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XQuery Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

XQuery Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

XQuery is designed to query XML data - not just XML files, but anything that can appear as XML, including databases. XQuery contains a superset of XPath expression syntax to address specific parts of an XML document. It supplements this with a SQL-like "FLWOR expression" for performing joins.

Try XQuery Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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XQuery Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try XQuery Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How to perform comparisons in XQuery?

Answer: In XQuery we can compare the values with general comparisons and value comparisons.

1. General Comparisons : We perform general comparisons by using these symbols.
Ex. =, !=, <, <=, >, >=

2. Value Comparisons : We use these symbols to perform value comparisons.
Ex. ne, lt, le, eq, ge, gt.

Now, I given you how to use comparisons in XQuery.
$bookstore//book/@q > 100
If any q attributes have values which is greater than 100 expression will return tru Source:
Question: How to perform conditional operations in XQuery?

Answer: I have given you how to use conditions in XQuery.
For example I told you how to use
"If-Then-Else" expressions in XQuery.
for $a in doc("bookmart.xml")/bookstore/book
return if ($a/@category="ADVENTURE")
then <child>{data($a/title)}</child>
else <adult>{data($a/title)}</adult>

<adult>Jungle Book</adult>
<child>The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night </child>
<adult>XML Programing< Source:
Question: How to add elements and attributes with XQuery in XML data?

Answer: Consider the example "bookmart.xml".I write an expression to return litle and lang elements both.
for $a in doc("bookmart.xml")/bookstore/book/title
order by $a
return $a

<title lang="en">Jungle Book</title>
<title lang="en">The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night</title>
<title lang="en">XPath and XPointer</title>
<title lang="en">XML Programing</title>

Now, I will told you how to add elements and Source:
How you use XQuery FLWOR with HTML?

Answer: Consider previous example.If you want to find list of all titles from book in our bookstore with in HTML.Than we should have to add <ul> and <li> tags into the FLWOR expression.

Question: What do you mean by selecting and Filtering elements in XQuery?

Answer: We can selecting and filtering the xml elements with FLWOR and Path expression.
I have given you a FLWOR expression:
for $a in doc("bookmart.xml")/bookstore/book
where $a/price<150
order by $a/title
return $a/title
1. for : It is an optional and use to bind a variable to each item.
for $a in (1 to 5)
return <test>{$a}</test>
Question: How to define functions in XQuery?

Answer: XML has many build-in functions. XQuery functions generally made perform with string values, numeric values, date and time comparisons, boolean values etc.
XQuery has also give us facility to made our own functions.
Now, I told you how to call XQuery functions.
Ex 1: When you use function in an element.

Ex 2: When you use function in the predicate of a path expression.
doc("bookmart.xml")/bookstore/book[substring(title,1,5) Source:
Question: Give us syntax rules of XQuery?

Answer: I have given you some basic syntax rules of XQuery.
1. XQuery is an case sensitive.
2. In XQuery elements , attributes and variables that we used should have valid XML names.
3. Should write XQuery with in single and double quotes.
4. We defined XQuery variable with like: $(variable name).e.g. $book.
5. We can write XQuery comments between colon(:). like:(:Comment in XQuery:)
Question: What is the major difference when we use xslt or xquery to transform any xml. My question is more in terms of getting the xml schema definition changed. who actually makes this kind of impact on schema definition of xml, xslt or xquery.

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: How you define terms in XQuery?

Answer: Ther are seven kinds of nodes in XQuery.These are,
6.document or root
7.processing-instruction nodes
Question: How to perform operation on node using XQuery function in XML?Explain with an example?

To explain given problem first I written a example in XML.
Save the given XML file with "bookmart.xml"

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<book category="CHILDREN">
<title lang="en">Jungle Book</title>
<author>Rudyard Kipling</author>
<book category="ADVENTURE">
<title lang="en">Th Source:
Question: How to use FLWOR expression given by XQuery in XML data?

Answer: We use FLWOR expression with XQuery like that,

for $a in doc("bookmart.xml")/bookstore/book
where $a/price<150
return $a/title

We use above expression to select all title elements in bookmart element from bookstore element those has price smaller than 150.


<title lang="en">Jungle Book</title>
<title lang="en">The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night </title>
We can also acheive this by using path expression like th Source:
Question: WHich type of problems we can solved with XQuery?

Answer: We use XQuery to solve some queries in an XML data like:
1. Use XQuery to retrieve information in a web service.
2. Use XQuery to generate summary report.
3. Using XQuery we can transform data from XML to XHTML.
4. Use XQuery when we want some relevant information from Web documents. Source:
Question: How you define atomic values?

Answer: Consider the example that have written given below:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<title lang="en">Jungle Book</title>
<author>Rudyard Kipling</author>
What is XQuery?

Answer: XQuery is stands for XML Query. XQuery 1.0 has W3c recommendation Since 23 Jan 2007.
We use XQuery to solve the queries of XML database.
Some basic information about XQuery are:
1.Using XQuery we can solve the queries of an XML data.
2.We can say work of XQuery for XML are same as SQL for database.
3.XQuery is compatible with database engines like: Oracle, Microsoft etc.
4.XQuery can work with many W3C standardds like: XML, XPath, XML Schema and XSLT.



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