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Job Performance Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Job Performance Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Research findings show that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. The job-related questions help the interviewer better evaluate applicants fairly and improve the match between people and jobs. This method is also referred to as competence or performance evaluation.

Try Job Performance Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Job Performance Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Job Performance Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What are some things you would like to avoid in a job? Why?

Question: How do you feel about the way you & others in the department were managed by your supervisor?

Question: When you have been told, or discovered for yourself, a problem in your job performance, what have you typically done? Can you give me an example?

Question: How to prepare for BPO jobs?

Answer: For getting job in BPO, you need to improve your english spoken power as well as you have good knowledge of networking. Source:
Question: What kind of people do you find it most difficult to work with? Why?

Question: What are some things you particularly liked about your last job?

Question: What was your exact Job Profile in your Previous Company?

Answer: Provide a suitable explanation about your Job Profile which would include your job responsibilities and the amount of work you have handled so far. Source:
Question: After whole interview he said that come tomorrow. i want to know why he said like that?

Question: Can you give me an example of your ability to manage or supervise others?

Question: What do co-workers say about you?

Answer: Be prepared with a quote or two from co-workers. Either a specific statement or a paraphrase will work. Jill Clark, a co-worker at Smith Company, always said I was the hardest workers she had ever known. It is as powerful as Jill having said it at the interview herself. Source:
Question: Starting with your last job, tell me about any of your achievements that were recognized by your superiors.

Answer: There is no exact or definate answer to this question.
If some award was conferred on you mention about it.
But, if there is no award or achievement, you can give examples when superiors shared a responsibility and you delivered as per their expections or more than expectations.

Submitted by Nishant A Dalal, Tata Consultancy Services Limited,
Question: What are some things you would like to avoid in a job? Why?

Answer: The main thing is "TENTION" we should avoid it because it cause over pressure so thats why we can't do any job Source:
Question: Everyone has strengths & weaknesses as workers. What are your strong points for this job?

Answer: I find it easy to work in a group or as part of a team because i am a friendly and social person and easy to get along with Source:
Question: What would you say are areas needing improvement?

Answer: I always aim at perfection but i suppose i need to work a little hard to accept the principle of bounded rationality and work with a realistic scenario. But I would still continue to aim at best possible solution. Source:
Question: What would you say is the most important thing you are looking for in a job?

Question: What has disappointed you about a job?

Answer: Don't get trivial or negative. Safe areas are few but can include:
Not enough of a challenge. You were laid off in a reduction Company did not win a contract, which would have given you more responsibility. Source:
Question: In your previous job what kind of pressures did you encounter?

Question: Tell me about your ability to work under pressure?

Answer: You may say that you thrive under certain types of pressure. Give an example that relates to the type of position applied for. Source:
Question: What were some of the things about your last job that you found most difficult to do?

Question: Tell me about a suggestion you have made?

Answer: Have a good one ready. Be sure and use a suggestion that was accepted and was then considered successful. One related to the type of work applied for is a real plus. Source:

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