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ILU Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

ILU Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

ILU can be used to build multi-lingual object-oriented libraries ("class libraries") with well-specified language-independent interfaces. It can also be used to implement distributed systems. It can also be used to define and document interfaces between the modules of non-distributed programs. ILU is primarily about interfaces between units of program structure; we call them by the generic term modules. They could be parts of one process, all written in the same language; they could be parts written in different languages, sharing runtime support in one memory image; they could be parts running in different memory images on different machines.

Try ILU Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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ILU Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try ILU Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
I am a new programmer in C & can't find <graphics.h> library. can anyone help me with this?

Answer: In the TurboC++ editor, goto menu : Options->Linker->Libraries and check the 'Graphics library' option. Usually it is unchecked.<br>
Question: How to convert decimal to binary and its formula?

Answer: Its very simple ,just divide the decimal number by 2 and note down the remainder(which will be either 1 or 0) ,then again divide the quotient obtained in the first step and note down the remainder..........repeat the step till u get 0 as quotient n write the remainders in reverse order that means the last step remainder will b e the leftmost digit of the binary equivalent of given decimal number. Source:
Question: How type of questions asked in campus interview? please tell me.

Answer: During Technical interview 85% of the questions asked in campus interviews are basic questions related to your subject(Specialization), rest may
be some difficult.
Question: Which is the most powerful programing language and why?

Answer: Java is a good programming language because it is a plateform independent programming use BYTE also use graphics.provide encapsulation.
Question: What is the full form of ILU?

Answer: Inter-Language Unification: Inter-Language Unification or ILU is a method for computer systems to exchange data. Source:
Question: In VB which control does not have event?

Answer: common dialog control Source:
Question: Hi,
can anyone tel me process of creating a DASHBOARD in Microstrategy

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: What is a dangling pointer ?

Answer: Those pointers which pointing to a memory block which is no more exist in the memory. for example Suppose two pointers are pointing to the same memory location and memory is freed using firstpointer variable but second pointer is still pointing to the same memory location. the second pointer is a dangling pointer. Source:
Question: What are the differences between malloc() and calloc()?

What are macros? what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Answer: Both malloc and calloc are used for allocating memory dynamically.But the difference is,in malloc elements are not initialised and hence holding garbage values where as in calloc the elements are get initialised.<br><br>Macros are used for speed up the process.The disadvantage is they are not having type_check phenomenon. Source:
Question: What is LPCTSTR? What does LP denote it?

Answer: LPCTSTR denotes "Long Pointer Const to String". Declaration can be written as const long* str[];LP denotes Long Pointer.

LPCTSTR = Long Pointer to a Const TCHAR String

LPCTSTR = const char* or const wchar_t* depending on _UNICODE

Question: What is meen by ILU?

Answer: One full form of ILU is Inter-Language Unification system. Source:


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