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Firewalls Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Firewalls Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Firewalls are software programs or hardware devices that filter the traffic that flows into you PC or your network through a internet connection. They sift through the data flow & block that which they deem (based on how & for what you have tuned the firewall) harmful to your network or computer system. Firewall has two network interfaces: one for the external side of the network, one for the internal side. Its purpose is to control what traffic is allowed to traverse from one side to the other. As the most basic level, firewalls can block traffic intended for particular IP addresses or server ports.

Try Firewalls Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Firewalls Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Firewalls Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is Cryptographic Checksum?

Answer: A one-way function applied to a file to produce a unique ``fingerprint'' of the file for later reference. Checksum systems are a primary means of detecting filesystem tampering on Unix. Source:
Question: What is Logging?

Answer: The process of storing information about events that occurred on the firewall or network. Source:
Question: What is Log Processing?

Answer: How audit logs are processed, searched for key events, or summarized. Source:
Question: What is Virtual Network Perimeter?

Answer: A network that appears to be a single protected network behind firewalls, which actually encompasses encrypted virtual links over untrusted networks. Source:
Question: What is firewall? How to enable firewall in Windows XP?

Answer: To enable firewall in Window...Start - Controlpanel - Security center -Turn On the Firewall Button and enable it. ... Source:
Question: If JumpStart clients are on a different subnet to the DHCP server, what must be configured to enable
If JumpStart clients are on a different subnet to the DHCP server, what must be configured to enable them to communicate with the DHCP server?

Answer: If JumpStart clients are on a different subnet to the DHCP server, what must be configured to enable
If JumpStart clients are on a different subnet to the DHCP server, what must be configured to enable them to communicate with the DHCP server? Source:
Question: Insider Attack

Answer: An attack originating from inside a protected network. Source:
Question: What is Application-Layer Firewall?

Answer: A firewall system in which service is provided by processes that maintain complete TCP connection state and sequencing. Application layer firewalls often re-address traffic so that outgoing traffic appears to have originated from the firewall, rather than the internal host. Source:
Question: You are currently designing your own Desktop Publishing application, as you have not found any that

Answer: You are currently designing your own Desktop Publishing application, as you have not found any that do exactly what you want with existing applications. As part of the design you are using a Controller to which you send all GUI requests. Not all objects can process the same commands. For example you can?t select the spell check tool when an image has the focus. To stop any possible errors you would like to filter out some of the messages as they are passed from these objects to Source:
Question: What is Dual Homed Gateway?

Answer: A dual homed gateway is a system that has two or more network interfaces, each of which is connected to a different network. In firewall configurations, a dual homed gateway usually acts to block or filter some or all of the traffic trying to pass between the networks. Source:
Question: What is Perimeter-based Security?

Answer: The technique of securing a network by controlling access to all entry and exit points of the network. Source:
Question: What is Screened Subnet?

Answer: A subnet behind a screening router. The degree to which the subnet may be accessed depends on the screening rules in the router. Source:
Question: In windows 2003 built in fire wall is there or not?

Answer: In Windows 2003 Server,?built in firewall is present. ... Source:
Question: Your company?s employee assistance program (EAP) application is now required to be deployed

Answer: Your company?s employee assistance program (EAP) application is now required to be deployed on the Web. The following are characteristics and requirements of the new system: ? The UI is an off-the-shelf, unsigned terminal-emulator applet. ? The applet communicates with a terminal server using a proprietary TCP/IP-based protocol. ? The terminal server sits behind the corporate firewall and listens on port 10001. ? The only configurable items for the applet Source:
Question: What is Authentication Token?

Answer: A portable device used for authenticating a user. Authentication tokens operate by challenge/response, time-based code sequences, or other techniques. This may include paper-based lists of one-time passwords. Source:
Question: What is DNS spoofing?

Answer: Assuming the DNS name of another system by either corrupting the name service cache of a victim system, or by compromising a domain name server for a valid domain. Source:
Question: What is Tunneling Router?

Answer: A router or system capable of routing traffic by encrypting it and encapsulating it for transmission across an untrusted network, for eventual de-encapsulation and decryption. Source:
Question: What is Access Router?

Answer: A router that connects your network to the external Internet. Typically, this is your first line of defense against attackers from the outside Internet. By enabling access control lists on this router, you'll be able to provide a level of protection for all of the hosts `behind' that router, effectively making that network a DMZ instead of an unprotected external LAN. Source:
Question: What is Authentication?

Answer: The process of determining the identity of a user that is attempting to access a system. Source:
Question: What is Abuse of Privilege?

Answer: When a user performs an action that they should not have, according to organizational policy or law. Source:

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