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Scenario Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Scenario Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

A scenario is a synthetic description of an event or series of actions and events. When a set of objects is complete and tested, a good practice is to create an ODI scenario for each object. After a scenario is created, it cannot be edited and the code for the object is regenerated and stored in the scenario.

Try Scenario Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Scenario Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Scenario Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Tell me the total process of eim?

Answer: after you get the legacy data thorugh exl format<br><br> 1. you identify the which base table and which base column suitable for legacy data.<br><br> 2.after that u have to use control file or dts processing to load the lagacy to eim table.<br><br> 3. after that by using IFB file from eim to base table store the data. <br> Source:
Question: What is Testing Scenario ? What is scenario based testing? can u explain with an example ?

Answer: Scenario testing is the real time testing techniques implemented on an application with the presence of certain applied conditions and environment.In this type of testing the behavior of the application or s/w is tracked and results are analyzed.And bugs are reported Source:
Question: If the entire disk is corrupted how will you and what are the steps to recover the database

Answer: if the entire disk is corrupted and no backup is there don nothing sit and relax their is no possibility of recovery ...a backup is required for restoration and for recovery redo log and archive logs.

Once if you have theses than think of recovering ..a dba should always plan for the recovery scenario depending upon the criticality of the provides 0% data loss facilty through data guard and online backup .its dba who has to decide.
Question: How do you increase the performance of %LIKE operator

Answer: The wildcard char % can be placed in one of three ways:


The searchwordhere% is the fastest because it can use an index if one is specified on that column. The other two %searchwordhere%, and %searchwordhere would never use the index even if one is specified and thus result in slow table scans. Source:
Question: If the large table contains thousands of records and the application is accessing 35% of the table which method to use: index searching or full table scan

Answer: Index is more useful in this situation since it retrive rows faster than fts. fts read all blocks and since table contain thousands or rows .
Question: You are regularly changing the package body part. How will you create or what will you do before creating that package

Answer: Create package specifications before creatin package body. Source:
Question: Dual table explain. Is any data internally storing in dual table. Lot of users are accessing select sysdate from dual and they getting some millisecond differences. If we execute SELECT SYSDATE FROM EMP; what error will we get. Why

Answer: The built-in function SYSDATE returns a DATE value containing the current date and time on your system. DUAL is built-in relation in Oracle which serves as a dummy relation to put in the FROM clause when nothing else is appropriate. For example, try "select 1+2 from dual;".So "select sysdate from EMP" won't generate the desired result. Source:
Question: How can you see the source code of the package



Question: What is spooling

Answer: Acronym for simultaneous peripheral operations on-line, spooling refers to putting jobs in a buffer, a special area in memory or on a disk where a device can access them when it is ready. Spooling is useful because devices access data at different rates. The buffer provides a waiting station where data can rest while the slower device catches up.
Question: How to do the scheduled task/jobs in Unix platform

Answer: cron job feature in unix Source:
Question: In exception handling we have some NOT_FOUND and OTHERS. In inner layer we have some NOT_FOUND and OTHERS. While executing which one whether outer layer or inner layer will check first

Answer: inner layer. execution carry on furthur without going to outer exception blocks.

Question: What is bulk SQL

Answer: Bulk sql are forall and bulk collect INTO statement,
For performence reason the bulk bind is used to eleminate the context switching between two sql and pl/sql eng. Source:
Question: In which situation whether peak time or off peak time you will execute the ANALYZE TABLE command. Why

Answer: You have to run the analyze command during off peak time only because it actually performs full table scan. Source:
Question: What is mutated trigger, is it the problem of locks. In single user mode we got mutated error, as a DBA how you will resolve it

Answer: mutated trigger: example:Table A has an insert trigger.In that Trigger: There is a statement like insert into Table A, which caues mutated trigger.Avoid to have those kind of triggers in the database. Source:
Question: If the SQL * Plus hangs for a long time, what is the reason

Answer: You are running a cartisian query, typically by mistake. Make sure every table has a join criteria specified for it.

You are working on a table with 100+million rows.

The database server is busy doing a backup.

Check the disk IO for the process that appears hung and if the disk IO is increasing every 5-10 seconds then the job is not hung, it is just taking a while to complete.

Question: Shall we create procedures to fetch more than one record

Answer: You can create a procedure to return REF cursor or VARRAY or PL/SQL Table type out parameters which can return more than one value. Source:
Question: What are the differences you have seen while installing Oracle on NT and Unix platform

Answer: Oracle Server = Oracle Instance + Oracle Database Oracle instance comprises of Background Process and memory structures in Unix all background processes are treated as independent processes but in windows all are combined together within oracle.exe in unix when a user logins he is dedicated to the server via an independed process so if require you can kill a process through os level ..this is one of the major advantage of using oracle on unix based system rather then windows system bcoz in case Source:
Question: What are the differences between database designing and database modeling

Answer: refer

it says, database modeling comprises: discovery, design, documentation, communication, DDL generation, re engineering Source:
Question: Schema A has some objects and created one procedure and granted to Schema B. Schema B has the same objects like schema A. Schema B executed the procedure like inserting some records. In this case where the data will be stored whether in Schema A or Schema B

Answer: This is an interesting question. So I thought to try it out instead of simply provide a guess.

Here is the solution:

Schema1 Leo

Table Name emp

Procedure Test

Schema2 Leo1

Table Name emp

Schema 1

2 emp_id NUMBER(2),
3 emp_name VARCHAR2(25),
4 dep_id NUMBER(2),
5 emp_status CHAR(1)
6 );

Table created.

Question: All the users are complaining that their application is hanging. How you will resolve this situation in OLTP

Answer: If the user is complaining the hang problem ..then the experience of a dba reflects the work style that he is going to perform and basically as the rule suggest first try to connect to the database itself and fire some query to check whethere you are allowed to connect or not if you are connected then check for any locked_objects by checking v$locked_object and dba_waiters and dba_blockers.then you have to eliminate the things which are working properly and targetting yourself to the weaker plac Source:


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