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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

QTP stands for Quick Test Professional, is a Functional Automation Testing Tool from HP. We can automate functionality of the application by recording the actions on application, developing scripts. Good for automating regression test cases. Scripting language used VB Script which is easily understood by the testers. HPE Unified Functional Testing (UFT) software, formerly known as HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), provides functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. HPE Unified Functional Testing can be used for enterprise quality assurance.

Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: what is Full form of QTP?

Answer: Quick Test Professional. Source:
Question: How many types of Parameters are available in QTP?

Answer: QTP provides three types of Parameter-
* Method Argument
* Data Driven
* Dynamic
Question: Where to use function or action?

Answer: Well answer depends on the scenario. If you want to use the OR feature then you have to go for Action only. If the functionality is not about any automation script i.e. a function like getting a string between to specific characters, now this is something not specific to QTP and can be done on pure VB Script, so this should be done in a function and not an action. Code specific to QTP can also be put into an function using DP. Decision of using function/action depends on what any one would be co Source:
Question: How to export data present in Datatable to an ?.xls? file?

Answer: DataTable.Export ??.xls file name??
Syntact for how to call one script from another? and Syntax to call one ?Action? in another?
RunAction ActionName, [IterationMode , IterationRange , Parameters]
Here the actions becomes reusable on making this call to any Action.
IterationRange String Not always required. Indicates the rows for which action iterations will be performed. Valid only when the IterationMode is rngIterations. Enter the row range (i.e. ?1-7″), or enter rngAll to r Source:
Question: What?s the Table Checkpoints?

Answer: Table Checkpoint checks the information with in a table. Source:
Question: Common features found in both WinRunner and QuickTest Pro:

Answer: Record/Replay ODBC & Excel Connectivity
Code Editor & Debugger Recovery Manager
Shared Object Repository Rapid Object Import
Numerous Checkpoints Analog
Script & Function Libraries
WinRunner Only Environments:
Function Generator Database Integration
Run Wizard TSL
QuickTest Pro Only Environments:
ActiveScreen TestGuard
Tree View ScriptFusion
Data Table VBScript
Function Generator*
(coming in v7.0) Run Wizard*
(coming in v7.0)
Question: How Does Run time data (Parameterization) is handled in QTP?

Answer: You can then enter test data into the Data Table, an integrated spreadsheet with the full functionality of Excel, to manipulate data sets and create multiple test iterations, without programming, to expand test case coverage. Data can be typed in or imported from databases, spreadsheets, or text files.
Explain about the Test Fusion Report of QTP ?
Once a tester has run a test, a TestFusion report displays all aspects of the test run: a high-level results overview, an expandable Tree View o Source:
Question: What are the properties we can use for identifying a browser and page when using descriptive programming?

Answer: The name property is used to identify the browser and the title property is used to identify the page Source:
Question: Explain in brief about the QTP Automation Object Model.

Answer: Essentially all configuration and run functionality provided via the QuickTest interface is in some way represented in the QuickTest automation object model via objects, methods, and properties. Although a one-on-one comparison cannot always be made, most dialog boxes in QuickTest have a corresponding automation object, most options in dialog boxes can be set and/or retrieved using the corresponding object property, and most menu commands and other operations have corresponding automation method Source:
Question: What?s the Expert View?

Answer: Expert View display the Test Script. Source:
Question: If WinRunner and QTP both are functional testing tools from the same company. Why a separate tool QTP came in to picture?

Answer: QTP has some additional functionality which is not present in WinRunner. For example,you can test(Functionality and Regression testing) an application developed in .Net technology with QTP,which is not possible to test in WinRunner Source:
Question: What the differences are and best practical application of each.

Answer: Per Action: For Each Action, one Object Repository is created. Shared : One Object Repository is used by entire application Source:
Question: How to export QTP results to an ?.xls? file?

Answer: By default it creates an ?XML? file and displays the results Source:
Question: How to do the scripting. Is there any inbuilt functions in QTP as in QTP-S. Whatz the difference between them? how to handle script issues?

Answer: Yes, there?s an in-built functionality called ?Step Generator? in Insert->Step->Step Generator -F7, which will generate the scripts as u enter the appropriate steps. Source:
Question: How the exception handling can be done using QTP

Answer: It can be done Using the Recovery Scenario Manager which provides a wizard that gudies you through the process of defining a recovery scenario. FYI.. The wizard could be accesed in QTP> Tools-> Recovery Scenario Manager ??. Source:
Question: What is a Run-Time data table?

Answer: The test results tree also includes the table-shaped icon that displays the run-time data table-a table that shows the values used to run a test containing data table parameters or the data table output values retrieved from a application under test Source:
Question: Explain the terms ?TEST? and ? Business Component?

Answer: Test?A collection of steps organized into one or more actions, which are used to verify that your application performs as expected. By default each test begins with a single action. Business Component?A collection of steps representing a single task in your application. Business components (also known as components) are combined into specific scenarios to build business process tests in Mercury Quality Center with Business Process Testing. A component does not contain actions, you add steps dire Source:
Question: How to ?Turn Off? QTP results after running a Script?

Answer: Goto ?Tools > Options > Run Tab? and Deselect ?View results when run session ends?. But this supresses only the result window, but a og will be created and can viewed manulaly which cannot be restricted from getting created. Source:
Question: How to open any application during Scripting?

Answer: SystemUtil , object used to open and close applications and processes during a run session.
(a) A SystemUtil.Run statement is automatically added to your test when you run an application from the Start menu or the Run dialog box while recording a test
E.g : SystemUtil.Run ?Notepad.exe? SystemUtil.CloseDescendentProcesses ( Closes all the processes opened by QTP )
How to covert a String to an integer?
CInt()?> a conversion function available.
Inserting a Call to Action is not Source:
Question: How many types of Actions are there in QTP?

Answer: There are three kinds of actions:
non-reusable action?an action that can be called only in the test with which it is stored, and can be called only once. reusable action?an action that can be called multiple times by the test with which it is stored (the local test) as well as by other tests.
external action?a reusable action stored with another test. External actions are read-only in the calling test, but you can choose to use a local, editable copy of the Data Table information for the e Source:

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