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Backup and Recovery Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Backup and Recovery Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Backup and recovery is one of the most important aspects of database administration. If a database crashed and there was no way to recover it, the devastating results to a business could include lost data, lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

Try Backup and Recovery Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Backup and Recovery Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Backup and Recovery Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What are the steps involved in Database Startup ?

Answer: Start an instance, Mount the Database and Open the Database. Source:
Question: What is Log Switch ?

Answer: The point at which ORACLE ends writing to one online redo log file and begins writing to another is called a log switch. Source:
Question: What is the steps for recovery of missing data file? and the steps for physical stand by database creation?

Answer: Shut down the database and start mount then recreate the d.b by using recreation using old data file path. Source:
Question: Can Full Backup be performed when the database is open ?

Answer: No. Source:
Question: What are the different modes of mounting a Database with the Parallel Server ?

Answer: Exclusive Mode If the first instance that mounts a database does so in exclusive mode, only that Instance can mount the database.
Parallel Mode If the first instance that mounts a database is started in parallel mode, other instances that are started in parallel mode can also mount the database. Source:
Question: How to check RMAN version in Oracle?

Answer: If you want to check RMAN catalog version then use the below query from SQL*plus
SQL> Select * from rcver; Source:
Question: Explain the relationship among database, tablespace and data file.

Answer: Each databases logically divided into one or more tablespaces one or more data files are explicitly created for each tablespace. Source:
Question: What are the new features in MapViewer 11g?

Answer: Certification on WebLogic Server version 10 and 10.3
Powerful and open JavaScript/AJAX mapping API for interactive client side mapping
Support for Safari desktop browser
Support for ESRI Shape Files
Support for Google Map tiles (requires a Google Maps API key)
Interface for 3rd party map tile servers (in JavaScript API)
Secure map rendering (role based map content display)
Support for OGC Web Feature Server themes and Annotation Text
Improved Labeling, text st Source:
Question: What is SYSTEM tablespace and when is it created?

Answer: Every Oracle database contains a tablespace named SYSTEM, which is automatically created when the database is created. The SYSTEM tablespace always contains the data dictionary tables for the entire database. Source:
Question: What is the difference between HOTBACKUP and RMAN backup?

Answer: For HOTBACKUP we have to put database in begin backup mode, then take backup where as RMAN would not put database in begin backup mode. RMAN is faster can perform incremental (changes only) backup, and does not place tablespace in HOTBACKUP mode. Source:
Question: What is an Oracle index?

Answer: An index is an optional structure associated with a table to have direct access to rows, which can be created to increase the performance of data retrieval. Index can be created on one or more columns of a table. Source:
Question: What is Mirrored on-line Redo Log ?

Answer: A mirrored on-line redo log consists of copies of on-line redo log files physically located on separate disks, changes made to one member of the group are made to all members. Source:
Question: What is a Logical Backup?

Answer: Logical backup means backing up the database objects like tables, views , indexes...etc using the EXPORT utility given by Oracle. The objects exported in this way can be imported into either same database or into any other database. Source:
Question: What are the types of Synonyms?

Answer: There are two types of Synonyms Private and Public. Source:
Question: Who should upgrade to Oracle Universal Federation Framework 11g?

Answer: Customers who wish to take advantage of 11g?s new unified Oracle Universal Federation Framework
Customers who wish take advantage of complimentary enterprise-class tools for system management, monitoring, auditing and reporting
Customers who want to rapidly SSO-enable their federation partners using OpenSSO Fedlet
Customers looking to accept identity from leading OpenID providers (Google, Yahoo, etc.) or interested in becoming an OpenID provider
Customers who prefer to deploy OIF on Source:
Question: What is Oracle Identity Federation 11g?

Answer: Oracle Identity Federation 11g delivers the industry?s most comprehensive implementation of federation standards delivered via Oracle Universal Federation Framework ? unified, extensible and customizable architecture for rapid deployment in any multi-vendor environment.

OIF is the only federation solution on the market that comes deployed on a complimentary Oracle WebLogic ? best-of-breed application server container in a default configuration.

Additionally, OIF 11g is the only fed Source:
Question: What is MapViewer?

Answer: MapViewer is a Java-based visualization tool that is used to render, in map form, location based content and spatial data stored using the spatial feature of Oracle Database. It includes It can also render map and related content from ESRI Shape Files, real-time XML feeds such as GeoRSS, and geographic web services including themes from OpenGeospatial Consortium Web Feature Services. Source:
Question: What is Partial Backup ?

Answer: A Partial Backup is any operating system backup short of a full backup, taken while the database is open or shut down. Source:
Question: What is Restricted Mode of Instance Startup ?

Answer: An instance can be started in (or later altered to be in) restricted mode so that when the database is open connections are limited only to those whose user accounts have been granted the RESTRICTED SESSION system privilege. Source:
Question: How to put Manual/User managed backup in RMAN?

Answer: By using catalog command:
RMAN> CATALOG START WITH ?/oracle/backup.ctl?; Source:

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