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Accounts Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Accounts Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

An account (in book-keeping) refers to assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and equity, as represented by individual ledger pages, to which changes in value are chronologically recorded with debit and credit entries. An account is a record in the general ledger that is used to collect and store debit and credit amounts. For example, a company will have a Cash account in which every transaction involving cash is recorded. If the company sells merchandise for cash, the Cash account will be debited and the Sales account will be credited.

Try Accounts Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Accounts Payable Interview Questions & Answers (41) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Accounts Receivables Interview Questions & Answers (15) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Banking Interview Questions & Answers (26) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Cashier Banking Interview Questions & Answers (10) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Corporate Accounting Interview Questions & Answers (0) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Cost Accounting Interview Questions & Answers (47) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Deposit Account Interview Questions & Answers (10) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Finance Interview Questions & Answers (71) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Financial Account Interview Questions & Answers (0) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Fixed Assets Interview Questions & Answers (11) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

General Ledger Interview Questions & Answers (17) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Payroll Interview Questions & Answers (11) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Personal Account Interview Questions & Answers (12) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Retail Accounting Interview Questions & Answers (44) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Sweep Account Interview Questions & Answers (10) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Transactional Account Interview Questions & Answers (10) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

User Account Interview Questions & Answers (6) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

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Accounts Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Accounts Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the use of Delivery Note?

Answer: Delivery note is a document sending goods from supplier to a buyer. Its contains only the buyer's name address VAT/CST No. Description of the goods being sent Goods quantity and method of packing/packing quantity. The Delivery Note may be raised without Invoice but against buyer's Purchase Order. Invoice may be raised against the buyer on later date against the acknowledged receipt of the Delivery Note Source:
Question: What are the qualities that make for a good accountant?

Answer: Accountancy is quite a critical and complicated profession. Along with the basic necessities of being good at calculation and figures, one should know to keep their patience and their cool while handling the critical figures and accounts of a company. Therefore, having patience and being calm are one of the most integral qualities of being a good accountant.
Strong analytical skills, self disciple and good interpersonal skills are just some of the skills that make a good accountant. Source:
Question: An offer allowed to remain open for acceptance over a period of time is known as:
(a) Standing Offer
(b) Continuing Offer
(c) Open Offer
(d) All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above
Description:An offer that is allowed to remain open for acceptance over a period of time is known as standing, open or continuing offer. Tender for supply of goods is a kind of standing offer. Source:
Question: Explain sequence generator in oracle ?

Answer: The sequence generator gives a sequential series of numbers.The sequence generator is especially useful for generating unique sequential numbers. Sequence numbers are Oracle integers of up to 38 digits defined in the database. A sequence definition provides information, such as:
The sequence name
ascending or descending sequence
The interval between numbers
Whether Oracle should cache sequence numbers in memory
Sequence numbers are generated independent of any tables. The same seq Source:
Question: What is the A Levels

Answer: Why you chose your A Levels and what you thought while doing so are other important aspects of the accounting world, therefore, there will be questions regarding the A Levels. If you have not completed the A levels and have gone through by other means, you should be sincere enough to inform the interviewer about the same during the initial interview. You will find the A Levels to be quite important when it comes to Chartered Accountancy firms. Source:
Question: What is the meaning of Foreign Collaboration?

Answer: ?Foreign collaboration is an alliance incorporated to carry on the agreed task collectively with the participation (role) of resident and non-resident entities.?
Foreign collaboration is such an alliance of domestic (native) and abroad (non-native) entities like individuals, firms, companies, organizations, governments, etc., that come together with an intention to finalize a contract on some tasks or jobs or projects. Source:
Question: What is Other Questions Related to Accounting

Answer: The interviewer may also ask any and every question related to the actual profession ? i. e. accounting. These questions are by far the most important questions that are asked during the interview, simply because these are the questions are the ones that will make or break your chances to work with the company.
These questions can be basic, complicated or very difficult too.

Some of the questions can be:
? When does our credit becomes our debitor, or vice versa.
? The quest Source:
Question: What is project implementation?

Answer: Project implementation involves six steps in total such as:

Identify Need
Generate and Screen Ideas
Conduct Feasible Study
Develop the Project
Implement the Project
Control the Project Source:
Question: You need to install the necessary components prior to installing Exchange Server 2007 on a new
server. Which three components should you install? (Each correct answer presents part of the
solution. Choose three.)
A. Windows PowerShell 1.0
B. Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
C. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
D. Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0
E. Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
F. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Answer: A. Windows PowerShell 1.0
D. Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0
F. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Source:
Question: How is a PO (Purchase order created)?

Answer: A document or form used by a customer to issue an order for goods or services.

I want notes on
1.Procure to pay cycle with accounting entries
2.order to cash
3.record to report
4.Sox Source:
Question: Differentiate Public and Private Accounting ?

Answer: Public accounting is a type of accounting that is done by one company for another company. Private accounting is done for your own company. Source:
Question: 200 Meter long train passes a bridge in 1 minute at 60kmph, what is the length of the bridge

Answer: 50 meters Source:
Question: What accounts payable applications are your familiar with?

Answer: With accounting job interview questions like this first list the applications you have used and then expand on the value of the solutions they offered to your particular business. Look at aspects such as managing vendor information, approval controls and providing payables reports. Source:
Question: Define namespace.

Answer: It is a feature in C++ to minimize name collisions in the global name space. This namespace keyword assigns a distinct name to a library that allows other libraries to use the same identifier names without creating any name collisions. Furthermore, the compiler uses the namespace signature for differentiating the definitions. Source:

Answer: A. Source:
Question: Other accounting interview questions to expect when you interview for an accountancy job include:

Answer: What cost-cutting measures have you been responsible for implementing?
How much money have you saved the company and how did you do this?
What aspects of hands-on accounting did you participate in?
Give examples of internal control procedures that you have developed and maintained.
What was your interface with the budget process?
Discuss your experience in financial analysis of company/ad hoc projects.
Tell us about the financial forecasting you have been responsible for.
Wh Source:
Question: What is Meant by Liabilities ?

Answer: Liabilities are what all u owe from the bank on notes payable or in other words it is
Liability=Asset-Owners equity.
Question: What are the eligibility criteria which a Stock must fulfill so that it can be traded in Stocks and Options?

Answer: A stock on which Stock Option and single Stock Future contracts are proposed to be introduced is required to fulfill the following broad eligibility criteria:-

1.The stock shall be chosen from amongst the top 500 stocks in terms of average daily market capitalization and average daily traded value in the previous six month on a rolling basis.

2.The stock's median quarter-sigma order size over the last six months shall be not less than Rs.1 Lakh. A stock's quarter-sigma orde Source:
Question: What are the disadvantages of e-business?

Answer: 1)Less security
2)No physical proximity with items purchased
3)Less privacy
4)Purchase to delivery time
5)Sectoral limitations
6)Momentary Intangibility Source:
Question: What is a node class?

Answer: A node class is a class that,
* relies on the base class for services and implementation,
* provides a wider interface to the users than its base class,
* relies primarily on virtual functions in its public interface
* depends on all its direct and indirect base class
* can be understood only in the context of the base class
* can be used as base for further derivation
* can be used to create objects.
A node class is a class that has added new services or functionality be Source:

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