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Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

HP WinRunner software was an automated functional GUI testing tool that allowed a user to record and play back user interface (UI) interactions as test scripts. As a functional test suite, it worked with HP QuickTest Professional and supported enterprise quality assurance. The primary function of this program is to serve as a testing tool for various applications. Some developers will use WinRunner for load testing purposes. It is excellent when it comes to functioning at the GUI layer, and the user can record and analyze the actions of the user from a number of different programs.

Try Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How do you analyze results and report the defects?

Answer: Following each test run, WinRunner displays the results in a report. The report details all the major events that occurred during the run, such as checkpoints, error messages, system messages, or user messages. If mismatches are detected at checkpoints during the test run, you can view the expected results and the actual results from the Test Results window. If a test run fails due to a defect in the application being tested, you can report information about the defect directly from the Test Res Source:
Question: What check points you will use to read and check text on the GUI and explain its syntax?

Answer: You can use text checkpoints in your test scripts to read and check text in GUI objects and in areas of the screen. While creating a test you point to an object or a window containing text. WinRunner reads the text and writes a TSL statement to the test script. You may then add simple programming elements to your test scripts to verify the contents of the text.

You can use a text checkpoint to:

Read text from a GUI object or window in your application, using obj_get_text and win_ge Source:
Question: How do you edit the expected value of an object?

Answer: We can modify the expected value of the object by executing the script in the Update mode. We can also manually edit the gui*.chk file which contains the expected values which come under the exp folder to change the values.
Question: What is the use of Test Director software?

Answer: TestDirector is Mercury Interactive?s software test management tool. It helps quality assurance personnel plan and organize the testing process. With TestDirector you can create a database of manual and automated tests, build test cycles, run tests, and report and track defects. You can also create reports and graphs to help review the progress of planning tests, running tests, and tracking defects before a software release. Source:
Question: How do you view the contents of the GUI map?

Answer: GUI Map editor displays the content of a GUI Map. We can invoke GUI Map Editor from the Tools Menu in WinRunner. The GUI Map Editor displays the various GUI Map files created and the windows and objects learned in to them with their logical name and physical description. Source:
Question: What actually happens when you load GUI map?

Answer: When we load a GUI Map file, the information about the windows and the objects with their logical names and physical description are loaded into memory. So when the WinRunner executes a script on a particular window, it can identify the objects using this information loaded in the memory.
Question: When you create GUI map do you record all the objects of specific objects?

Answer: If we are learning a window then WinRunner automatically learns all the objects in the window else we will we identifying those object, which are to be learned in a window, since we will be working with only those objects while creating scripts. Source:
Question: Explain Get Text checkpoint from screen area with syntax?

Answer: We use win_get_text (window, out_text [, x1, y1, x2, y2]) function to get the text from a window.
Question: How you create test scripts and what is contained in the test scripts?

Answer: It contains the statement in Mercury Interactive?s Test Script Language (TSL). These statements appear as a test script in a test window. You can then enhance your recorded test script, either by typing in additional TSL functions and programming elements or by using WinRunner?s visual programming tool, the Function Generator. Source:
Question: What different actions are performed by find and show button?

Answer: To find a particular object in the GUI Map file in the application, select the object and click the Show window. This blinks the selected object.

To find a particular object in a GUI Map file click the Find button, this gives the option to select the object. When the object is selected, if the object has been learned to the GUI Map file it will be focused in the GUI Map file.
Question: When it is appropriate to change physical description?

Answer: Changing the physical description is necessary when the property value of an object changes. Source:
Question: What do you verify with the sync point for screen area and what command it generates, explain syntax?

Answer: For screen area verification we actually capture the screen area into a bitmap and verify the application screen area with the bitmap file during execution
Syntax: obj_wait_bitmap(object, image, time, x, y, width, height);
Question: Explain Get Text checkpoint from selection (web only) with syntax?

Answer: Returns a text string from an object.

web_obj_get_text (object, table_row, table_column, out_text [, text_before, text_after, index]);

object The logical name of the object.

table_row If the object is a table, it specifies the location of the row within a table. The string is preceded by the # character.

table_column If the object is a table, it specifies the location of the column within a table. The string is preceded by the # character.

out Source:
Question: How does WinRunner recognize objects on the application?

Answer: WinRunner uses the GUI Map file to recognize objects on the application. When WinRunner runs a test, it uses the GUI map to locate objects. It reads an object?s description in the GUI map and then looks for an object with the same properties in the application being tested. Source:
Question: What is the purpose of obligatory and optional properties of the objects?

Answer: For each class, WinRunner learns a set of default properties. Each default property is classified ?obligatory? or ?optional?.

An obligatory property is always learned (if it exists).

An optional property is used only if the obligatory properties do not provide unique identification of an object. These optional properties are stored in a list. WinRunner selects the minimum number of properties from this list that are necessary to identify the object. It begins with the first pr Source:
Question: Explain WinRunner testing process?

Answer: WinRunner testing process involves six main stages

Create GUI Map File so that WinRunner can recognize the GUI objects in the application being tested

Create test scripts by recording, programming, or a combination of both. While recording tests, insert checkpoints where you want to check the response of the application being tested.

Debug Test: run tests in Debug mode to make sure they run smoothly

Run Tests: run tests in Verify mode to test your application.

Question: How you integrated your automated scripts from TestDirector?

Answer: When you work with WinRunner, you can choose to save your tests directly to your TestDirector database or while creating a test case in the TestDirector we can specify whether the script in automated or manual. And if it is automated script then TestDirector will build a skeleton for the script that can be later modified into one which could be used to test the AUT. Source:
Question: How do you run your test scripts?

Answer: We run tests in Verify mode to test your application. Each time WinRunner encounters a checkpoint in the test script, it compares the current data of the application being tested to the expected data captured earlier. If any mismatches are found, WinRunner captures them as actual results. Source:
Question: How do you record a data driven test?

Answer: We can create a data-driven testing using data from a flat file, data table or a database.

Using Flat File: we actually store the data to be used in a required format in the file. We access the file using the File manipulation commands, reads data from the file and assign the variables with data.

Data Table: It is an excel file. We can store test data in these files and manipulate them. We use the ?ddt_*? functions to manipulate data in the data table.

Database: we s Source:
Question: How does WinRunner evaluate test results?

Answer: WinRunner displays the results in a report. The report details all the major events that occurred during the run, such as checkpoints, error messages, system messages, or user messages. If mismatches are detected at checkpoints during the test run, you can view the expected results and the actual results from the Test Results window. Source:

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