

B2C Portals
The enterprises Source:
Question: Explain about web sphere MQ Real time transport?

Answer: This feature is very useful in instant messaging across different clients through intranet and internet. This supports high volume and high performance across different clients. It uses the concept of light weight transport which is again based on IP rather than the queue process. Source:
Question: Explain the attribute CHANNEL in web sphere MQ?

Answer: CHANNEL specifies the name of the server connection channel. Generally this is Web Sphere MQ network abstraction. The default standard used by CHANNEL is SVRCONN which is the server connection channel. This server is generally used to communicate to the queue manager by the client. Source:
Question: Explain the concepts and capabilities of Portal Structure Markup Language, PSML

Answer: PSML was created to allow abstraction and content structure within Jetspeed. It has two markups:

* Registry markup: Describes the availability of resources to the Jetspeed engine. It supports multiple portlet registries.
* Site markup: The availability of portlets are described by this markup, which is displayed for a given user. Source:
Question: Explain about compute Grid?

Answer: Compute grid is also known as Web sphere batch. Web sphere extended deployment offers a Java batch processing system called as Compute Grid. This forms an additional feature to Web sphere network environment. Various features are provided which help a developer to create, manage and execute batch jobs. Job scheduler, xJCL, batch container and batch programming controller.
Question: Detail about the architecture of web sphere?

Answer: Web Sphere is built on three main components they are
J2EE application server
A web server
The databases which it supports are
Application server is IBMWAS and the supported web servers are
IBM server
Microsoft IIS
Sun web server
Question: What is PortletSession interface?

Answer: User identification across many requests and transient information storage about the user is processed by PortletSession interace. One PortletSession is created per portlet application per client.

The PortletSession interface provides a way to identify a user across more than one request and to store transient information about that user.

The storing of information is defined in two scopes- APPLICATION_SCOPE and PORTLET_SCOPE.

APPLICATION_SCOPE: All the objects in the sessio Source:
Question: Explain about IBM Web Sphere edge server?

Answer: Web sphere edge server is used to improve the performance of web based systems. It can be used as forward or proxy server. Basically four components are present in the web sphere they are Network dispatcher, Caching proxy, Content distribution and application service at the edge.
Question: Explain about web sphere commerce?

Answer: IBM web sphere commerce has a single platform which offers complete ecommerce solutions to developers. It can be very productive if you are planning to do business with consumers, business and indirectly through channel partners. This can be used to perform business with consumers, business and channel partners altogether. Source:
Question: Why portals nedded or what are the use of portals?

Answer: The following are the reasons to use portals:

Unified way of presenting information from diverse sources.

Services like email, news, infotainment, stock prices and other features are offered by portals.

Provides consistent look and feel for enterprise. Eg. MSN, Google sites. Source:
Question: Explain about the security features present in WAS?

Answer: Security model for web sphere is primarily based on JAVA EE security model. It also depends upon the operating system. User authentication and authorization mechanisms are also provided in WAS. Light weight third party authentication mechanism is the main security feature present in WAS. Source:
Question: Explain Portal architecture.

Answer: The core implementation of the portal is UI, hosted by a Portal server. The HTTP requests, HTML responses, and returning appropriate portal pages are handled by the Portal UI. Enterprise Web application also can be handled by the Portal Server.

The portal architecture has the following:

Automaton Server: This server performs the management of job scheduling and implementation of a portal. It accesses all remote crawlers and profile services retrieved and stored from a remote databa Source:
Question: What is PortletContext interface?

Answer: The portlet view of the portlet container is defined by PortletContext. It allows the availability of resources to the portlet. Using this context, the portlet log can be accessed and URL references to resources can be obtained. There is always only one context per portlet application per JVM. Source:

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