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Software Testing Types Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Software Testing Types Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Various types of software testing are performed to achieve different objectives when testing a software application. You can also read about different Software Testing Techniques which can be associated with various types of software testing. Ad-hoc testing, Acceptance Testing, Accessibility Testing, Agile Testing, API Testing, Automated testing, All Pairs testing, Beta Testing, Black Box testing etc.

Try Software Testing Types Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Accessibilty Testing Interview Questions & Answers (1) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Application Testing Interview Questions & Answers (18) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Compatibility Testing Interview Questions & Answers (4) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Functional Testing Interview Questions & Answers (39) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Performance Testing Interview Questions & Answers (14) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Scalibilty Testing Interview Questions & Answers (1) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

Usability Testing Interview Questions & Answers (1) Learning Mode | Exam Mode


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Software Testing Types Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Software Testing Types Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is Compatibility Testing?

Answer: Testing whether software is compatible with other elements of a system with which it should operate, e.g. browsers, Operating Systems, or hardware Source:
Question: What is the difference between Stress Testing and Performance Testing.

Answer: Stress testing tries to break the system under test by overwhelming its resources or by taking resources away from it (in which case it is sometimes called negative testing). The main purpose behind this madness is to make sure that the system fails and recovers gracefully -- this quality is known as recoverability.

The goal of performance testing is not to find bugs, but to eliminate bottlenecks and establish a baseline for future regression testing. Source:
Question: Application Scalability
Is the application scalable in terms of software also. If yes then give an example for scalability

Answer: Application scalability -Characteristics of the product under test related to the number of users the product can support. It is to determine whether the product scales with the workload as the network grew in no. and complexity.These characteristics of a product under test may be related to user load, network , data capacity and/or other failure modes related to product's inability to scale beyond a particular level? Source:
Question: What is the purpose of the testing?

Answer: The purpose of testing can be quality assurance, verification and validation, or reliability estimation. Testing can be used as a generic metric as well. Correctness testing and reliability testing are two major areas of testing. Software testing is a trade-off between budget, time and quality. Source:
Question: How many testing methodologies are there like protocal testing,mobile and telecom testings

Answer: testing techniques are:-
1.blackbox testing
2.whitebox testing

testing methodolgies are:-
1.smoke testing
2.sanity testing
3.integration testing
4.system testing
5.regression testing
6.acceptance testing Source:
Question: What is silk testing ? Is it automated testing or type of manual testing?

Answer: It's an Automation testing tool.......ITS Performance testing tool. Source:
Question: What is calability testing?
What are the phases of the calability testing?

Answer: If it is Scalbilty testing , then Scalability testing can be performed as a series of load tests with different hardware or software configurations keeping other settings of testing environment unchanged. The purpose of scalability testing is to determine whether your application scales for the workload growth. Suppose your company expects a six-fold load increase on your server in the next two months. You may need to increase the server performance and to shorten the request processing time to Source:
Question: What are the different type of software testing? explain it briefly.

Answer: * COMPATIBILITY TESTING. Testing to ensure compatibility of an application or Web site with different browsers, OSs, and hardware platforms. Compatibility testing can be performed manually or can be driven by an automated functional or regression test suite.

* CONFORMANCE TESTING. Verifying implementation conformance to industry standards. Producing tests for the behavior of an implementation to be sure it provides the portability, interoperability, and/or compatibility a standard defines Source:
Question: How can u do the following 1) Usability testing 2) scalability Testing

Answer: UT:
Testing the ease with which users can learn and use a product.

It?s a Web Testing defn.allows web site capability improvement. Source:
Question: How many types of testing are there?

Answer: There are Number of types of testing
that are-

Stand Alone Testing

Unit Testing

Static Testing

Proof of Concept Testing ( POC Testing )

System Testing

Functional Testing / Functionality Testing

User Interface Testing

Error exit Testing

Help Information Testing

Integration Testing

Dynamic Testing

Black Box Testing

White Box Testing

Performance Test Source:


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