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Web Quality Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Web Quality Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Web Quality is the process of using the newest web standards improves the quality of your web site like Use HTML 5, Use Separate CSS Files, Web Validation, The Title Element, Heading Elements, Character Sets, Date Formats etc.

Try Web Quality Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Web Quality Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Web Quality Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How do you set the classpath?

Answer: WebLogic Server installs the following script that you can use to set the classpath that a server requires:
WL_HOMEserverinsetWLSEnv.cmd (on Windows)
WL_HOME/server/bin/ (on UNIX)
5)How do stubs work in a WebLogic Server cluster?
Clients that connect to a WebLogic Server cluster and look up a clustered object obtain a replica-aware stub for the object. This stub contains the list of available server instances that host implementations of the object. The stub also contain Source:
Question: How do I generate web pages from a program (CGI)? Are there libraries to make it easier?

Answer: Most web servers support one variation or another of a standard for adding your own programs to the web server. The standard is called CGI (Common Gateway Interface).

Marc Hedlund has written a FAQ on CGI programming (URL is <URL:> ) which makes a good introduction to the subject. The standard itself can be found at NCSA (URL is <URL:> ).

For tips on overcoming common CGI problems, consult the CGI problems Source:
Question: how can I access the web?

Answer: You have two basic options: use a browser on your own machine (the best option) or use a browser that can be telnetted to (not nearly as good, but possible). Web access by email is available, but very marginal. Note, however, that the traditional online services such as AOL, Prodigy, and Compuserve now offer web access of one degree or another as a standard feature. Real web access is finally easy to come by for all PC users, at least in North America.

It is always best to run a browser o Source:
Question: What is on the web?

Answer: Currently accessible through the web:

* anything served through gopher
* anything served through WAIS
* anything on an FTP site
* anything on Usenet
* anything accessible through telnet
* anything in hytelnet
* anything in hyper-g
* anything in techinfo
* anything in texinfo
* anything in the form of man pages
* sundry hypertext documents Source:
Question: What is the Web?

Answer: WWW stands for "World Wide Web." The WWW project, started by Tim Berners-Lee while at CERN (the European Laboratory for Particle Physics), seeks to build a "distributed hypermedia system." In practice, the web is a vast collection of interconnected documents, spanning the world. Tim Berners-Lee continues his pioneering work with the W3 Consortium at MIT.

The advantage of hypertext is that in a hypertext document, if you want more information about a particular subject mentioned, you can u Source:
Question: How do I find out what's new on the web?

Answer: comp.infosystems.www.announce
The newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.announce carries announcements of new resources on the World Wide Web. Since newsgroups are distributed, it can be accessed reliably even when the net is very busy.
What's New With NCSA Mosaic
The unofficial newspaper of the World Wide Web is What's New With NCSA Mosaic (URL is ), which carries announcements of new servers on the web and also Source:
Question: How can I set deployment order for applications?

Answer: WebLogic Server allows you to select the load order for applications. WebLogic Server deploys server-level resources (first JDBC and then JMS) before deploying applications. Applications are deployed in this order: connectors, then EJBs, then Web Applications. If the application is an EAR, the individual components are loaded in the order in which they are declared in the application.xml deployment descriptor. Source:
Question: How should you type cast a remote object? Why?

Answer: A client program that is intended to be interoperable with all compliant EJB Container implementations must use the javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject.narrow(?) method to perform type-narrowing of the client-side representations of the remote home and remote interfaces. Programs using the cast operator for narrowing the remote and remote home interfaces are likely to fail if the Container implementation uses RMI-IIOP as the underlying communication transport.
Question: What is the function of T3 in WebLogic Server?

Answer: T3 provides a framework for WebLogic Server messages that support for enhancements. These enhancements include abbreviations and features, such as object replacement, that work in the context of WebLogic Server clusters and HTTP and other product tunneling. T3 predates Java Object Serialization and RMI, while closely tracking and leveraging these specifications. T3 is a superset of Java Object. Serialization or RMI; anything you can do in Java Object Serialization and RMI can be done over T3. T3 Source:
Question: Where is the subject catalog of the web?

Answer: There are several. There is no mechanism inherent in the web which forces the creation of a single catalog (although there is work underway on automatic mechanisms to catalog web sites).

The best-known catalog, and the first, is The WWW Virtual Library (URL is ), maintained by CERN. The Virtual Library is a good place to find resources on a particular subject, and has separate maintainers for many subject areas.

Yahoo Source:
Question: What happens if remove( ) is never invoked on a session bean?

Answer: In case of a stateless session bean it may not matter if we call or not as in both cases nothing is done. The number of beans in cache is managed by the container. In case of statefulsession bean, the bean may be kept in cache till either the session times out, in which case the bean is removed or when there is a requirement for memory in which case the data is cached and the bean is sent to free pool. Source:
Question: Which format is better for WWW image purposes, JPEG or GIF?

Answer: Almost all browsers can view inline JPEG, and there are free libraries available to do that, so the remaining browser vendors are very short on excuses. There is no need to avoid inline JPEG any longer. So the proper question is, which format is better for your specific purpose?

JPEG is for photographic images. GIF is for line-art images, such as icons, graphs and line-art logos. You will very likely find that JPEG produces smudgy line art and GIF produces large and washed-out photographs Source:
Question: What happens when a failure occurs and the stub cannot connect to a WebLogic Server instance?

Answer: When the failure occurs, the stub removes the failed server instance from its list. If there are no servers left in its list, the stubb uses DNS again to find a running server and obtain a current list of running instances. Also, the stub periodically refreshes its list of available server instances in the cluster; this allows the stub to take advantage of new servers as they are added to the cluster. Source:
Question: How can I distribute audio through the Web

Answer: Not all web browsers have audio support built-in, but nearly all can launch external "viewers" to handle audio. These player programs are widely available as freeware or shareware for most architectures (or standard with your operating system).

Audio is a particularly thorny case owing to the need to download the entire audio program before it can be heard. Fortunately, there are now systems available which avoid this problem by playing the audio as it is downloaded.

Question: How does the Web compare to Gopher and WAIS?

Answer: While all three of these information presentation systems are client-server based, they differ in terms of their model of data. In gopher, data is either a menu, a document, an index or a telnet connection. In WAIS, everything is an index and everything that is returned from the index is a document. In WWW, everything is a (possibly) hypertext document which may be searchable.

In practice, this means that WWW can represent the gopher (a menu is a list of links, a gopher document is a hype Source:


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