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IMS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

IMS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Information Management System (IMS) is a joint hierarchical database and information management system with extensive transaction processing capability. IMS (Information Management System) is a database and transaction management system that was first introduced by IBM in 1968.

Try IMS Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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IMS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try IMS Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What for procopt is used? List some of them?

Answer: Procopt parameter specifies PROCESSING OPTIONS that define the type of processing that can be performed on a segment. ex: K, G, L, LS, A ,AS, I, IS. procopt=k---means , the segment is key sensitive procopt=g- the segment is data sensitive (like read only) L- Load mode , means we can load data base from scratch A- Get, Insert, Delete, Replace- means it allows the program to issue all those calls I-insert mode. That means only insert calls with insert mode can be issued Source:
Question: What are the parameters used in CBLTDLI call?

Answer: Function code, PCB mask, Segment I/O Area & SSA(s). Source:
Question: What is PSB,PCB & ACB?

Answer: PSB(Program specification block): Informs about how a specific program is to be access one or more IMS DB. It consists of PCB.

PCB (Prg Communication Block): Information to which segment in DB can be accessed, what the program is allowed to do with those segment and how the DB is to be accessed.

ACB(Access Control Block): are generated by IMS as an expansion of information contained in the PSB in order to speed up the access to the applicable DBD's.
Question: What are qualified and unqualified SSA's.

Answer: Qualified SSA contains Key field as well as search field and parenthesis An unqualified SSA does not contain key field and parenthesis Source:
Question: What are Twins?

Answer: Occurrences of all the segment types under a single parent segment occurrence is called a Twin. Source:
Question: what are the control blocks in ims ?

Answer: There are two control block.
1.dbd(database descriptor)
2.psb (program specification block)
Question: What do you know about DBD gen?

Answer: used to generate DBDs. The statements in DBDGEN process are PRINT NOGEN, DBD, DATASET, SEGM, FIELD, DBDGEN, FINISH, END Source:
Question: What are the command codes and their purposes?

Answer: Command codes extends the function of a SSA call. It simplifies programming and it improves performance. *C - Concatenated key, D-path call, F- first occurrence, L- last occurrence, N- path call ignore , P-set parentage. Source:
Question: what is the interactive tool to work with ims database like spufi for db2?

Answer: XPERT Source:
Question: What (are sibblers) is sibbling?

Answer: Term used for the children of same parent sagment in IMS. Source:
Question: What is Hirarchy Chart?

Answer: A Hierachy chart is a pictorial representation of the total of a DL/I database starting from the root,giving all the parent child relationships that exist within the database Source:
Question: Define DBD?

Answer: DBD : Database Descriptor. IMS Controls the Structure of DB and access to the DB via DBD. The DBD contains information like, Segment types, their location in hierarchy and Sequence keys. Source:
Question: A Field that DL/I uses to maintain the segments in the ascending order is called the key field

Answer: A single occurrence of the root along with all its dependents is called the database record. Source:
Question: What is a key field in an IMS database?

Answer: A Field that DL/I uses to maintain the segments in the ascending order is called the key field Source:
Question: which is the first statement in cobol-ims programs?

Answer: Entry statement is the first statement after procedure division i.e ENTRY 'DLICBL' USING ..... Source:
Question: What are the control blocks in IMS ?

Answer: There are two control block.<br>1.dbd(database descriptor)<br>2.psb (program specification block) <br><br> Source:
Question: What do you know about MFS?

Answer: Message Format service , Used to format messages that will be transmitted to and from display screens. Source:
Question: What is a database record?

Answer: A single occurence of the root along with all its dependents is called the database record. Source:
Question: What is the diff. between proc options L and LS?

Answer: PROCOPT Defines the type of access to a database or segment. <br>L is used for load database <br>LS is required to load HISAM and HIDAM databases<br> Source:
Question: How does one reorg an HDAM IMS database when changing RAPS (Root Anchor Points)?

Answer: 1. Unload data using current DBD.
2. Delete/define the underlying VSAM dataset(s).
3. Re-load data using newly-defined DBD with new RAPs.
4. aRaman Re-build any secondary indexes.

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