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Cold Fusion Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Cold Fusion Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

ColdFusion is a commercial rapid web application development platform created by JJ Allaire in 1995. (The programming language used with that platform is also commonly called ColdFusion, though is more accurately known as CFML.) ColdFusion is a rapid development platform for building modern web applications. ColdFusion is designed to be expressive and powerful. The expressive characteristic allows you to perform programming tasks at a higher level than most other languages.

Try Cold Fusion Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Cold Fusion Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Cold Fusion Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What are the two primary types of files in a cold fusion application?

Answer: There are two primary types of file systems in ColdFusion which are used extensively they are Coldfusion templates and coldfusion pages. Developers in addition to these use CFML. These can contain HTML and often CFML for Dynamic content. Source:
Question: Explain about ColdFusion administrator?

Answer: ColdFusion administrator is a web based application just like the Cpanel this has many sub options through which you can control many functions such as data sources, global server settings, debugging settings, and application security settings. If you are having multiple administrator services then password must be provided for all those services. Also multiple user instances are provided where by a server can be split into cluster of Coldfusion administrators where a specific work can be provid Source:
Question: State and explain about integrating Coldfusion applications with JSP.

Answer: A cold fusion page can contain JSP or a servlet and a JSP page can contain Coldfusion applications. This facilitates easy access to build hybrid functions and applications which can combine coldfusion components and servlets. Source:
Question: What is cold fusion component roles implementation?

Answer: Cold fusion component roles implementation allows users to log into their role based administrator support function and not any other function. If a user tries to enter into other functions an error is thrown. These roles and components are taken by the Cold fusion. These roles and functions are transmitted through action script which allows the users to work on their components. Source:
Question: Describe about the level of security a firm can have while running adobe cold fusion?

Answer: Cold fusion 8 has enhanced security features, it provides multiple adobe cold fusion installations on the server which necessarily removes the threat of accidental deletion, intrusion, addition, etc because the remote lies with multiple administrators and they can set permissions and access. Data sources, Cold fusion components and custom tags can be differentiated on their work accordingly. Source:
Question: What is CFCHART engine?

Answer: This CFCHART provides more than 200 different attributes which can be altered and these attributes can be used to control animation, labels, and colors. This CFCHART engine is used to produce high quality graphs, charts, sketches, and these charts can also aid you in Business analysis. These charts aid you very much in developing a good business presentation as you can control every part of it. Source:
Question: What are the different types of resources through which cold fusion can communicate?

Answer: (i) Mobile phones that support SMS
(ii) XMPP or Lotus IM clients
(iii) Java sockets
(iv) Java messaging service
(v) Content management systems and file systems Source:
Question: Describe about string encryption?

Answer: CFML language provides a 32 bit encryption which is symmetric key based. This function is called as Encrypt. Cold fusion at present uses 32 bit encryption but if your application requires 1024 bit encryption you can happily use that function because cold fusion integrates with third party libraries. Cold fusion also uses Hash function which is very important in safeguarding passwords. They use MD5 and XOR based algorithm. Source:
Question: Can we modify ColdFusion server code and what are the two open source CFML parsing engines?

Answer: Server code of ColdFusion cannot be viewed or modified. The language of ColdFusion itself is documented and subjected to rights laid down by adobe. The two open source engines which are parsing ColdFusion?s markup languages are Blue dragon and Smith project. Blue dragon is a J2EE version. Source:
Question: Which tag aids us in Debugging and attribute in inter site scripting attack?

Answer: The tag which aids you in debugging is cftimer tag; this tag gives you the exact time which happens between executions of each line of code. cfapplication helps you prevent intersite scripting attack. Source:
Question: Is it possible to write cold fusion in cold fusion?

Answer: No it is not possible to write ColdFusion in ColdFusion. Actually ColdFusion was written in Java and to write programs we need to implement other kinds of programs such as Java, .NET etc. These programs are required because ColdFusion alone cannot survive. Source:
Question: Is there any facility which prevents viewing of source code?

Answer: ColdFusion has a utility called cfencode which blocks viewing of the source code on coldfusion pages which has an application. Although guarantee of this product is not guaranteed, to an extent this can block viewing of source code altogether. As ColdFusion runs on a web server source code can be blocked completely. Source:
Question: What is the benefit of extensible gateway architecture?

Answer: Developers can benefit from extensible gateways by limitless variety of emerging protocols. Developers can benefit by the creation of event gateways. Source:
Question: Describe in detail about programming details in ColdFusion?

Answer: ColdFusion differs from major languages such as JSP, ASP.NET or PHP due to its associated scripting language and ColdFusion markup language. The syntax closely resembles to HTML. This language supports server side Action script and embedded scripts which can be written in ColdFusion script. This script is used for data driven websites. This technology also supports languages such as Flex which is used for client side scripting. This has many interfaces embedded in it which allows for services su Source:
Question: What are the benefits of multiple server instances?

Answer: The benefits of multiple server instances are, a single server is enough to deploy a host of applications which makes it highly applicable this was not the case when MX7 was present. Applications running on a server need not be stopped for maintenance as the work and load is shared upon multiple servers. Security, optimized applications and clustering are some of the main benefits of Adobe cold fusion multiple server instances. Source:
Question: What exactly is ColdFusion ?

Answer: Cold fusion is the only software which helps the programmer to develop dynamic websites with backend database. ColdFusion is the only website which helps in developing dynamic websites. This is useful in software development. This has an application server and software development framework which greatly aid in developing computer software. Source:
Question: Explain about enterprise manager?

Answer: Enterprise manager helps you in admin functions. This will help you to create multiple cf server instances, through which you can experience advanced security, performance, and savings. Source:
Question: How one can provide secured internet applications using adobe ColdFusion?

Answer: The three major internet security threats are
1) Memory leak during transmit of information
2) Impersonation which is like an exact clone which enters as legitimate
3) Unauthorized access
These mechanisms are handled by adobe by using Data encryption, User Authentication and Access control. Source:
Question: Explain about some of the features present in ColdFusion MX7?

Answer: This edition from adobe was named as Macromedia ColdFusion MX7. Some of the features which are present are web forms, Xforms, adobe acrobat friendly report builder, flash, excel and rich text format style. This edition of cold fusion provided Gateways which helped in connecting various services such as IM, SMS, etc. Source:
Question: Describe about Clustering

Answer: In previous installations of Adobe cold fusion multiple servers were required to run the application but adobe cold fusion 8 mitigated the problem by clustering Coldfusion into multiple physical installations which take over the load if any application fails during its course of time. This also allows in easy maintenance and possible reduction in maintaining multiple servers. This was made possible by J2EE server.


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