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Organizational Skill Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Organizational Skill Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Along with communication and computer skills, organizational skills is one of the most important transferable job skills a worker can possess. Companies need workers who can stay organized and focus on the projects at hand. However, company managers must also organize the work of their employees. Good organizational skills can help lead to success through many paths. Time is money. Organization saves time by keeping valuable business data easily accessible, goals in focus and employees on the same page. Employees who have good organizational skills are efficient at covering the demands of their jobs.

Try Organizational Skill Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Organizational Skill Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Organizational Skill Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How computer literate are you, and which software programs are you familiar with?

Answer: Knowledge of software should include word processing, presentation software, database and spreadsheet programs, and industry specific software
Question: When it is your responsibility to organize and plan a project what steps do you take?

Answer: Answer should show preparation and focus when using organizational skills. Applicant should be able to prepare narrowly focused project plans. Source:
Question: How do you prioritize the tasks to be completed in one complete work project?

Answer: Answer should show that applicant knows how to plan ahead, make good decisions, analyze different possibilities, and effectively accomplish the maximum workload. Source:
Question: Have you ever used software to make a work related presentation?

Answer: Applicant should have experience of making presentation and of using PowerPoint.
Question: How do you accommodate last minute changes that have to be incorporated into your work?

Answer: Candidate should anticipate the possibility that amendments have to be made and plan accordingly. They should also have the skills to integrate new information into a nearly completed project. Source:
Question: Could your work performance be improved by incorporating new technical knowledge and developments?

Answer: Job seeker should push for new technical training and to implement this new knowledge into work practices.
Question: What is your level of experience with software used in your job? What resources do you use when faced with a PC problem?

Answer: Candidate should be able, and prepared, to communicate a difficulty to colleagues. They should be aware of online and software resources, such as Microsoft help and support, to overcome difficulties.
Question: Illustrate how you prioritize each day?s tasks?

Answer: Applicant should have the necessary skills to recognize the top business priorities. Source:
Question: Give me an example of an assignment, which you have recently worked on, that involved the learning of a new technical development?

Answer: Applicant should not show resistance, but a willingness to learn. They should want to understand and implement new knowledge.
Question: What do you do when a project is not coming to fruition as expected, because of inefficient planning?

Answer: Applicant should have the ability to problem solve, handle competing priorities, be able to multi-task and have the ability to effectively process and re-organize planning structures to ensure a successful conclusion. Source:
Question: What steps do you take when the work of a colleague threatens the completion of a project?

Answer: Applicant should be able to accommodate and reorganize a schedule. They should be strong enough to sort out, with tact and success, any work deficiencies of a team member and communicate with that co-worker. Source:


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