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SOAP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

SOAP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a messaging protocol that allows programs that run on disparate operating systems (such as Windows and Linux) to communicate using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and its Extensible Markup Language (XML). SOAP is an application communication protocol. SOAP is a format for sending and receiving messages. SOAP is platform independent. SOAP is based on XML.

Try SOAP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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SOAP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try SOAP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Tell me about software elements that we must used to build a SOAP server?

Answer: XML processorna and HTTP Server are mandatory when you want to build SOAP Server.We have to use some other tools when you deal with different language.
When you deal with Visual Basic 6.0 or VBA than you must have to use either Microsoft SOAP TOOLkit or PocketSOAP.
When you deal with VB.Net or C# than you must have to use Visual Stdio.Net or .Net Framework.
When you deal with Delphi than you have to use Borland's Web services.
When you deal with C++ than you have to use Systi Source:
Question: How to explain Body Element in SOAP?

Answer: We use Body element in SOAP to contains the actual SOAP message specify the ultimate endpoint of the message.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<m:GetPrice xmlns:m="">
</soap:Envelope Source:
Question: Tell me about what kinds of information included in SOAP header?

Answer: Header of SOAP contains information like that,
1. In SOAP header client should handle authentication and transaction.
2. The SOAP message should process by client.
3. EncodingStyle is also has in header. Source:
Question: Define the use of UML?

Answer: UML is stand for Unified Modeling Language.It contains a textual description of a model we use this features found in UML class diagrams (classes, associations etc).Those expressions that we write in the Object Constraint Language (OCL) are used to specify additional integrity constraints on the model.
We can animated a model used to validate the specification against non-formal requirements. During an animation we can create and manipulate
system states.
We use graphical views to Source:
Question: How you define SOAP envelope elements?

Answer: We can called SOAP envelope element as root element of a SOAP message.
SOAP Envelope Element: This is use to define an XML document as SOAP message.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
To write information message here

The xmlns:soap Namespace is used to defines the Envelope as a SOAP Enve Source:
Question: Explain about SOAP?

Answer: SOAP acts as a medium to provide basic messaging framework. On these basic messaging frameworks abstract layers are built. It transfers messages across the board in different protocols; it also acts as a medium to transmit XML based messages over the network. Source:
Question: Explain about HTTPS in SOAP?

Answer: HTTPS is similar to HTTP but it has an additional layer underneath the internet application layer which makes the data encrypted. This protocol is widely used than IOP or DCOM because those protocols are filtered by firewalls. HTTPS protocol advocates WS-I method to provide security for transmission of secured data. Source:
Question: How we can say that SOAP is different from traditional RPC?

Answer: The main difference b/w SOAP and Traditional RPC are given below:
In SOAP we used procedures which has named parameters and order is irrelevant Where as in XML-RPC order is relevant and parameters do not have names. Source:
Question: Explain about the SOAP body element?

Answer: This part of the element will contain the message which is intended for the ultimate delivery point. An element can be described inside the body element as a default namespace which indicates about the error message during the process. SOAP element acts just like a code to be processed during the execution of a certain application. Source:
Question: Give an example about the functioning of SOAP?

Answer: Consider a real estate database with huge data ranges. If a user wants to search about a particular term, the message with all the required features such as price, availability, place, etc will be returned to the user in an XML formatted document which the user can integrate into third party site for additional performance. Source:
Question: What are the element that we used in SOAP?

Answer: I have given you element that we used in SOAP:
1. An envelope element is used to identifies and translates the XML document into a SOAP message.
2. A header element is used to contain header message.
3. A body is used to contain call and response message.
4. Fault element is used to communicate about the errors occurred during the process. Source:
Question: Explain about the encoding style attribute?

Answer: This is used to define the data types in the document. Any SOAP element may use this format and it gets implemented on the child and contents of the SOAP. SOAP element will never have a default encoding. Source:
Question: Explain about the SOAP Envelope element?

Answer: A SOAP message will have the SOAP element as the root element. SOAP element name space should always have the value of : as that defines the Envelope. Source:
Question: What are the advantages of SOAP?

Answer: Some main advantages of SOAP are given below:
1. SOAP has huge collection of protocols
2. SOAP is an platform and independent.
3. SOAP is an language independent.
4. Most important feature of SOAP is that it has Simple and extensible by nature.
Question: State some disadvantages due to the usage of SOAP?

Answer: 1) SOAP is much slower than middleware technologies
2) Due to the usage of HTTP for transporting messages and not the defined ESB or WS-Addressing interaction of parties over a message is fixed.
3) Information regarding the usability of HTTP for different purposes is not present which makes the application protocol level problematic. Source:
Question: Explain about message passing in RPC?

Answer: RPC is very friendly in implementing the client to server interaction model which makes it very prominent. When the server is interacting and searching for information the client side messaging is blocked and server activity goes on. RPC has huge pool of protocols which at times make it difficult to work with. Client server interaction can be best achieved by RPC. Source:
Question: How to explain HTTPS in SOAP?

Answer: We can say that HTTPS is similar to HTTP But the main difference b/w them is that HTTPS has an additional layer underneath the internet application layer which is use to make encrypted data.
HTTPS protocol is much better and widely than other protocols like IOP or DCOM because these procols can filtered by firewalls.
HTTP protocol provide us security when we want to transfer secured data by using advocates WS-I method. Source:
Question: How you define the role of XML in SOAP?

Answer: XML use by many large companies due to its open source nature.
XML is an standard format than it is accepted by many organization.
Their is a wide variety of tools are available on shelves which is use to ease the process of transition to SOAP.
Significance of XML is that to reduce the speed and efficiency.
Future format of XML is binary XML.
Question: Explain about the role of XML in SOAP?

Answer: XML is chosen as a standard format because it was already in use by many large companies and immensely due to its open source nature. A wide variety of tools are available on shelves which ease the process of transition to SOAP. XML can significantly reduce the speed and efficiency but binary XML is being considered as a format for future. Source:
Question: How you explain Fault Element of SOAP?

Answer: We used SOAP Fault element to contains errors and the status information for a SOAP message.
Fault element can come only once in a SOAP message.When Fault element is present that is will show like child element in Body element.
I have given you sub elements that are in Fault element of SOAP.
This is used code to identifying the fault.
This is an explanation of the fault which can easily read by human.
< Source:

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