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Web Logic Server Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Web Logic Server Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

WebLogic Server allows you to quickly develop and deploy reliable, secure, scalable and manageable applications. It manages system-level details so you can concentrate on business logic and presentation. WebLogic Server contains Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies. J2EE is the standard platform for developing multitier enterprise applications based on the Java programming language.

Try Web Logic Server Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Web Logic Server Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Web Logic Server Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: When I do ps -aux, why do I have one copy of httpd running as root and the rest as nouser?

Answer: You need to be a root to attach yourself to any Unix port below 1024, and we need 80. Source:
Question: How Jigsaw Works

Answer: When a member signs up, he or she commits to buying contacts with a credit card or with points. "Basically a member pays $25 per month to gain access to the data," says Fowler, "or alternatively they can contribute 25 new contacts each month in which they are a member." Every contact a member contributes earns that member 10 points, and every time a member updates or corrects the information in a contact's entry, they also earn 10 points. A member can earn a whopping 125 points by referring Source:
Question: What is a Web server in client server environment?

Answer: This new model of Client/Server consists of thin, protable, "universal" clients that talk to superfat servers. In the simplet form, a web server returns documents when clients ask for them by name. The clients and server communicate using an RPC-like protocol called HTTP.
Question: If you specify both deny from all and allow from all, what will be the default action of Apache?

Answer: In case of ambiguity deny always takes precedence over allow.
Question: How do you set up a virtual host in Apache?

Answer: <VirtualHost>
DocumentRoot /home/apache/share/htdocs/hostedsites
ErrorLog /home/apache/logs/error/hostedsites/error_log
TransferLog /home/apache/logs/access/hostedsites/access_log
</VirtualHost> Source:
Question: What is Jigsaw?

Answer: Jigsaw is a Web server from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that is designed for the purpose of demonstrating new Web protocols and other features. Jigsaw is written in the Java programming language and made available as open source software. You can download it from the W3C site in either a Unix or a Windows 2000 version.
Question: How to configure ftp server on redhat linux?

Answer: RHEL server comes with vsftpd which is the Very Secure File
Transfer Protocol (FTP) daemon. The server can be launched
via a xinetd or as standalone mode, in which case vsftpd
itself will listen on the network port 21.

Install vsftpd:
# yum install vsftpd

Turn on vsftpd ftp service:
# service vsftpd start

Open FTP port:
Open /etc/sysconfig/iptables file, enter:
# vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables

Append following line to open ftp port 21 before REJECT li Source:
Question: What?s the command to stop Apache?

Answer: kill the specific process that httpd is running under, or killall httpd. If you have apachectl installed, use apachectl stop.
Question: But I thought that running apache as a root is a security risk?

Answer: That one root process opens port 80, but never listens to it, so no user will actually enter the site with root rights. If you kill the root process, you will see the other kids disappear as well. Source:
Question: On a fresh install, why does Apache have three config files - srm.conf, access.conf and httpd.conf?

Answer: The first two are remnants from the NCSA times, and generally you should be ok if you delete the first two, and stick with httpd.conf.
Question: How do you check for the httpd.conf consistency and any errors in it?

Answer: apachectl configtest Source:
Question: What is a Web server?

Answer: This new model of Client/Server consists of thin, protable, "universal" clients that talk to superfat servers. In the simplet form, a web server returns documents when clients ask for them by name. The clients and server communicate using an RPC-like protocol called HTTP. Source:
Question: What does htpasswd do?

Answer: It creates a new user in a specified group, and asks to specify a password for that user. Source:
Question: What is Tomcat?

Answer: * Tomcat is a Java Servlet container and web server from the Jakarta project of the Apache software foundation.
* A web server responds with web pages to requests from client browsers.
* Web servers can provide dynamic content based on the requests sent by the user.
* Tomcat is very good at this because it provides both Java servlet and JavaServerPages (JSP) technologies.
* Tomcat can also be used as a web server for many applications even if free servlet and JSP engine is wanted.
Question: What does apachectl graceful do?

Answer: It sends a SIGUSR1 for a restart, and starts the apache server if it?s not running.
Question: Why do I get the message "? no listening sockets available, shutting down"?

Answer: In Apache 2 you need to have a listen directive. Just put Listen 80 in httpd.conf. Source:
Question: What is mod_vhost_alias?

Answer: It allows hosting multiple sites on the same server via simpler configurations. Source:
Question: What is ServerType directive?

Answer: It defines whether Apache should spawn itself as a child process (standalone) or keep everything in a single process (inetd). Keeping it inetd conserves resources. This is deprecated, however.
Question: What is an Application Server?

Answer: To use computers, users need certain software to be present on those computers. These software are known as applications. Common examples of Applications are Microsoft Word, Lotus 1-2-3, CodeWarrior, etc.

A server is a huge, powerful computer into which users can login and access the resources provided by the server.

Thus, an application server is a computer which allows users to login and work with certain applications on the server itself, without having to install those applicat Source:


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Consideration is defined in the Indian Contract Act,1872 in: (a) Section 2(f) (b) Section 2(e) (c) Section 2(g) (d) Section 2(d)
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