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Configuration Management Tools Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Configuration Management Tools Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Configuration management (CM) is a field of management that focuses on establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance and its functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life cycle. Configuration management (CM) is a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.

Try Configuration Management Tools Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Configuration Management Tools Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Configuration Management Tools Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is OO Integration Testing?

Answer: This strategy involves testing the classes as they are integrated into the system. The traditional approach would test each operation separately as they are implemented into a class. In OO system this approach is not viable because of the "direct and indirect interactions of the components that make up the class"
. Integration testing in OO can be performed in two basic ways :
- Thread-based - Takes all the classes needed to react to a given input. Each class is unit tested and then thread Source:
Question: What is Test methodology?

Answer: Test methodology is up to the end client, and can be used, reused, and molded to your end client's needs. Rob Davis believes that using the right test methodology is important in the development and ongoing maintenance of his clients' applications.
Question: What is Manual Testing?

Answer: That part of software testing that requires operator input, analysis, or evaluation.
A manual test is a test for which there is no automation. Instead, test steps are outlined in a document for the tester to complete. The tester can then report test results and submit bugs as appropriate.
Question: What Configuration Management tools are available?

Answer: configuration management:Configuration management is the
system you use to track multiple development builds of the
software so that confusion is avoided. Revision control,
Change Control, and Release Control are important aspects
of Configuration Management.
there are many version control systems or configuration
mangament tools available in the
market.their commercial names are as follows
2)VSS(virtual source safe-not quite sure of the expansion)
3) Source:
Question: What is Alpha Testing?

Answer: 1. Acceptance testing performed by the customer in a controlled environment at the developer's site. The software is used by the customer in a setting approximating the target environment with the developer observing and recording errors and usage problems.
Testing of a software product or system conducted at the developer?s site by the end user.

2. Alpha testing is testing of an application when development is nearing completion. Minor design changes can still be made as a result Source:
Question: What are the CMM levels?What is the difference between the CMM&CMMI?

Answer: CMMI is the newer version and CMM is the obsolete one. Source:
Question: What is (Software) Configuration Management (CM or SCM)?

Answer: There are a number of different interpretations. For purposes of this newsgroup, we are talking about tracking and control of software development and its activities. That is, the mangement of software development projects with respect to issues such as multiple developers working on the same code at the same time, targetting multiple platforms, supporting multiple versions, and controlling the status of code (for example beta test versus real release). Even within that scope there are different Source:
Question: How does Problem Management relate to Configuration Management?

Answer: Many organizations choose to integrate their problem management and classic configuration management tools to gain better control of their development activities and to improve quality.

Problem management may include call tracking, problem tracking, and change management Source:
Question: What is Test schedule?

Answer: The test schedule is a schedule that identifies all tasks required for a successful testing effort, a schedule of all test activities and resource requirements.
Question: What is Incremental testing?

Answer: Incremental testing is partial testing of an incomplete product. The goal of incremental testing is to provide an early feedback to software developers.
Question: What is configuration management tool?

Answer: Configuration management tool is used to manage the changes in the software application. Source:


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