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Pascal Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Pascal Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Pascal is a procedural programming language that supports structured programming and data structures to encourage good programming practices. Pascal was originally developed in 1970 by Niklaus Wirth and is named after the famous French mathematician Blaise Pascal. While Pascal is a reliable and efficient programming language, it is mainly used to teach programming techniques. In fact, it is the first language that many programmers learn. There are commercial versions of Pascal that are used, but in general, most developers favor Java, C#, C, C++, etc.

Try Pascal Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Pascal Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Pascal Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How do I make EXE files with Turbo Pascal?

Answer: In Turbo Pascal, in the compile menu, select COMPILE TO MEMORY. Open the menu
again, and it should say COMPILE TO DISK. Then select COMPILE, and it will
create the file XXX.EXE, where XXX is the name of your .PAS file. Source:
Question: Is it possible to 'decompile' pascal EXEs or TPUs?

Answer: No. Too much information is lost in the compiling process. Source:
Question: Is there a way to run my Pascal programs in parallel?

Answer: There is indeed, but it's not going to be easy. One way of "parallelizing" your programs is to include "message passing" in the code. Different portions of the code are thereby executed by different processors, and information is shared by passing messages between the processors. The most widely used method to do this is called Message Passing Interface (MPI), and is available in the form of libraries on the SUN Fire muti-processor machines of HPCVL. However, MPI works only with FORTRAN and Source:
Question: Are there any freeware Pascal compilers?

Answer: Certainly. One of the most recent and active is FPK Pascal, a 32 bit
Turbo Pascal compatible compiler system for DOS and OS/2. Comes with
full Pascal source, and compiles itself. The author intends to extend it
to work under Linux too. Note that currently the documentation is in
German only, Source:
Question: Why Pascal?

Answer: Pascal is a computer language that was designed for teaching purposes. It makes extensive use of function and subroutine calls and allows code do be written in a very "readable" manner. Pascal is one of the precursors of the arguably most successful programming language C. Many people learned programming with Pascal, and a good deal of code exists that was written in this language. In recent times, Pascal has been extended a great deal, and with those extensions, the language can compete with m Source:
Question: What is the Pascal compiler used on HPCVL machines?

Answer: The Pascal compiler installed on the Sun Fire system of HPCVL is the Gnu Pascal Compiler (GPC). This is a public-domain compiler that has a great deal of extensions and compatibility features built into it, and is designed to be very portable. The versions are at present:
GNU Pascal version 20000707, based on gcc-2.95.2 19991024 (for SUN Sun Fire).
This compiler supports ISO-7185 Standard Pascal and ISO-10206 Extended Pascal, as well as Borland Pascal 7.0 and parts of Pascal-SC. For more Source:
Question: How do I debug my Pascal programs?

Answer: In any cases where your program is longer than a few hundred lines, you will need to be able to run it through a debugger. Pascal programs compiled with GPC can be debugged via the GNU debugger dbg which we have installed on our Sun Fire system. However, the debugger is designed for C-code, and is rather kloncky if used with Pascal. But it is the only debugger available that works with GPC.
To be able to use the debuuger with your Pascal code, you have to include the -g option in your comp Source:
Question: What are the Borland Pascal Products

Answer: In essence, Borland Pascal is the 'professional' product, whilst the
Turbo Pascals are 'hobbyist' products.

Current Versions are (excluding fixes):
Borland Pascal 7 (Dos/Win/Prot)
Turbo Pascal 7 (Dos)
Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5 (Win)

There is an update to TP and BP to v7.01. This can be obtained by
contacting Borland. These still have VER70 defined.

Borland Pascal can do everything that both Turbo Pas Source:
Question: Will Delphi32 do DOS programs as well as Windows?

Answer: Delphi32 is for Windows 95 and Windows NT. It is not a DOS product. It
will create 32-bit console mode apps, but it will not create DOS apps. Source:
Question: Is there a Borland Pascal Mailing list?

Answer: No, there is not. Source:
Question: How do I run gpc?

Answer: This FAQ is not meant as a manual for the GNU Pascal Compiler. The usage of the compiler is very straightforward, though. The command gpc is used both for compiling and linking the programs. For linking, it will invoke the system-supplied ld feature with the appropriate switches and environment variables. To use GPC you have to have to have "/usr/local/bin" in your PATH. It might in some cases be necessary to set the system environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to "/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib" in or Source:


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