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Test Deliverables Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Test Deliverables Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Test Deliverables are documents that are given to the stakeholders when the software is being developed. There are different test deliverables at every phase of the software development lifecycle. Some test deliverables are provided before testing phase, some are provided during the testing phase and some after the testing cycles is over. The different types of Test deliverables are: Test cases Documents, Test Plan, Testing Strategy, Test Scripts, Test Data, Test Trace-ability Matrix, Test Results/reports, Test summary report, Install/config guides, Defect Report, Release notes.

Try Test Deliverables Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Test Data Interview Questions & Answers (1) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Test Plan Interview Questions & Answers (5) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Test Results Interview Questions & Answers (2) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Test Scenarios Interview Questions & Answers (1) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Test Scripts Interview Questions & Answers (4) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Test Summary Report Interview Questions & Answers (1) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

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Testing Strategy Interview Questions & Answers (1) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Traceability Matrix Interview Questions & Answers (1) Learning Mode | Exam Mode


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Test Deliverables Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Test Deliverables Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is Parameterizing Tests?

Answer: When you test your application, you may want to check how it performs the same operations with multiple sets of data. For example, suppose you want to check how your application responds to ten separate sets of data. You could record ten separate tests, each with its own set of data. Alternatively, you can create a parameterized test that runs ten times: each time the test runs, it uses a different set of data.
Question: Explain the keyword createobject with an example?

Answer: Creates and returns a reference to an Automation object
syntax: CreateObject(servername.typename [, location])
servername:Required. The name of the application providing the object.
typename : Required. The type or class of the object to create.
location : Optional. The name of the network server where the object is to be created.
Question: What is Checking Bitmaps?

Answer: You can check an area of a Web page or application as a bitmap. While creating a test or component, you specify the area you want to check by selecting an object. You can check an entire object or any area within an object. QuickTest captures the specified object as a bitmap, and inserts a checkpoint in the test or component. You can also choose to save only the selected area of the object with your test or component in order to save disk space.
When you run the test or component, QuickTest c Source:
Question: Why divide a test into three action calls?

Answer: When you create a new test, it contains a call to one action. By dividing your tests into calls to multiple actions, you can design more modular and efficient tests.
Question: IF we use batch testing.the result shown for last action that how can i get result for every action.?

Answer: You can click on the icon in the tree view to view the result of every action Source:
Question: What information do the columns in the Keyword View show for each step?

Answer: As you recorded your test, QuickTest generated steps in the Keyword View representing each operation you performed in the Web browser.
The columns in the Keyword View show different information for each step, as follows:

. Item?Displays the item for the step (test object, utility object, function call, or statement) in a hierarchical icon-based tree.
. Operation?The operation to be performed on the item, for example, Click or Select.
. Value?The argument values for the selected o Source:
Question: What are the different scripting languages you could use when working with QTP?

Answer: Visual Basic (VB),
Question: Why use Regular Expressions?

Answer: you created a text checkpoint that searched for a specific text string. You can use regular expressions to increase the flexibility and adaptability of your tests.
Regular expressions enable QuickTest to identify objects and text strings with varying values. You can use regular expressions when defining the properties of an object, the methods of an argument, when parameterizing a step, and when creating checkpoints with varying values.
Question: What are Test Deliverables?

Answer: Test Plan, Test Case, Defect-Fault, and Status Report are the sets of test deliverables in any testing phase. This does not represent a definitive set of test deliverables but it will help any test organization begin the process of determining an appropriate set of deliverables. Test deliverablesí goal is to capture the required content in a useful and consistent framework as concisely as possible. Source:
Question: How to Import data from a .xls file to Data table during Runtime?

Answer: Datatable.Import "...XLS file name..."
DataTable.ImportSheet(FileName, SheetSource, SheetDest)
DataTable.ImportSheet "C: ame.xls" ,1 ,"name"
Question: Can we Script any test case with out having Object repository? or Using Object Repository is a must?

Answer: No. You can script with out Object repository by knowing the Window Handlers, spying and recognizing the objects logical names and properties available.


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