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J2EE Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

J2EE Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) technology and its component-based model simplify enterprise development and deployment. The J2EE platform manages the infrastructure and supports the Web services to enable development of secure, robust and interoperable business applications.

Try J2EE Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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J2EE Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try J2EE Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: what is J2EE and what are the features of it?

Answer: J2EE Stands for Java 2 Enterprise Edition.
J2EE is an environment for developing and deploying enterprise applications.
The J2EE platform consists of
1] a set of services,
2] API [application programming interfaces]
3] protocols,
which provides the functionality necessary for developing multi-tiered, web-based applications.
Question: What is meant by polymorphism in java?How can we achieve polymorphism?Explain with an example.

Answer: Any thing that exist in more than one form is known as the polymorphism.

Example of ploymorphism.
1. Abstract class(Because, In the abstract super class its define some general information, In the subclass it must be override. It it's many form.(It supports single Inheritance))

2. Interface( same as above but supporting multiple inheritance )

3. Method overloading( In the class having a method is same return type but different signature )

Question: How to Create Object without using the keyword "new" in java?

Answer: Yes, It is possible to create object in java without using "new"

String s = "java";

Here java is a String object. Source:
Question: what is the difference between EJB 3.0 and Hibernate?

Answer: EJB 3.0

Part of J2EE 1.5 specification uses JPA for persistence Drastically simplifies EJB persistence mechanism compared to EJB 2.0 and earlier versions.

Uses JPQL for performing Database query operations closely tied to J2EE application server container.


Popular Open Source ORM persistence framework.Uses HQL for queries to the DB.Independent of any application server container.

Good Integration with other open source framework like Struts, Spring,e Source:
Question: Can anyone explain me the accurate difference between heap and stack in memory usage of java....... it is highly appreciable if i get the answer with real time example or examples....

Answer: Heap: in heap memory objects will be created.whenever JVM loads a class,a method and heap area are immediately created in it.
stack:this is the place where java methods are executed,each method is executed on a separate frame in java stack. Source:
Question: What is J2EE module ?

Answer: A software unit that consists of one or more J2EE components of the same container type and one deployment descriptor of that type. There are four types of modules: EJB, Web, application client, and resource adapter. Modules can be deployed as stand-alone units or can be assembled into a J2EE application. Source:
Question: What is hibernate, where to use the hibernate and advantages of hibernate?

Answer: Hibernate is nothing but ORM(Object relation mapping) tool. Source:
Question: Difference between save and saveorupdate ?

Answer: save() ? This method in hibernate is used to stores an object into the database. It insert an entry if the record doesn?t exist, otherwise not.

saveorupdate () -This method in the hibernate is used for updating the object using identifier. If the identifier is missing this method calls save(). If the identifier exists, it will call update method. Source:
Question: What is "application configuration resource file" ?

Answer: An XML file used to configure resources for a Java Server Faces application, to define navigation rules for the application, and to register converters, Validator, listeners, renders, and components with the application. Source:
Question: how do we deploy an jsp application in tomcat?

Answer: hi,
1. frist of all make a jsp page,then save it in tomcat/webapps/examples/jsp
2.Start tomcat and then give url in web browser Http:\localhost:8080examplesjsppage.jsp Source:
Question: What is the MVC on struts.

Answer: MVC stands Model-View-Controller.

Model: Model in many applications represent the internal state of the system as a set of one or more JavaBeans.

View: The View is most often constructed using JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology.

Controller: The Controller is focused on receiving requests from the client and producing the next phase of the user interface to an appropriate View component. The primary component of the Controller in the framework is a servlet of class ActionServl Source:
Question: What is the difference and advantage of j2ee over java?

Answer: j2ee stands for java2 enterprise edition it is collection of organizations and people who work on a project and deliver it to the is for enterprise.whereas java is not for an enterprise.j2ee is a java version.if u knw java u can understand j2ee Source:
Question: Can we write any static block or any static method in jsp program?

Answer: Yes we can write static resource in jsp program. Source:
Question: what is IOC in springs?

Answer: IOC, is inversion of control design
pattern which talks about dynamically
injecting dependency to a program.
Spring is a framework developed by
open source community which leverages
the design to make the applications
flexible enough to adapt to any
implementation during the runtime.

For e.g. the client program would just deal with interfaces and call methods to the interfaces. But the class implementation of interface would be injected by the spring container in run Source:
Question: Define Hash table?

Answer: Hash tables are good for doing a quick search on things.

For instance if we have an array full of data (say 100 items).If we knew the position that a specific item is stored in an array, then we could quickly access it. For instance, we just happen to know that the item we want it is at position 3; I can apply:

There are many different hash functions. Some hash functions will take an integer key and turn it into an index. A common one is the divisio Source:
Question: What are the differences between Ear, Jar and War files? Under what circumstances should we use each one?

Answer: There are no structural differences between the files. They are all archived using zip-jar compression. However, they are intended for different purposes.
1. Jar files (files with a .jar extension) are intended to hold generic libraries of Java classes, resources, auxiliary files, etc.
2. War files (files with a .war extension) are intended to contain complete Web applications. In this context, a Web application is defined as a single group of files, classes, resources, .jar files that can Source:
Question: Why java have no pointer?

Answer: Java does not have pointers. But Java does have references. A reference is an abstract identifier for an object. It is not a pointer. A reference tags a particular object with a name in the Java virtual machine so that the programmer may refer to it. How exactly the virtual machine implements references at the level of machine code is VM-dependent and completely hidden from the programmer in any case. Most VMs including Sun?s use handles, not pointers. A handle is a pointer to a pointer. At the Source:
Question: How can we done caching of servlet?
How can we log out from a page?
What is the difference between JspWriter & PrintWriter?

Answer: We can cache a servlet by using get method instead of using post method.<br>2)by using session.invalidate() we can remove the session object which is used mostly inorder to logout from a page<br>3)JspWriter is similar to PrintWriter.the JspWriter object is used to send output to the client and display in the brower.<br><br>The only difference is JspWriter is PrintWriter is mostly used in service method of servlets whereas JspWriter is used by the jsp compiler to create an Source:
Question: What is "asant" ?

Answer: A Java-based build tool that can be extended using Java classes. The configuration files are XML-based, calling out a target tree where various tasks get executed. Source:
Question: What is client-certificate authentication ?

Answer: An authentication mechanism that uses HTTP over SSL, in which the server and, optionally, the client authenticate each other with a public key certificate that conforms to a standard that is defined by X.509 Public Key Infrastructure. Source:

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