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Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testers can use various models when testing software, such as waterfall, iterative and agile styles. Scott Barber explains their differences to help you decide which is best for your software testing team. These testing models would all benefit from earlier attention to the testing activity that has to be done at some time during the SDLC in Software Testing. The selection of model has very high impact on the testing that is carried out. It will define the what, where and when of our planned testing.

Try Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the Automated Testing?

Answer: Automated testing is as simple as removing the "human factor" and letting the computer do the thinking. This can be done with integrated debug tests, to much more intricate processes. The idea of the these tests is to find bugs that are often very challenging or time intensive for human testers to find. This sort of testing can save many man hours and can be more "efficient" in some cases. But it will cost more to ask a developer to write more lines of code into the game (or an external tool) th Source:
Question: How to Install/uninstall Test?

Answer: Web system often require both client-side and server-side installs. Testing of the installer checks that installed features function properly--including icons, support documentation , the README file, and registry keys. The test verifies that the correct directories are created and that the correct system files are copied to the appropriate directories. The test also confirms that various error conditions are detected and handled gracefully.

Testing of the uninstaller checks that the inst Source:
Question: Explain Regression Testing Technique?

Answer: Background " One segment of system is developed and thoroughly tested.
" Another segment is changed which has disastrous effect on the tested segment.
" The implemented change, new data or parameters have created change in the already tested segment.
Usage " All aspects of system remain functional after testing.
" Change in one segment does not change the functionality of other segment.
Objectives " Determine -
system documents remain current
System test data and test condit Source:
Question: What is System-Level Test?

Answer: System-level tests consists of batteris of tests that are designed to fully exercise a program as a whole and check that all elements of the integrated system function properly. Source:
Question: How to Query reaponse time?

Answer: The turnaround time for responding to queries in a database must be short; therefor, query response time is essential for online transactions. The results from this test will help to identify problems, such as possible bottlenecks in the network, sspecific queries, the database structure, or the hardware. Source:
Question: What is the Regression testing?

Answer: Did a new build break an existing function? Repeat testing after changes for managing risk relate to product enhancement.

A regression test is performded when the tester wishes to see the progress of the testing processs by performing identical tests before and after a bug has been fixed. A regression test allows the tester to compare expeted test results with the actual results.

Regression testing's primary objective is to ensure that all bugfree features stay that way. In add Source:
Question: What is Exploratory Test?

Answer: Exploratory Tests do not involve a test plan, checklist, or assigned tasks. The strategy here is to use past testing experience to make educated guesses about places and functionality that may be problematic. Testing is then focused on those areas. Exploratory testing can be scheduled. It can also be reserved for unforeseen downtime that presents itself during the testing process. Source:
Question: What is Click-Stream Testing?

Answer: Click stream Testing is to show which URLs the user clicked, The Web site's user activity by time period during the day, and other data otherwise found in the Web server logs. Popular choice for Click-Stream Testing statisticss include KeyNote Systems Internet weather report , WebTrends log analysis utility, and the NetMechanic monitoring service.

Disadvantage: Click-Stream Testing statistics reveal almost nothing about the user's ability to achieve their goals using the Web site. Source:
Question: What is Privilage testing?

Answer: What happens when the everyday user tries to access a control that is authorized only for adminstrators Source:
Question: What is Black-Box testing on Window-based Application?

Answer: Editable Fields Checking and Validation:

* Valid/invalid characters/strings data in all editable fields
* Valid minimum/maximum/mid range values in fields
* Null strings (or no data ) in required fields
* Record length (character limit)in text/memo fields
* Cut/copy/paste into/from fields when possible

Not Editable Fields Checking:

* Check for all test/spelling in warnings and error messages/dialogs
* Invoke/check all menu items and their options

Applic Source:
Question: Explain Testing Methods?

Answer: 1. White Box
Also called ?Structural Testing / Glass Box Testing? is used for testing the code keeping the system specs in mind. Inner working is considered and thus Developers Test..
* Mutation Testing
Number of mutants of the same program created with minor changes and none of their result should coincide with that of the result of the original program given same test case.

* Basic Path Testing
Testing is done based on Flow graph notation, uses Cyclometric complexity & G Source:
Question: Explain Recovery testing?

Answer: * The system recovers from faukts and resumes processing within a predefined period of time.
* The system is fault-tolerant, which means that processing faults do not halt the overall functioning of the system.
* Data recovery and restart are correct in case of automatic recovery. If recovery requires human intervention, the mean time to repair the database is within predefined acceptable limits. Source:
Question: Explain Parallel Testing Technique:

Answer: Usage " To ensure that the processing of new application (new version) is consistent with respect to the processing of previous application version.
Objectives " Conducting redundant processing to ensure that the new version or application performs correctly.
" Demonstrating consistency and inconsistency between 2 versions of the application.
How to Use " Same input data should be run through 2 versions of same application system.
" Parallel testing can be done with whole system or p Source:
Question: What is Scalability and Performance Testing?

Answer: Scalability and performance testing is the way to understand how the system will handle the load cause by many concurrent users. In a Web environment concurrent use is measured as simply the number of users making requests at the same time.

Performance testing is designed to measure how quickly the program completes a given task. The primary objective is to determine whether the processing speed is acceptable in all parts of the program. If explicit requirements specify program performanc Source:
Question: Explain Web-Enabled Development and Test automation?

Answer: Web-Enabled application go further in these areas:

* Web-enabled application are meant to be stateless. HTTP was designed to be stateless. Each request from a Web-enabled application is meant to be atomic and not rely on any previouse requests. This has huge advantages for system architecture and datacenter provisioning. When requests are stateless, then any sserver can respond to the request and any request handler on any server may service the request.
* Web-enabled application are p Source:
Question: What is Load/Volume Test?

Answer: Load/volume tests study how a program handles large amounts of data, excessive calculations, and excessive processing. These tests do not necessarily have to push or exceed upper functional limits. Load/volume tests can, and usually must, be automated.

Focus of Load/Volume Tesing

* Pushing through large amounts of data with extreme processing demands.
* Requesting many processes simulateously.
* Repeating tasks over a long period of time

Load/volume tests, which involv Source:
Question: What is Stateful testing?

Answer: When you use a Web-enabled application to set a value, does the server respond correctly later on Source:
Question: Explain The Requirements of Testing Technique:

Answer: Usage " To ensure that system performs correctly
" To ensure that correctness can be sustained for a considerable period of time.
" System can be tested for correctness through all phases of SDLC but incase of reliability the programs should be in place to make system operational.
Objectives " Successfully implementation of user requirements
" Correctness maintained over considerable period of time
" Processing of the application complies with the organization's policies and p Source:
Question: Explain Intersystem Testing Technique:

Answer: Background " Application systems are frequently interconnected to other application system.
" The interconnection may be data coming from another application system, leaving for another application system or both.
" Frequently multiple systems (applications) sometimes called cycles or functions are involved.
Usage " To ensure interconnection between application functions correctly.
Objectives " Determining -
Proper parameters and data are correctly passed between the applications< Source:
Question: What is HTML content-checking tests?

Answer: HTML content checking tests makes a request to a Web page, parses the response for HTTP hyperlinks, requests hyperlinks from their associated host, and if the links returned successful or exceptional conditions. The downside is that the hyperlinks in a Web-enalbled application are dynamic and can change, depending on the user's actions. There is little way to know the context of the hyperlinks in a Web-enabled application. Just checking the links' validity is meaningless if not misleadin Source:

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