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SAP BASIS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

SAP BASIS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Basis overlaps with many aspects of traditional database administration. A graphical user interface (GUI): The GUI is the interface through which the Basis administrator interacts with SAP systems. A development environment: This is where Basis development takes place. The full form of BASIS is ?Business Application Software Integrated solution?. Basis is a set of middleware programs and tools from SAP, the German company whose comprehensive R/3 product is used to help manage large corporations.

Try SAP BASIS Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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SAP BASIS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try SAP BASIS Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What are common transport errors?

Answer: Return code (4) indicates imported ended with warning.
1. Generation of programs and screens
2. Columns missing and Rows missing.

Return code (8) indicates not imported ended with error
1. Syntax error.
2. Program generation error.
3. Dictionary activation error.
4. Method execution error.
Return code (12) indicates import is cancelled.
1. Import is cancelled due to object missing.
2. Objects are not active.
3. Program terminated due t Source:
Question: How you will do client copy? If SAP * user is not available at all in your system then how u will do client copy?

Answer: Just goto RZ04 and increase the number of background processes in the specified operation mode.We do a system copy using SCCL transaction.

If SAP* is not available, login at OS level as SIDADM and sqlplus /nolog connect /as sysdba;
delete sapsr3.usr02 where mandt='<client no.>' and
goto /usr/sap/SID/SYS/profile and change the default profile.
Add the parameter ogin/no_automatic_user_sapstar=0
goto RZ10,select default profile and e Source:
Question: How to schedule background jobs at OS level?

Answer: Invoke a sapevent using a OS script and then have
a SAP background job set to run on a sapevent. I say this assuming Unix and a job in crontab. I would guess the same thing could be done on a Windows system.
sapevt TRIGGER_NAME -t
pf=d:usrsapDEVsysprofileDEV_DVEBMGS00_SVRNAME nr Source:
Question: what is the full name of SAP Default user DDIC.

Answer: DDIC stands for DATA (D) DICTIONARY(DIC)- DDIC Source:
Question: What is supplementation language?

Answer: Use the language supplementation function to fill in the gaps in a language that has not been translated completely.<br>Supplementation actions are client-specific. The languages are supplemented in the client in which you are logged on. <br>If you use multiple clients, you must supplement the languages explicitly in each production client. <br><br>You can also access the texts stored in cross-client database tables from all clients simultaneously. The default setting spe Source:
Question: What is the difference between Synchronous and asynchronous transports?

Answer: Dialog or batch process is blocked until import has ended in synchronous transport.
Dialog or batch process is released after import is started in asynchronous transport. Source:
Question: What is Consolidation route and delivery routes?
How to define Logon groups? And what is Logon load
What is Transport domain and Domain controller?

Answer: consolidation route :

consolidation route is defined between the development sytem ( consolidated system ) and the quality system (integration system )

Delivery route :

Delivery route is the transport route that connects the integration system and the Delivery system ( Production system )

Defining Logon Groups :
we can do this though our GUI and allways make sure that saplogon.ini is backed up , that consists of all the logon data

Logon Load balancing Source:
Question: What JAVA tools to install JAVA Patches?

Answer: SAP Installer (SAPinst.exe) is used to apply the Java
patches.(The program is used to install Instanceas well as ABAP instances by choosing different option) Source:
Question: How to know whether a system is Unicode or non Unicode?

Answer: Through sm51 t-code we can see whether it is unicode or not.
in sm51 t-doe we can find the release notes button in the application tool bar if u click on that u can see the total information like database, os, kernal version and uniicode or non unicode. Source:
Question: How to define Logon groups? And what is Logon load balancing?

Answer: Logon group are set using SMLG transaction.

Load blancing:
During the request message server check for the least loaded instance in the group and route the request to that instance.
If instead of logon group we specify the instance then the request is routed to that instance only. Means no load balancing occur in this case. Source:
Question: How to create the operation mode?

Answer: Maintain the operation modes T_Code is ? RZ04.We assign time table for the operation mode T_Code is ? sm63.Then assign the instance. Source:
Question: What are the .sca files and their importance?

Answer: .sca stands for SAP Component Archive.

or .sda for SAP deployed Archive
These two are same and it use to deploy the java components,patches and other java developments in the form of .sca,.sda, .war and .jar.
Question: What is WF and its importance?

Answer: Business Work Flow: Tool for automatic control and
execution of cross-application processes. This involves
coordinating the persons involved, the work steps required,
the data, which needs to be processed (business objects).
The main advantage is reduction in throughput times and the
costs involved in managing business processes. Transparency
and quality are enhanced by its use.

Question: Can SAP patches be installed when other users are online?

Answer: No, We cant do this because there will be some programs and tables which will get updated when applying support packages.
if some user is using that program or table then the support package manager will not be able to update and it will terminate with dump. So its better to apply support packs when there are no users login into system. Performance will
also be better if there are no users login into system. Source:
Question: What is the importance/need of Virtual system?

Answer: The significance of Virtual system is that . Without VR all the request generated buy user will be local and local request cannot be impoted / tranported to other system .
so always create a VR system so that all the developemnt can be transported to the onther system .
wnen u will create VR system u can c trasport at OS level cofile /data file . Source:
Question: What SAP tools you use to install SAP patches?

Answer: SPAM is the sap tool used to install sap patches
But if patches is less then 10MB at that time you will Run transaction SPAM , if patches greater then 10 MB at that time you hav to UN car by using SAPCAR File name and after UNCAR put the file in /user/trans/directory. Source:
Question: What is Consolidation route and delivery routes?

Answer: The route between development to quality is called
consolidation route.
The route between quality to production is called delivery route.
It is used to transport data dev-->qua-->prod. Source:
Question: What is the relevance of the Deletion Flag/Indicator in the archiving process?

Answer: Deletion Flag is for running the delete program. The
sequence for archiving is:
1 Data declaration component
2 Customizing settings
3 Programs
1) Write
2) Delete
3) Read
After write program is executed (Where we select write
indicator) we schedule/execute Delete program by choosing
this indicator

In-short, this indicator signify the program which has to run. Source:
Question: Name some drawbacks of SAP?

Answer: There are many benefits to implementing an integrated solution such as SAP.

Commercial benefits would include having a single source for your financial information. Capturing your business transactions in one location allows you to easily review inventory, customer and vendor activity.

On the technical side, a solution on a single platform will enable easier maintenance and support, reducing costs.
Having a consolidated system means fewer interfaces to support. By having a si Source:
Question: How to install multiple Central Instances on the same
physical machine?

Answer: Create a separate the filesystem and SAP mount points for each CI under the folder <SID> for which installation is going to be done and start the installation. Source:

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