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Oracle Forms 4.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Oracle Forms 4.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Oracle Forms is a software product for creating screens that interact with an Oracle database. It has an IDE including an object navigator, property sheet and code editor that uses PL/SQL. It was originally developed to run server-side in character mode terminal sessions. Oracle Forms Developer is used to develop a form that can access an Oracle database and present the data. Wizards and utilities are provided to speed up application development. The source form (*.fmb) is created and compiled into an "executable" (*.fmx).

Try Oracle Forms 4.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Oracle Forms 4.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Oracle Forms 4.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What do you mean by a block in forms4.0?

Answer: Block is a single mechanism for grouping related items into a functional unit for storing, displaying and manipulating records. Source:
Question: How do you pass the parameters from one form to another form?

Answer: To pass one or more parameters to a called form, the calling form must perform the following steps in a trigger or user named routine execute the create_parameter_list built-in function to programmatically. Create a parameter list to execute the add parameter built-in procedure to add one or more parameters list.
Execute the call_form, New_form or run_product built_in procedure and include the name or id of the parameter list to be passed to the called form. Source:
Question: Write the Abbreviation for the following File Extension
1. FMB 2. MMB 3. PLL

Answer: FMB ----- Form Module Binary.
MMB ----- Menu Module Binary.
PLL ------ PL/SQL Library Module Binary. Source:
Question: Give built-in routine related to a record groups?

Answer: Create_group (Function)
Set_group_Char_cell(procedure) Source:
Question: What is an Lov?

Answer: A list of values is a single or multi column selection list displayed in
a pop-up window Source:
Question: What are the display styles of an alert?

Answer: Stop, Caution, note Source:
Question: Give the equivalent term in forms 4.0 for the following.
Page, Page 0?

Answer: Page - Canvas-View
Page 0 - Canvas-view null. Source:
Question: What are the built_in used to trapping errors in forms 4?

Answer: Error_type return character
Error_code return number
Error_text return char
Dbms_error_code return no.
Dbms_error_text return char Source:
Question: What is the built-in used for showing lov at runtime?

Answer: Show_lov Source:
Question: What is a predefined exception available in forms 4.0?

Answer: Raise form_trigger_failure Source:
Question: What is a Layout Editor?

Answer: The Layout Editor is a graphical design facility for creating and arranging items and boilerplate text and graphics objects in your application's interface. Source:
Question: What buil-in routines are used to display editor dynamicaly?

Answer: Edit_text item
LOV Source:
Question: Can you attach an lov to a field at run-time? if yes, give the build-in name.?

Answer: Yes. Set_item_proprety Source:
Question: What is a library in Forms 4.0?

Answer: A library is a collection of Pl/SQL program units, including user named procedures, functions & packages Source:
Question: Explain the following file extension related to library?

Answer: .pll,.lib,.pld
The library pll files is a portable design file comparable to an fmb form file
The library lib file is a plat form specific, generated library file comparable to a fmx form file
The pld file is Txt format file and can be used for source controlling your library files
Parameter Source:
Question: What are the types of visual attribute settings?

Answer: Custom Visual attributes
Default visual attributes
Named Visual attributes.
Window Source:
Question: What are the different types of windows?

Answer: Root window, secondary window. Source:
Question: What is a Check Box?

Answer: A Check Box is a two state control that indicates whether a certain condition or value is on or off, true or false. The display state of a check box is always either "checked" or "unchecked". Source:
Question: What is the built-in routine used to count the no of rows in a group?

Answer: Get_group _row_count
System Variables Source:
Question: What are the different type of a record group?

Answer: Query record group
Static record group
Non query record group Source:

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