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Finance Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Finance Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Finance is a field that deals with the study of investments. It includes the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of different degrees of uncertainty and risk. Finance can also be defined as the science of money management. "Finance" is a broad term that describes two related activities: the study of how money is managed and the actual process of acquiring needed funds.

Try Finance Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Finance Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Finance Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Please give me the name of nationalise banks in 1980 only?

Answer: The Government of Indian First phase 14 Nationalized banks:
1. Bank of India
2. Union Bank of India
3. Bank of Baroda
4. Bank of Maharashtra
5. Punjab National Bank
6. Indian Bank
7. Indian Overseas Bank
8. Central Bank of India
9. Canara Bank
10. Syndicate Bank
11. United Commercial Bank
12. Allahabad Bank
13. United Bank of India
14. Dena Bank

2nd phase 6 banks in 80s
1. Andhra Bank
2. Corporation Bank
3 New Bank of India
4. Oriental Source:
Question: What is the difference between real money & nominal money?

Answer: Nominal money is related to the measure of counting. nominal<br>figure is what is written on the bill. where as real money<br>relates to it's purchasing power.<br>for eg:<br>if 10 units in nominal money can buy 2 chocolates in 1980 and <br>1 chocolate in 2000, in the same way, 10 units of nominal<br>money is 10units of real money in 1980 and 5 units of real<br>money in 2000. Source:
Question: What are debentures?

Answer: A Debenture is " A certificate of agreement of loans which is given under the company's stamp and carries an undertaking that the debenture holder will get a fixed return and the principal amount whenever the debenture matures. Source:
Question: When should a company buy back stock?

Answer: When it believes the stock is undervalued and believes it can make money by investing in itself. This can happen in a variety of situations. For example, if a company has suffered some decreased earnings because of an inherently cyclical industry (such as the semiconductor industry), and believes its stock price is unjustifiably low, it will buy back its own stock. On other occasions, a company will buy back its stock if investors are driving down the price precipitously. In this situation, the Source:
Question: What is the difference between JOURNAL ENTRY & LEDGER

Answer: A journal is also called as a book of prime entry.<br>transactions occured are first entered in this book to show<br>which accounts should be debited and which should be credited.<br><br>on the basis of entries made in the journal, accounts are<br>prepared, the book which contains the accounts is called a<br>ledger. transactions entered in the journal are classified<br>according to their nature and posted in their respective<br>accounts in ledger. Source:
Question: What is Demat Account? what is the use of it?

Answer: Demat means Dematerialisation of share, in simple it is an account with which a person can trade in security market without which a person cannot buy or sell any share in security market. Source:
Question: What is Networth?

Answer: Networth is the total assets minus total liabilities of a company. Source:
Question: Why would a company distribute its earnings through dividends to common stockholders?

Answer: Regular dividend payments are signals that a company is healthy and profitable. Also, issuing dividends can attract investors (shareholders). Finally, a company may distribute earnings to shareholders if it lacks profitable investment opportunities. Source:
Question: What Is The Difference Between JOURNAL ENTRY & LEDGER

Answer: A journal is also called as a book of prime entry.
transactions occured are first entered in this book to show
which accounts should be debited and which should be credited.

on the basis of entries made in the journal, accounts are
prepared, the book which contains the accounts is called a
ledger. transactions entered in the journal are classified
according to their nature and posted in their respective
accounts in ledger. it is also called as book of final entry Source:
Question: What is CareCredit?s healthcare financing? How does it work?

Answer: CareCredit's healthcare financing is unique. Unlike a traditional credit card, CareCredit offers financing specifically for healthcare treatments and procedures. These treatments can include much needed family dental work, cosmetic surgery or even veterinary services for your family's pet. It's easy to apply for CareCredit financing online at and you find out instantly if you are approved. CareCredit also gives you a 'No Interest' option, as well as an Extended Source:
Question: Who is a more senior creditor, a bondholder or stockholder?

Answer: The bondholder is always more senior. Stockholders (including those who own preferred stock) must wait until bondholders are paid during a bankruptcy before claiming company assets. Source:
Question: what is the difference betwen p & l ac and income & expenditure statement

Answer: P&L A/c is prepared for the Business Organization whose aim
is to earn profit by running business whereas Income &
Expenditure A/c is prepared for the non-Profit
Organization,Trusts etc. Source:
Question: When should a company issue stock rather than debt to fund its operations?

Answer: There are several reasons for a company to issue stock rather than debt. The first is if it believes its stock price is inflated, and it can raise money (on very good terms) by issuing stock. The second is when the projects for which the money is being raised may not generate predictable cash flows in the immediate future. A simple example of this is a startup company. The owners of startups generally will issue stock rather than take on debt because their ventures will probably not generate pre Source:
Question: What is Treasury Bills?

Answer: Treasury Bills are money market instruments to finance the short term requirements of the Government of India. These are discounted securities and thus are issued at a discount to face value. Source:
Question: What is the punch line of job?

Answer: No matter how efficiently goods / services are produced, if
they cannot be delivered to the customer in the quickest
possible time it is vain. Source:
Question: What is EPS?

Answer: Earning per share thats portion of stehcompay profit.. Source:
Question: can i carry indian currency to other countries and convert it there itself eg:- UK,USA?

Answer: Look your question is having little confusion.
Still what I understand is like this. All most all the
international markets are integrated through various
technology and web.
Thus it is well known as OTC(over the counter). Therefore
you can carry any currency to foreign country and get it
converted over there. Even banks offer this
can covert currency from your home through some clicks on
your computer mouse. Source:
Question: Tell me about an experience in which you had to use tact?

Answer: Tact and diplomacy are important qualities in retail banking ? the customer is (almost!) always right. You may have to tell an account holder diplomatically why they can't have a loan for example, without provoking them into moving their account elsewhere.
To answer this type of question, think through everything you have done in the last five years ? school, university, sports, clubs, societies, travel, vacation jobs etc. and try to think of situations where you had to demonstrate this a Source:
Question: What is Call Option?

Answer: Calls give the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy a given quantity of the underlying asset, at a given price on or before a given future date. Source:
Question: What are the most important qualities for an investment banking career?

Answer: This question is actually a question about your academic qualifications and the thoughts with which you have decided to join the profession of investment banking.
To answer this question perfectly, you would have to go back to your books and understand the concepts that were taught to you in business school. Make sure that you put across the point that being good with numbers, being in the knowledge of current and past market status, and having a good financial strategy that is unfailing are Source:

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