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Trick Questions Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Trick Questions Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Trick is an action that is intended to deceive, either as a way of cheating someone, or as a joke. Trick is a cunning act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone. Trick Question is a deceptive question that is intended to make one give an answer that is not correct or that causes difficulty.

Try Trick Questions Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Trick Questions Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Trick Questions Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Tell me about your family?

Answer: This might be considered a borderline legal interview question depending on where you live. I've been asked this question before and it just seemed to me that interviewer was generally interested to learn more about my family, nothing more. They might be family-oriented themselves especially if they work for a family-run company. Source:
Question: What have you heard about our company?

Answer: This question is intended to find out if you did your homework. How much do you know about the company? Lucky for you, you did your research and you may have even talked to a few friends to get some information. Use all of your resources, including any information you gained during the interview, to show what you know and why that information makes this company the one for you. Source:
Question: Have you already done the best work you are capable of?

Answer: Candidate should show confidence in regards to past work, believe that the best work is ahead of him, see this position, and the co-workers, as a positive way achieve more. Candidate should be modest, but confident. Source:
Question: How would you react if I told you your interview so far was terrible?

Answer: This is a test to see how well the candidate can hold themselves together. Interviewer is looking for the ability to ?think on your feet? and the skills to respond articulately under pressure. Applicant should be diplomatic notice that the interviewer used the word ?if?. Source:
Question: Who is your role model?

Answer: Applicant?s role model should contain the qualities and competencies employers would like to see in a successful candidate. Source:
Question: What do you expect to be earning in five years?

Answer: While most interviewers expect you to give a monetary figure, be honest in the fact that it is hard to place a monetary value for the future with so many undetermined factors. Instead, focus on your value as an employee and what you hope to have earned/learned during your time there. Source:
Question: Why should I hire you?

Answer: Candidate should take the opportunity to sell their skills, knowledge, and abilities. Candidate should try to prove why t hey are perfect for the job, that they will do the job, and that they are manageable. Source:
Question: What tv shows do you watch?

Answer: Do you watch shows that are business-related or that apply to your industry or work? If not, try to think of a show or two that won't make it look like you spend all your free time on the couch. Source:
Question: Certain men do a job in 10 days.if 10 men were less,it needs 10 days more days to many men were originally present.

Answer: noone is there Source:
Question: Do you mind reporting to a boss who is 10 years younger than you?

Answer: No, I respect competency and seniority and have no problem with that. Source:
Question: How do you explain the gap in your employment?

Answer: This is a no-brainer. Be truthful. "I was raising children," or "I took early retirement and now wish to work again." Source:
Question: As we still have some time left, can you tell me a story?

Answer: Candidate should maintain his/her composure and use the question to sell his/her abilities and skills to the employer. Source:
Question: What magazines do you read?

Answer: Maybe you don't read much at all! In this case, focus on things that you do read: newspapers, books, e-books, etc. If you do any reading that is work-related, mention it. Source:
Question: Why were you out of work for so long?

Answer: You don?t want the interviewer to think that no one wants to employ you. It's better to say you chose to take time off between jobs. This might be because:

* You needed a break for physical or emotional reasons
* You wanted to explore study opportunities
* You were travelling to gain experience
* You had a personal situation that needed your attention Source:
Question: Do you think I'm a good interviewer?

Answer: If it will help you get the job, yes! I have actually heard this question asked before. Perhaps the interviewer was looking for positive reinforcement. Give it to them, just don't kiss their butt. Source:
Question: What is the worst thing you have heard about our company?

Answer: This question is designed to shock the applicant and test their composure and ability to think on their feet. Source:
Question: What's your biggest weakness?

Answer: I work too hard and I'm too detail-oriented, but I work hard to control that. Source:
Question: If you could be an animal or a fruit or a car what would you choose?

Answer: While this may sound stupid, be prepared to give an answer that puts you in good light. Stay away from the fruit and the animals and go for the car, perhaps one that has a good record for safety, reliability, and versatility, or a sleek sports car with lots of zip and drive. Keep it short and simple?and smile. Source:
Question: What do you want to do with your life?

Answer: Work for this company, of course! Once more, this type of question during an interview is to determine if you are worth hiring. If you plan to stay only a year or so, you could prove to be a waste of money by the time they hire and train your replacement. On the other hand, if you plan to make your career at this company, you would be a solid investment. Source:
Question: Have you ever been unfairly released from a job?

Answer: This is a sneaky way for a company to ask an applicant if they have been fired during an interview. Depending on how they word it, it may not even be legal, but regardless, honesty is the best policy because they will find out if they are even considering hiring you. Source:

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