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Nursing Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Nursing Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, facilitation of healing, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations. Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

Try Nursing Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Nursing Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Nursing Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Answer: The timeframe may depend, but any medical institution that wishes to hire a nurse will surely need to know how serious you are about the profession and where you see yourself in five or ten years. The correct answer to this question would be a very real answer whether you intend to pursue your career after five to ten years.

These are nursing interview tips and just some of the questions that are asked in an interview regarding healthcare.
These questions are specifically asked to nur Source:
Question: The nurse shows a patient advocate role when?

Answer: defend the patients right Source:
Question: Which is the following is the most appropriate during the orientation phase?

Answer: establishment of regular meeting of schedules Source:
Question: Which of the ff: is not a characteristic of PD?

Answer: loss of cognitive functioning Source:
Question: Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is characterized by-

Answer: Hypertension, hyperthermia, diaphoresis Source:
Question: How did you share your knowledge with colleges? Or assist your colleges.

Answer: Nursing involve helping, sharing and efficient medical team work. These capabilities are nursing fundamentals. Therefore, tell about your positive former experience and try to convince that you have these qualities Source:
Question: A female client undergoes yearly mammography. What level of prevention is this?

Answer: secondary Source:
Question: As a counselor, a nurse should perform which of the ff task-

Answer: Encourage client to express feelings and concerns Source:
Question: As a care provider, the nurse should do first?

Answer: Early recognition of the client?s needs Source:
Question: A Diabetic patient was amputated following an unexpected necrosis on the right leg, he sustained and undergone BKA. He then underwent therapy on how to use his new prosthetic leg. What level of prevention is this?

Answer: tertiary Source:
Question: Which of the following drugs needs a WBC level checked regularly?

Answer: Clozaril Source:
Question: 60 years old post CVA (cardio vascular accident) patient is taking TPA for his disease. What level of prevention is this?

Answer: tertiary Source:
Question: The most effective treatment modality for persons if anti social PD is

Answer: behavior therapy Source:
Question: What are your likes and dislikes about the job?

Answer: You cannot escape this question. All jobs have their advantages and disadvantages. Any experienced interviewer will ask you this question. You have to careful that you do not say anything that puts the job in a bad light, or anything that is quite new. There are some patent problems in any job, and you would be safe to talk about them when asked about the likes and dislikes of the job. Source:
Question: Why should we hire you?

Answer: This is mostly thought to be a trick question, but is not. This question, in fact, gives you a chance to speak about your talents, qualifications and experiences. Make sure that you give a brief information about your professional past when asked this question. This will help the interviewer to know more about you and your professional life. Source:
Question: What drives you?

Answer: This question is very common inn the various healthcare departments. These professions mostly have people who work for other reasons than the financials. Therefore, you should inform the interviewer about the inherent need to serve people and guide them to their betterment that drives you to work with the healthcare department. Source:
What interests you in this career?

Answer: This question is basically your chance to speak about the company/institute and how working with the company would make a great effect on your career. You would also have to talk about your desire to help individuals nurse back to health. Source:
Question: Preparing the client for the termination phase begins?

Answer: working Source:
Question: A 16-year-old child is hospitalized, according to Erik Eriksson, what is an appropriate intervention?

Answer: tell the friends to visit the child Source:
Question: Where did you get your qualifications from?

Answer: This is another important question in the medical world. Medicine and doctors are so important to life that any problems and mistakes can have drastic ramifications on a person?s life. Therefore, such questions are asked during an interview. Source:


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