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Computers Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Computers Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

A computer is a device that accepts information (in the form of digitalized data) and manipulates it for some result based on a program or sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed. Input device: usually a keyboard and mouse, the input device is the conduit through which data and instructions enter a computer. Output device: a display screen, printer, or other device that lets you see what the computer has accomplished.

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Computers Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Computers Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Why does defragment (defrag) go only so far and then stop and start over again? I get the message "Drive's Contents Have Changed: Restarting..." How can I get it to finish?

Answer: One of the most common reasons that defrag does not continue is that there is something running in the background. A screen saver is a very common one. Our techies recommend that you restart your computer in "safe mode" and run defrag there. That way, you can be sure all background processes are turned off. Source:
Question: What is an expert system? How does it differs from a conventional computer program?

Answer: An expert system is software that attempts to provide an answer to a problem, or clarify uncertainties where normally one or more human experts would need to be consulted. Expert systems are most common in a specific problem domain, and is a traditional application and/or subfield of artificial intelligence. A wide variety of methods can be used to simulate the performance of the expert however common to most or all are 1) the creation of a knowledge base which uses some knowledge representation Source:
Question: What steps should I take to replace the bios battery.

Answer: It is better if you go to the BIOS first and copy the settings and have them before you try to replace the battery, in case your system does not

use the default settings. Once this is done then you can safely replace the battery and if necessary duplicate the BIOS settings you had before. Source:
Question: what is the booting process in operating systems

Answer: To boot (as a verb; also "to boot up") a computer is to load an operating system into the computer's main memory or random access memory (RAM). Once the operating system is loaded (and, for example, on a PC, you see the initial Windows or Mac desktop screen), it's ready for users to run applications. Sometimes you'll see an instruction to "reboot" the operating system. This simply means to reload the operating system (the most familiar way to do this on PCs is pressing the Ctrl, Alt, Source:
Question: Compare having one ALU that is twice as fast as normal to having two ALUs

Answer: THe first ALU which is having the twice proccessing speed is going to be the faster than the second ALU because the Two different ALUs are intracting through a message passing interface due to their distributed nature.
so the communication delay will result in to the slower processing of the network. Source:

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: write a C program to create a tabular column

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: How can I view the patches and hot fixes which have been downloaded onto my machine?

Answer: To see all that has been added to your machine go to windows update and look at: VIEW HISTORY Source:
Question: What is the difference between the *system tray* and the *quick launch tray*?

Answer: The system tray is that portion of the task bar (usually on the bottom of the screen-but you can drag it to either side or to the top!) that is on the right hand side displaying the clock and some of those programs that are running in the background. The portion on the left is the 'quick launch tray' because you can drag icons/shortcuts there and with a single click you can start or 'launch' the program. Source:
Question: Can a FAT32 drive be converted to NTFS without losing data?

Answer: Yes it can. To do so go to "Accessories" in the Start Menu and select "Command Prompt". You'll see a DOS-like box open to a command prompt. At the prompt, type the following command and hit enter:

Convert c: /FS:NTFS

The conversion won't start until you restart Windows. At that point, you'll see a strange screen on next startup. It will convert the file system and then reboot. Then you're done. Source:
Question: difference between run time and static memory allocation with an example

Answer: No answer available currently.


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