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SAP BDC Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

SAP BDC Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Batch Data Communication or BDC is a batch interfacing technique that SAP developed. It is mainly used for uploading data into the SAP R/3 system. BDC works by simulating the user input from transactional screen via an ABAP program. It is a data transfer technique that allows you to transfer datasets automatically to screens belonging to transactions, and thus to an SAP system. Batch input is controlled by a batch input session.

Try SAP BDC Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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SAP BDC Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try SAP BDC Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Explain BDC vs Direct Loads?

Answer: Direct loads is 5 times faster than uploading by normal BDC method. but some times while updating the database referential integrity is violated. Source:
Question: Open datasets, Read datasets ( Reading and writing data to files)?

Answer: Date Sets are nothing but files on Application Server,they can even be called as Sequential files.
Open Dataset
Is used to open required file on the application Server.
Read Dataset.
Is used to read the contents required file on the application Server. Source:
Question: What are the table controls in BDC ? What is the difference between bdc and lsmw ? What is the difference between bdc and rfc ?

Answer: BDC - Batch data communication in which there are 2 processes
1. in bound
2. outbound
RFC - remote fucntion call(or) calling Source:
Question: Data conversion experience?

Question: What is record function?

Answer: With recording, user can avoid manual search for fields and tables required in a program including screen numbers. SHDB is the transaction code. Source:
Question: How to create a background job without a variant ?

Answer: 1. By calling the executable program RSBDCSUB
2. Transaction Code SM37 Source:
Question: If want execute a program only in background not in foreground is there any option for this?

Answer: The sm37 transaction can be used for running a program in the background. Also in the session method while processing the session you can specify the processing type as background or foreground. Source:
Question: What is the difference between call transaction and session method?

Answer: Session method: The records are not added to the database until the session is processed. sy-subrc is not returned. Error logs are created for error records. Updation in database table is always Synchronous.

Call Transaction method: The records are immediately added to the database table. sy-subrc is returned to 0 if successful. Error logs are not created and hence the errors need to be handled explicitly. Updation in database table is either Synchronous or Asynchronous. Source:
Question: In session method sy-subrc is not returned whereas in call transaction method sy-subrc is returned . what does it mean?

Answer: While to transfer the data from the through if any errors occurs until the errors are the complete the data is not transfer to the SAP system.
the system compulsory shows the errors. that errors are stored into the error logs (Transaction is SM35).
so the session method should not return any value.
In call transaction method data is directly pass to the SAP system.
So its compulsory return the value.
Because of the call transaction is the function.
A function should return the Source:
Question: How to load data from MS Excel sheet to SAP by using BDC method ?

Answer: KCD_EXCEL_OLE_TO_INT_CONVERT even takes care of blank cells and is available in older versions of SAP

* Add values to internal table
SORT t_cells BY row col.
LOOP AT t_cells INTO wa_cells.
MOVE : wa_cells-col TO l_index.
ASSIGN COMPONENT l_index OF STRUCTURE itab TO <f_value>.
MOVE : wa_cells-value TO <f_value>.
AT END OF row.
CLEAR itab.
ENDLOOP. Source:
Question: What is the difference between Upload and WS_Upload ?

Answer: The diffrence between WS_Upload and Upload is when you use function Upload it prompts for a dailog box where in you need to key in the file location.Where as in case of WS_Upload you specify the file location in the function input parameters itself Source:


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