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Software Testing Life Cycle Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Software Testing Life Cycle Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Software testing life cycle identifies what test activities to carry out and when (what is the best time) to accomplish those test activities. Even though testing differs between organizations, there is a testing life cycle.

Try Software Testing Life Cycle Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Software Testing Life Cycle Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Software Testing Life Cycle Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Advantages of automation over manual testing?

Answer: Time, resource and Money Source:
Question: Severity and Priority for bugs
Give me example for BUG that has HIGH SERVERITY and LOW PRIORITY and SAME BUG in other case should be LOW SEVERITY and HIGH PRIORITY.

Answer: In terms of Severity and Priority for bugs

Sevrity Would Remain Constant ...,
Since the impact is on the application whereas,
Priority Would Change according to the situations..,
Since the importance is given to the application... in order to fix, Source:
Question: What testing activities you may want to automate?

Answer: Automate all the high priority test cases which needs to be exceuted as a part of regression testing for each build cycle. Source:
Question: What is the difference between Bug and Defect?

Answer: Bug: Deviation from the expected result. Defect: Problem in algorithm leads to failure.

A Mistake in code is called Error.

Due to Error in coding, test engineers are getting mismatches in application is called defect.

If defect accepted by development team to solve is called Bug. Source:
Question: Does automation replace manual testing?

Answer: No, manual testing cannot be replaced with the Automation. Automation can be done at an extent of maximum to 90-99% not 100 percent, since the tool itself will have certain limitations about the memory management, resources, platform on which the product need to be tested Source:
Question: What is tree view in Automation testing?

Answer: In treeview is nothing but it is view in QTP there u can see the statements in keyword or in tree structure arrangement.THis was there till QTP-6.5,from QTP -8.2 onword it is changed as "keywordview" Source:
Question: What are the different components available in software Testing Life Cycle?

Answer: The test development life cycle contains the following components:

Use Case Document
Test Plan
Test Case
Test Case execution
Report Analysis
Bug Analysis
Bug Reporting Source:
Question: How many Process are there in Testing Life Cycle?

Answer: 1) Identifying the Bug
2) Reporting it to the developer
3) Fixing the bug
4) Retesting it
a) If fixed the testing will be closed
b) else follow from the step1. Source:
Question: Describe Software Testing life cycle? What are the steps in
volved in STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)?

Answer: STLC descripbes the steps involved in the testing process.

2.Request for proposal
4.LOI (letter of intent)
6.urs (user specfication)
11.unit testing
13.system testing
14.user acceptance test(UAT)
15.release with 90 days warranty
-->fix bug
-->enhancement. Source:
Question: Is all the testing methods are having the same life cycle?

Answer: No. It is not necessary.The process may change based on the type of testing carried out. It depends on the primary objective of the testing, viz., regression testing, SIT, or parallel testing. As you proceed with one among these types of testing, there might be some inclusion & removal of certains tasks of STLC inbetween. Source:
Question: What are main benefits of test automation?

Answer: 1) Time--> If we use automation time will be saved
2) We can run the scripts in the night where as if we take manual testing we cannot do this
3)Effectiveness of the application will be improved Source:
Question: What are the different types of Bugs we normally see in any of the Project? Include the severity as well.

Answer: 1. User Interface Defects -------------------------------- Low
2. Boundary Related Defects ------------------------------- Medium
3. Error Handling Defects --------------------------------- Medium
4. Calculation Defects ------------------------------------ High
5. Improper Service Levels (Control flow defects) --------- High
6. Interpreting Data Defects ------------------------------ High
7. Race Conditions (Compatibility and Intersystem defects)- High
8. Load Conditions (Me Source:


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