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PeopleCode Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

PeopleCode Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

PeopleCode is an object-oriented, proprietary language used to express business logic for PeopleSoft applications. In its fundamentals, PeopleCode syntax resembles other programming languages. PeopleCode is the structured programming language built into PeopleTools that extends the functionality of the PeopleTools environment. All PeopleCode programs are associated with a parent definition.

Try PeopleCode Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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PeopleCode Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try PeopleCode Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the diff b/w component level peoplecode and record level peoplecode?

Question: What is a Rowset Object in PeopleCode?

Answer: A Rowset Object, instantiated from a Rowset class, is a collection of rows associated with buffer data. A component scroll is a rowset. You can also have a level zero rowset. The following two lines of code are equivalent:-
Want to get field value into people code which is at level 2. GetLevel0 ()(1).GetRowset(Scroll.level 1recordname).GetRow(CurrentRowNumber()).record.fieldname
The default method for the Rowset class is GetRo Source:
Question: How to send email to the all employeee from the peoplesoft application when a certain event is true?
2. What is the event used to trigger?

Answer: Create a workflow. In the workflow, use a query with active employess and their email ids as inputs. On the successfull occurence of the event, trigger this workflow using TriggerBusinessEvent. Source:
Question: What is the advantage and disadvantage of sqlexe in peoplecode?

Answer: By using SQLExec function we can do the manipulation to the database. we can write insert,update,delete sql commands.But drawback while selecting the data using sqlexec, it will return only one at a time.another drawback, if the name of the records changed, then you have to make the changes in the code as the query will in the quotes inside sqlexec Source:
Question: When should WinMessage be used in PeopleCode?

Answer: The WinMessage built-in function, in PeopleCode, is used to display an information message to the operator without performing normal error and warning processing. It also can be very helpful when used for debugging. Source:
Question: How can I comment out a piece of the peoplecode in my program

Answer: REM can be used to comment a single line, but it will be processed by the comp. processor;

Single and multiple line commenting:

/* PeopleCode stmts

------ ------ ------ ----


Nested Comments:


/* PC Stmts ...... ..... ..... */

/* ...... Some info on code ...... */

/* More comments */

Question: Variable types available in PeopleCode?

Answer: 1) User defined variable prefixed with ?&? 2) System defined variable prefixed with ?%?. Source:
Question: Difference between Gray and UnGray functions in PeopleCode?

Answer: Use the Gray function user to make field unavailable for entry a page. Preventing the user from making changes to the field. Gray make a field display-only, while hide makes it invisible.
Syntax: Gray (fieldname)
Use the Ungray function to make a gray (non-editable) page field editable .If the field was grayed with call to the Gray function. If the page field is made display-only in page the field properties dialog, then Ungray has no effect.
Syntax: UnGray (fieldname) Source:
Question: Difference between WinMessage and MsgGet functions in PeopleCode?

Answer: a)The MsgGet function retrieves a message from the PeopleCode Message Catalog, substitutes in the values of the parameters into the text message and is stored in database, where as WinMessage doesn?t store in database.
b) MsgGet function message number is mandatory parameter, but there is no such parameter in WinMessage. Source:
Question: Difference between PreBuild and PostBuild in PeopleCode?

Answer: PeopleCode events on all the rows and fields in the component such as FieldDefault and RowInit. During the PreBuild event there will not be any data in the component buffer structure other than search record as its executing prior to the component build process. That?s why it is called PreBuild.
During the PostBuild event you will have access to the data read from the database into the component buffer structure. That?s why it is called PostBuild. Source:
Question: What are Inline variables in PeopleCode? How are they used?

Answer: Inline variables are used to reference the value of fields stored in the buffers in SQL statements. An inline variable consists of a colon followed by the appropriate record and field name to be referenced. 136. How are dates converted within SQLExec statements? Dates are converted within SQLExec built-in function by using the system variables %DateIn and %DateOut. Source:
Question: What is Standalone Rowset in PeopleCode?

Answer: In PeopleCode, Standalone Rowset is an independent Rowset object not associated with Component Buffer. They allow you to work data with outside of the data whatever additional data you need from the database. In this sense, they replace the functionality of the derived records which were once used as place holders to store data not directly associated with the component. Because a Standalone Rowset is standalone, there is no automatic action by the component processor on it. This means that if a Source:
Question: What are the Component Level PeopleCode Events?

Answer: PostBuild Event

PreBuild Event

SavePostChange Event

SavePreChange Event

Workflow Event Source:
Question: How can you use WinMessage as part of the Debugging Process in PeopleCode?

Answer: A WinMessage can be used to set Break Points and display the current value of fields and variables in the PeopleCode Debugging Process. Source:
Question: Difference between SQLExec and CreateSql?

Answer: SQLExec can only select a single row of data. If your SQL statement retrieves more than one row of data SQLExec sends only the first row to its output variables. Any subsequent rows are discarded.

If you need to SELECT multiple rows of data use the CreateSQL or GetSQL functions and the Fetch SQL class method. Source:
Question: Where PeopleCodes get stored?

Answer: Database server (PSPCMPROG) table objectvalue1 ? table name objectvalue2 ? field name objectvalue3 ? event name Source:
Question: What is the difference between SQl Object and SQl Exec?

Answer: SQL Object is a peopletool definition which can be created using app designer as well as using peoplecode command CREATESQL( ) , it is mainly used for reuseablility of the sql statements. so whenever this statement is required no need to hard code, just create an sql object of the same and use where ever it is required.

sqlexec is a peoplesoft delivered function used to retrive only one row and u can update multiple rows of data. It directly interacts with the database.
Question: Tell me about component Buffer?

Answer: Component Buffer is the area in memory that stores data for the currently active component.
Question: Expalin about FieldFormula in PeopleCode?

Answer: The FieldFormula event is not currently used. Because FieldFormula PeopleCode initiates in many different contexts and triggers PeopleCode on every field on every row in the component buffer, it can seriously degrade application performance. Use RowInit and FieldChange events rather than FieldFormula.
If a field value is changed, whether through PeopleCode or by a user, the IsChanged property for the row is usually set to True. However, if a value is set in FieldDefault or FieldFormula, the r Source:
Question: When is it useful to select the Export to File option in Find in PeopleCode?

Answer: An Export Report produces an unformatted copy of all of the source code where the character string was found. This can be very helpful in an upgrade. Source:

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