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Action Script Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Action Script Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

ActionScript is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language that is designed specifically for Web site animation. Originally released with Macromedia Flash 4 and enhanced for Flash 5, ActionScript is a sophisticated version of the script language introduced in Flash 3. ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language originally developed by Macromedia Inc. (since merged into Adobe Systems). It is a derivation of HyperTalk, the scripting language for HyperCard.

Try Action Script Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Action Script Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Action Script Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How do I run Flex as a service?

Answer: Flex is not a server that you deploy and run. It is simply deployed as part of your web application. So it will work, no matter which web container you are using: Tomcat, JRun 4, WebLogic, and so forth. To learn how to deploy Tomcat, JRun 4, or any other Java server as a service, refer to the appropriate documentation for the server you are using. Source:
Question: What is the dynamic keyword used for in flex actionscript?

Answer: Specifies that instances of a class may possess dynamic properties added at runtime. If you use the dynamic attribute on a class, you can add properties to instances of that class at runtime. Classes that are not marked as dynamic are considered sealed, which means that properties cannot be added to instances of the class. Source:
Question: Can you write to the file system from flex?

Answer: Yes .
import flash.filesystem.*;
private var stream:FileStream;
private function saveFile():void{
var file:File = File.desktopDirectory.resolvePath("HelloWorld.txt");
var stream:FileStream = new FileStream(), FileMode.WRITE);
var str:String = "Congratulations on your 1st file, Rich Tretola -";
stream.close();"File has been saved to " + file.nativePath, "Notice"); Source:
Question: What is a drag manager in adobe flex actionscript?

Answer: The Flex Drag and Drop Manager lets you select an object, such as an item in a List control, or a Flex control, such as an Image control, and then drag it over another component to add it to that component. Source:
Question: Can I dynamically instantiate a WebService or HTTPService in ActionScript?

Answer: Flex 1.5 does not support this. First declare the tags in MXML and then manipulate the URLs, request objects, and so forth using ActionScript. Source:
Question: What keyword allows you to refer to private variables of a class in flex?

Answer: Private keyword , this keyworld (? ) in flex Source:
Question: What is dynamic keyword used for in actionscript?

Answer: Dynamic classes, which allow you to programmatically add new properties and behavior to classes during the run-time. Just add the magic keyword dynamic to the class definition:
dynamic class Person {
var name:String;

Now let?s add dynamically two variables name and age and the function printme() to the object of type Person:

Person p= new Person();;
p.printMe = function () {
trace (, p.age);
p.printMe(); // Joe 25 Source:
Question: When I add or modify an item in my dataProvider, why does not it show up in my DataGrid?

Answer: Low-level methods like Array.push() or myArray[0] = "whatever" do not cause the dataProvider's modelChanged event to fire.
When you work with a dataProvider, it is always best to use the dataProvider API. In the above example, you might code: myDataProvider.addItem(myItemObject) to add an item or use editField() to modify a value programmatically.
Alternatively, you can call myDataProvider.modelChanged yourself or reassign dataProvider to the control, as follows: myDataGrid.dataProvide Source:
Question: How do we call javascript from Flex actionscript?

Answer: Using the ExternalInterface API to access JavaScript from Flex and Using the navigateToURL() method in Flex. The navigateToURL() method is in the package[, arg1, ...]):Object;
navigateToURL(request:URLRequest, window:String):void Source:
Question: Can I load CSS style sheets dynamically at runtime?

Answer: Dynamic loading of CSS files is not supported in Flex. CSS in Flex is processed on the server side during MXML compilation rather than on the client side at runtime. There is a trick though: A CSS file can be compiled into a separate SWF file and loaded dynamically into the application using the Loader component. Source:
Question: How do we overload functions in actionscript?

Answer: Method overloading using namespaces. (?) Source:
Question: I need to load an image from flickr into my application. Do I need a crossdomain.xml file on flickr?

Answer: File is already there , we need to register our ip address to flicker?s crossdomain.xml
Since the images are located on a flickr server like and there is no crossdomain.xml file on that server (there is a crossdomain.xml for so you can use the api) that means you can?t get access to the bitmapData of the loaded images when you load them from flickr. This is dumb, but that?s the way it is. So you can load images just fine, but the reflection class copies Source:
Question: I am sending my request, and I see the data traffic in the command window, but why is the result always empty?

Answer: You are probably trying to read the result immediately after the send(), right? You're expecting synchronous behavior? Source:
Question: Why is myTreeNode.label or myTreeNode.attributes.label undefined?

Answer: Make sure you use the TreeDataProvider methods to modify a node. Do not rely on the node being XML. For example, the above should be myTreeNode.getProperty("label") instead. Source:
Question: How do you generate random numbers within a given limit with actionscript?

Answer: Math.round(Math.random() * (high - low)) + low Source:
Question: How do you implement push on a flex applications?

Answer: Using BlazeDS Server, LiveCycle Data Services Source:
Question: What is MVC and how do you relate it to flex apps?

Answer: (Separation of concerns) The goal of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture is that by creating components with a well-defined and limited scope in your application, you increase the reusability of the components and improve the maintainability of the overall system. Using the MVC architecture, you can partition your system into three categories of components:
* Model components Encapsulates data and behaviors related to the data.
* View components Defines your application's user Source:
Question: How do we identify a component created in a repeater using flex?

Answer: If currentIndex value is greater than startIndex value means a component is created in Repeater. We can use count property to find number of children.
A Repeater component executes initially when it is instantiated. If the Repeater component's dataProvider property exists, it proceeds to instantiate its children, and they instantiate their children, recursively.
The Repeater component re-executes whenever its dataProvider, startingIndex, or count properties are set or modified either e Source:
Question: Can I embed HTML in my Flex application?

Answer: Flex supports a limited subset of HTML in its TextArea and some other text-related classes. Source:
Question: What are sealed classes in flex?

Answer: A sealed class possesses only the fixed set of properties and methods that were defined at compile-time; additional properties and methods cannot be added. This makes stricter compile-time checking possible, resulting in more robust programs. Source:

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