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VSS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

VSS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

V.S.S(Visual source Safe) is configuration management tool. VSS is a virtual library of computer files. VSS is a common repository. In VSS store the information like FRS, SRS, TP, Test cases documents. In VSS documents read only but not modifying. If we want to modify that first we need to check out (download) the required file to our local system then modify the file and then check in (upload) the modified one. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) is a discontinued source control program, oriented towards small software development projects. Like most source control systems, SourceSafe creates a virtual library of computer files.

Try VSS Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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VSS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try VSS Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Is there an issue/bug tracking tool that integrates with SourceSafe?

Answer: ? Elsinore Technologies has a product called Visual Intercept
? See MetaQuest?s Census
? See DevTrack from
? Check out a Visual C++/SourceSafe Change and Build Tracer at
Question: Are there any patches available for problems that occur when using VSS on a Novell share?

Answer: nt483pt2.exe seems to be the cure for some. You can find it at Source:
Question: Is it possible to trap file deletions and rollbacks using an add-in/VSS Ole Automation?

Answer: These events are not supported as of this posting by Rich Knox of Microsoft: Trapping Rollbacks/Deletions. Source:
Question: How do I get deleted files (not permanently deleted)?

Answer: ? From SS Explorer select the project folder which contained the deleted file.
When on a project folder, click on Show Properties, then select the Deleted Items Tab.
Find the deleted file and click on Recover.
? From the command line use the SS GET command on the parent project. Do not list the files or use *.* in the get.
For example, the following command will get files including deleted files.
However, the following command Source:
Question: Microsoft VSS Best Practices

Answer: Microsoft has a web page listing some best practices, and another page containing their own version of frequently asked questions. Source:
Question: How can I backup a database?

Answer: Make sure that no one is using the database and that Analyze will not begin to run while you are backing up the database. Use any backup utility to copy the DATA, LABELS, and USERS directories.
? See Chuck Kollars web site for further suggestions and a sample .bat file to secure and backup the database.
? Some VSS administrators have suggested using SSARC as a way to backup the database. Use SSARC -d- <archive file> $/ to archive without deleting any files. You would Source:
Question: How do I find all changes between two dates?

Answer: ? Here's how to get a list of everything that has changed since a particular date and time from the command line. In the command "a" or "p", refers to a.m. or p.m. respectively. And the ~ is used to indicate you want the history between the dates and times specified. Note that the later date and time must be specified first. -R makes it recursive.
SS HISTORY $/mybranch -R -VD3/03/95;3:00p~3/03/95;9:00a
Question: How do I 'get' with respect to a label?

Answer: Need to use the '-v' switch with an 'L' after it to indicate a label (-R is for recursive):
SS GET $project -VLmylabel -R
Question: Is there a way to enable easily switching between multiple source code providers?

Answer: Check Sourcecode Control Switcher by Soenke Schau at Source:
Question: VSS performance is extremely slow.

Answer: This could be caused by having too many ?Dir=? or ?Shadow=? entries in one of the ini files. Try to create a directory structure on disk which matches the VSS project tree. Then clean up the extra Dir= and Shadow= entries in the .ini files. That way you only need an entry in your ini file for each ?tip? project.
? If you find that VC++ is very slow now that you?re using the VSS integration, deleting the .NCB file before opening the workspace might help. VC++ 6.0 doesn?t have this Source:
Question: How can I lock and unlock the VSS database prior to running Analyze or backing up the database.

Answer: Create a zero-byte file called admin.lck in the [share]dataloggedin folder and the database is locked. Delete it when Analyze is done to unlock. Note that this will not kick out currently logged in users. Source:
Question: What are the tips for getting keyword expansion working?

Answer: ? Make sure that the srcsafe.ini variable Keyword_Masks is set to the appropriate file types you want to expand keywords in. (e.g. Keyword_Masks=*.cpp,*.h,*.idl)
? Remember that the keywords are case sensitive and include a colon at the end: $History:$
? If you?re using something that generates multiple lines, like $History:$, you need to have the section [Keyword Comments] set up to proper values for commenting out each line:
[Keyword Comments]
*.cpp=?// ?
Question: How can I automate database maintenance routines?

Answer: out Paul D'Anna batch file at
? Check out the script found at
Question: Does VSS 6.0 support NT's built-in security?

Answer: No. The users NT logon name is used by default when starting VSS but this is the only integration. All NT users who wish to use VSS as well need to be added separately by the VSS administrator.
? For information about required network rights check out Q131022 - INFO: Required Network Rights for the SourceSafe Directories.
Question: What about other product integrations?

Answer: VSS Integration with Visual FoxPro
To search for articles relating to Visual FoxPro integration, search for the keyword: SSFOX. Also check out VisualSourceSafeIntegration.
? VSS integration with Access:
To search for other articles relating to Access integration, search for the keyword: SSACC
? VSS Integration with Office products
There are some office add-ons amongst the code samples located at :
? Int Source:
Question: Does VSS OLE Automation support label comments?

Answer: ? VSS 6.0 fully supports label comments. Label comments, however, are not available in VSS 5.0. For more information check out KBA Q176353 Source:
Question: How do I pin all the files within a project?

Answer: You can do this using the command-line pin parameter and the wildcard character for the file name. For example:
SS PIN $/MyProject/*.* -VLver1
Question: How can I disable the integration between VSS and Visual Studio?

Answer: Under the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftDevStudio6.0Source Control (for Visual Studio 6.0) or HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftDevStudio5.0Source Control (for Visual Studio 5.0) , change or created the entry:
Name: Disabled
Data: 0x1
(All the warnings about working in the registry apply.)
Question: What?s Analyze?

Answer: Analyze.exe is Visual SourceSafe?s database maintenance program. This should be run regularly (suggestions range from nightly to monthly). It can repair damaged databases as long as no users are logged on (use the -f command line option). It also has an option for deleting unused files, which will recover space taken up in the database by files and projects that have been purged (-d option). A compress option, -c, will perform some compression on the database where possible. Four levels of verbo Source:
Question: Where can I find a list of known bugs in VSS?

Answer: to MS support online ( and
1. Set the product to VisualSourceSafe
2. Set the search option to keywords
3. Enter kbbug for the question

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