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Gnuplot Programming Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Gnuplot Programming Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Gnuplot is a command-line program that can generate two- and three-dimensional plots of functions, data, and data fits. It is frequently used for publication-quality graphics as well as education. gnuplot is a plotting program. It is command-line driven and multiplatform. The open source project gnuplot name is intended to be lower-case. The source code is copyrighted but freely distributed (i.e., you don't have to pay for it).

Try Gnuplot Programming Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Gnuplot Programming Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Gnuplot Programming Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How do I print out my graphs?

Answer: The kind of output produced is determined by the set terminal command; for example, set terminal postscript will produce the graph in PostScript format. Output can be redirected using the set output command.

As an example, the following prints out a graph of sin(x) on a Unix machine running the X-Window System.

gnuplot> plot [-6:6] sin(x)
gnuplot> set terminal postscript
Terminal type set to 'postscript'
Options are 'landscape monochrome "Courier" 14' Source:
Question: How did it come about and why is it called gnuplot?

Answer: The authors of gnuplot are: Thomas Williams, Colin Kelley, Russell Lang, Dave Kotz, John Campbell, Gershon Elber, Alexander Woo and many others.

The following quote comes from Thomas Williams:

I was taking a differential equation class and Colin was taking Electromagnetics, we both thought it'd be helpful to visualize the mathematics behind them. We were both working as sys admin for an EE VLSI lab, so we had the graphics terminals and the time to do some coding. The postin Source:
Question: How do I change symbol size, line thickness and the like?

Answer: Gnuplot offers a variety of commands to set line and point properties, including color, thickness, point shape, etc. The command test will display a test page for the currently selected terminal type showing the available pre-defined combinations of color, size, shape, etc. The set style command can be used to define additional combinations. Source:
Question: How do I include my graphs in <word processor>?

Answer: Basically, you save your plot to a file in a format your word processor can understand (using set term and set output, see above), and then you read in the plot from your word processor. Vector formats (PostScript, emf, svg, pdf, TEX, LATEX, etc) should be preferred, as you can scale your graph later to the right size.

Details depend on which word processor you use; use set term to get a list of available file formats.

Many word processors can use Encapsulated PostScript for graphs Source:
Question: What does gnuplot offer?

Answer: * Plotting two-dimensional functions and data points in many different styles (points, lines, error bars)
* Plotting three-dimensional data points and surfaces in many different styles (contour plot, mesh)
* Algebraic computation in integer, float and complex arithmetic
* User-defined functions and hot-keys
* Support for a large number of operating systems, graphics file formats and output devices
* Extensive on-line help
* TEX-like text formatting for l Source:
Question: How do I edit or post-process a gnuplot graph?

Answer: This depends on the terminal type you use.

* X11 toolkits: You can use the terminal type fig and use the xfig drawing program to edit the plot afterwards. You can obtain the xfig program from its web site More information about the text-format used for fig can be found in the fig-package.

You may use the tgif terminal, which creates output suitable for reading within tgif (, an interactive 2-D drawing tool under X1 Source:
Question: Can I animate my graphs?

Answer: First have a look at animate.dem in the demo directory of gnuplot. Basically, animated graphs are a sequence of plots in a suitable format.

If your installation of gnuplot is linked with gd 2.0.29 or newer (see previous entry), the gif terminal can generate directly an animated GIF.

Otherwise, have a look at the tool whirlgif 3.04, available at dino/whirlgif. It reads run-length encoded GIF files and packs them into a minimal animation. On the web-pages you wi Source:
Question: Can I run gnuplot on my computer?

Answer: Gnuplot is in widespread use on many platforms, including MS Windows, linux, unix, and OSX. The current source code retains supports for older systems as well, including VMS, Ultrix, OS/2, MS-DOS, Amiga, OS-9/68k, Atari ST, BeOS, and Macintosh. Versions since 4.0 have not been extensively tested on legacy platforms.

Please notify the FAQ-maintainer of any further ports you might be aware of.

You should be able to compile the gnuplot source more or less out of the box on any reasona Source:
Question: How do I generate plots in GIF format?

Answer: GIF support is provided by an external library, libgd ( Old versions of gd (versions 1.2 to 1.4) produce only GIF output. Versions 1.6 to 2.0.27 did not support GIF output because of patent concerns. However versions 1.6 and newer support PNG outputs, and 1.7 and newer support JPEG outputs. Version 2.0.28 of the Boutell gd library restored GIF functionality, and 2.0.29 added support for GIF animation. If your installation of gnuplot is linked to the gd library, you will get Source:
Question: Is gnuplot suitable for scripting?

Answer: Yes. Gnuplot can read in files containing additional commands during an interactive session, or it can be run in batch mode by piping a pre-existing file or a stream of commands to stdin. Gnuplot is used as a back-end graphics driver by such higher-level mathematical packages as Octave, and can easily be wrapped in a cgi script for use as a web-driven plot generator. Source:
Question: What is gnuplot?

Answer: gnuplot is a command-driven interactive function plotting program. It can be used to plot functions and data points in both two- and three-dimensional plots in many different formats. It is designed primarily for the visual display of scientific data. gnuplot is copyrighted, but freely distributable; you don't have to pay for it. Source:


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