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Silk Test Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Silk Test Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Silk Test is a tool specifically designed for doing REGRESSION AND FUNCTIONALITY testing. It is developed by Segue Software Inc. Silk Test is the industry's leading functional testing product for e-business applications, whether Window based, Web, Java, or traditional client/server-based. It was originally developed by Segue Software which was acquired by Borland in 2006. Borland was acquired by Micro Focus International in 2009.

Try Silk Test Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Silk Test Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Silk Test Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How record a test case into a testplan automatically?

Answer: Test cases can recorded first without a testplan, then included into a testplan later. Test cases can also be recorded into a testplan directly:

Make sure your testplan is open.
Enter a test descripption into your testplan. For example, "Test change password".
Select this test description.
Click Record/Testcase menu.
Enter a name for the script file.
Click Open. The Record Testcase dialog box shows up.
Enter a testcase name in the Testcase Name field.
Select D Source:
Question: How to include a test case into a testplan?

Answer: Make sure your testplan is open.
Enter a test description into your testplan. For example, "Test login process".
Select this test description.
Click Testplan/Detail menu. The Testplan Detail dialog box shows up.
Click the Test Execution tag on the Testplan Detail dialog box.
Click the "Scripts" button to browse and select a test case script file. For example, LoginTest.t.
Click the "Testcases" button, to select a testcase recored in the specified script file.
Click OK Source:
Question: Tell me more about objects and classes
can you?

Answer: object is a runtime entity,class is descripe a set of properties and java object oriented platform intependent so everything should be implement in a class Source:
Question: What is the wait statement in Silk test?

Answer: Wait statement in Silk test is Sleep.It will wait until the tool time matches with the application time. Source:
Question: How to change the absolute paths to relative paths?

Answer: Need to use the relative paths in my SilkTest Project. How to change the absolute paths to relative paths? (Note:The purpose is that, when package the project, that package can be used on any other machine, irrespective of the paths defined, it should run on that machine too.)

Silk Projectoffers you some out of the box solution for this. If your suite is not implemented as a project, the best option is to use relative path in the Runtime options dialogbox, with the Root of the suite Source:
Question: What are the important aspects of a test case?

Answer: Each test case must be independent of other test cases.
Each test case have a single test purpose.
Each test case should start from a base state and returning to the same base state. Source:
Question: How to create group and sub group descriptions in a testplan?Can SilkTest Verify Locations of Ads?

Answer: Yes you can, but.....
The location may vary from 1 system to another? from one resolution to another.
You can use the .GetRect () method. Or you can use the verify properties (hold ctrl-shift while recording testcases)and select the location for a property. Source:
Question: Need to get file size for a file present on Unix machine , thr' silktest at run time. How to get it ?

Answer: SilkBean is used for working in unix...I haven't used it....See help...the steps for silk bean settings are mentioned there....
Otherwise, considering telnet window (whatever used for connection) as a DialogBox, automate the steps using TypeKeys()..
Question: What is multi-tagging?

Answer: Multi-tagging is a technique used by the DOM browser extension to identify a Web page UI object. Whenever possible, DOM extension inserts more than one tag into the object identifier in following format:


"caption_tag" is the caption of the HTML element.
"#index_tag" is the index of this HTML element, counting from the beginning of this page of the same class of HTML elements.
"wind Source:
Question: What is the solution for this?

Answer: In the application, identify the objects in framefile. Suppose if one the abjects is custom object, you map custom object to standard object. Even after mappiing the custom object to standard object if the silktest does not idenify the object. What is the solution for this?

First you have to try by enabling various extensions so that the application could be recognized....Even if not possible, the last option is co-ordinates.....but these are not very much reliable unless done proper Source:
Question: How many types of running mode in LoadRunner?

Answer: LoadRunner provides two types of recording level-
? HTML based script
? URL based script
Question: How to get the integer value from a string ?

Answer: There is one inbuild Silk's function which converts String value into Integer. Try with that
INTEGER iTemp = Val ("100") Source:
Question: How to create a new SilkTest project?

Answer: Run SilkTest.
Select Basic Workflow bar.
Click Open Project on the Workflow bar.
Select New Project.
Double click Create Project icon in the New Project dialog box
One the Create Project dialog box, enter your project name, and your project description.
Click OK.
SilkTest will create a new subdirectory under SilkTest project directory, and save all files related to the new project under that subdirectory. Source:
Question: How to link an error in the result file to the script file?

Answer: Make sure the Result window is open with result file.

Locate the error message in the result file.

Select the error message.

Click the Results/Goto Source menu. The original script file opens up showing the place where the error was originated. Source:
Question: How to specify a browser extension to a Web application?

Answer: Run SilkTest.
Open Internet Explorer (IE).
Enter the URL of the Web application.
Leave the IE window with the Web application. Don't minimize the IE window.
To back to SilkTest window.
Select Basic Workflow bar.
Click Enable Externsions on the Workflow bar.
The Enable Extensions dialog will show up. Your Web application running in the IE window will listed in the dialog box.
Select your Web application and click Select.
The Extension Settings dialog will s Source:
Question: How to maintain recovery system?

Answer: In your TestCaseExit () function you can incorporate like
If condition == 1
do this
If condition == 2
do that Source:
Question: How actually ST works internally from developers point of view?

Answer: Silk interacts with the GUI to submit operations to the application automatically, i.e., it drives the application.
It consists of two distinct software components:
(i) The Silk host software, and
(ii) The 4Test Agent software.

The host software is the program you use to develop, edit, compile, run, and debug your 4Test scripts & test plans.
The 4Test Agent is the software process that translates the commands in your 4Test scripts into GUI-specific commands. One Agent can run Source:
Question: To verify the file, the two files are same and also check whether the data in it is also correct
How to do it using verify function?

Answer: Use the system functions in that case
SYS_compare text
lets compare = SYS_compare text(sFile1,sFile2) Source:
Question: What are testplan attributes?

Answer: Testplan attributes are user defined characteristics to be associated with test group descriptions and/or test descriptions. You search, identify, and/or report test cases based on values of the different attributes. Source:
Question: What are the types of text lines in a testplan file?

Answer: Comment - Marked in green color: Providing commentary information.
Group descriptiton - Marked in black color: Providing descriptions for groups of tests. Tests in a testplan can be grouped into multiple levels of groups.

Test description - Marked in blue color: Providing descriptions for individual test.
Testplan statement - Marked in dark red color: Providing relations to link scripts, testcases, test data, closed sub testplans or an include file to the testplan.
Open subpl Source:

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