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Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Software testing is the process used to assess the quality of computer software. Software testing is an empirical technical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under various test conditions.

Try Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the major difference between Web services & client server environment?

Answer: The major difference between them are:

Web Services: Its more towards the internet side. When we talk about web services it could mean from the java side (deployed on Apache) or Windows side (deployed on IIS). Testing web services is totally a different topic here.

Client Server: The system here involves a client system or a GUI (wherein a user see the front end by which he can input to the system) and a Server ( a backend usually) where in the data gets saved via the GUI Source:
Question: What is the ONE key element of 'test case'?

Answer: Test case contains the elements like; testcase no, testcase description, expected result, actual result, Status, remark. According to me, the one key element is actual result.

Question: Who are the three stake holders in testing?

Answer: Stake holder means who are directly or indirectly involved in the project.

1. Client

2. Testing Team

3. Developement Team

Question: What is the Difference between Project and Product Testing?

What difference you have observed while testing the Clint/Server application and web server application

Answer: Project : If any organization is developing the application according to the client specification then it is called as project.

Product: If any organization is developing the application and marketing it is called as product.

The only difference we come across during the project testing and product testing is :

In project testing we go through the Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, User Acceptance testing whereas in product testing we dont have this.
Question: What is difference between test plan and usecase

Answer: Test Plan : it is a document that describes Scope approach and focus of Testing effort.

Use Case : it is a Low Level Design document that captures the Business Logic at a component, screen or Submodule level.
Question: What is meant by bucket testing?

Answer: Bucket testing is also called as variable testing or A-B testing .

Buckets are our implementation of smart objects. A bucket is a storage unit that contains data. The bucket design goals are: aggregation, intelligence, self-sufficiency, mobility, heterogeneity and archive independence and metadata, as well as the methods for accessing both.buckets contain 0 or more packages.Packages contain 0 or more elements.Actual data objects are stored as elements, and elements are grouped together in Source:
Question: What are the different types, methodologies,approaches,Methods in software testing

Answer: Basically we having two types of testing.

1.Black box testing-Not based on any internal knowledge of an application.Testing based on requierements and funtionality.

2.White box testing-It based on internal logic of an applicaion code.Testing based on coverage of code statement,branches,paths,loop and condition.

Methodologies of testing is way to conduct testing,like a execution plan and look like a test staregy.

Startagy of testing is

1black box and white box. Source:
Question: What kind of things does one need to know before starting an automation project?

Answer: Before starting and automation project one has to know whether he/she

1.has the build(.exe) or not

2.whether the req tools are installed or not

3.should have the knowledge of the tools

4. what to test
Question: Define Bug Life Cycle?
What is Metrics

Answer: When we find out the bug, we will put into the ?open? status. After fixing the bug developer change the status as ?fixed?. Again we will test the fixed part, if there is no bug, change the bug status as ?Closed? other wise change the bug status as ?Reopen?.

A s/w metric defines the a standard method of measuring certain attributes of the process or the product or the service.

Question: What are the differences between interface and integration testing?
Are system specification and functional specification the same?
What are the differences between system and functional testing?

Answer: Interface testing is to test the behaviour of the application when there is more application involves

and Integration testing is to check the the behaviour of application when more then one module of the same application

Question: What is Red Box Testing ? What is Yellow Box Testing ? What is Grey Box Testing ?

Answer: Grey Box Testing: Combination of white box and black box testing

Red Box Testing: It is nothing but a Protocol testing

Question: What are the management tools we have in testing?

Answer: There is no particular bug tracking tool. It will vary from company to company. In my company they are using Bugzilla. In some comp use TD, Service Point, manita1.0.1, Test Team, etc.. Source:
Question: What is the difference between test techniques and test methodology?

Answer: Tesing techniques constitute of :Equivalent class Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Error Guessing for Black Box.

Statement Coverage,Condition Coverage for White Box testing.

Test Methodology : It is the way we are going to appraoch a project. It is nothing but method we are following in out project.

Question: How to calculate the estimate for test case design and review?

Answer: The number of test cases depends on:
the complexity of the program
the boundary conditions of the data
the output requirements of the user
the programming error probablity. Source:
Question: Project is completed. Completed means, now UAT testing going, In that situation as a tester what will you do?

Answer: It depends on responsibilities imposed on us by our PM, TL and but our preference will be to support the team , going to perform UAT on the Application or Built
Question: specy the tools used by mnc companys

Answer: All major MNCs are used the functional tools are: Win runner, QTP and some companies are used Silk test.

For management tools , 'Test director' mostly used.

For load testing, Load Runner is using.

Question: During the start of the project how will the company come to an conclusion that tool is required for testing or not?

Answer: Based on the budjet for the project; the time frame; number of members in the team and based on how huge the project is; whether it has some version control or version change; the company will decide the start of the project. Source:
Question: What are GUI test cases?

Answer: In GUI test we concentrate on the look and feel and ease of
use. whatever the page is we check all the buttons and
navigations, tab orders, colors and alignments.....etc. Source:
Question: What is batch testing?

Answer: The sequential execution more than one test case is called

as Batch testing. Every test Batch is consists of multiple

dependent test cases. In those batches every end state is

base state to next case .Test batch is also known as Test

suit or Test belt. Source:
Question: What is calability testing?
What are the phases of the calability testing?

Answer: If it is Scalbilty testing , then Scalability testing can be performed as a series of load tests with different hardware or software configurations keeping other settings of testing environment unchanged. The purpose of scalability testing is to determine whether your application scales for the workload growth. Suppose your company expects a six-fold load increase on your server in the next two months. You may need to increase the server performance and to shorten the request processing time to Source:

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