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Test Cases Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Test Cases Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

A test case, in software engineering, is a set of conditions under which a tester will determine whether an application, software system or one of its features is working as it was originally established for it to do. The mechanism for determining whether a software program or system has passed or failed such a test is known as a test oracle. In some settings, an oracle could be a requirement or use case, while in others it could be a heuristic. It may take many test cases to determine that a software program or system is considered sufficiently scrutinized to be released. Test cases are often referred to as test scripts, particularly when written - when they are usually collected into test suites.

Try Test Cases Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Test Cases Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Test Cases Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is meant by configuration management?

Answer: The 'Configuration Management' is mainly focuses on two factors otherathan remaining. These are "Change Control" and "Version Control".

'Version Control' is for changing the version if any change is done due to customers 'Change Request'.

'Version Control' is (done when change the version of the project) for changing the documents for new version project. If version is changes then the corresponding documents are also changed.
Question: Write Test cases for mobile phone?

Answer: Test Cases for Mobile Phone:

1)Chek whether Battery is inserted into mobile properly

2)Chek Switch on/Switchoff of the Mobile

3)Insert the sim into the phone n chek

4)Add one user with name and phone number in Address book

5)Chek the Incoming call

6)chek the outgoing call

7)send/receive messages for that mobile

8)Chek all the numbers/Characters on the phone working fine by clicking on them..

9)Remove the user from phone book n ch Source:
Question: How to write test case on compose box in email

Answer: It's easy .....

1. checkout wheather On clicking Compose mail takes you to a page where you can enter the text.

2.Check wheather it has a TO,CC,BCC to enter email address.

3.Check wheather TO,CC,BCC accepts valid email address,if it does how many mail address can be entered.

4.Checkout if you can delete/edit ,copy, paste & format the text content.

5.Can sendmail or cancel mail.

U can go on........... with testcase I hope u have some good idea now.
Question: Which stage test should be start and clsoe?

Answer: Theorytically it should start at the time of understanding requirements but it generally statrts at the fag end of coding. Source:
Question: Write Test Cases on white paper.(For e.g. A4 size)

Answer: 1)Check size of a page.

2)check quality od paper by using different pen and pencils.

3)check use of whitener on paper.

4)check erase.

Question: how to write test scenario for ERP

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: Write down test cases for Notepad to "Save/Save as" a file.
Write down Functional, UI, Performance, Load, Stress Test cases - scenario in "Save/Save as".

Answer: Click File-Save (should open a window and should ask you the file name and path as well)

Check for .extension like it should be .txt only

Check for short-key like (Ctrl+S) and ask for same option as above (should open an window and should ask you the file name and path as well)

Save as (should open the same window with same file name path)

If you change that file name and path in that window then it should accept.

If you dont give any name in it then data shoul Source:
Question: How will you review test cases?

Answer: Test Case Preparation checklist:

This is used to ensure Test cases have been prepared as per specifications. For all the negative test responses the test case prepration review checklist test mgr will assess the impact & document it as an issue to concerned parties for resolution.This can be assessed using weekly status reports or emails.


Is the approved Test Plan available
Question: What is sdlc and breif the stages in sdlc

Answer: SDLC: Software Development Life Cycle
Software Development Life Cycle which is also known as Classic Life Cycle Model or Linear Sequential Model.

The following are the actives of the SDLC

1) System engineering and modeling

2) Software require analysis

3) Systems analysis and design

4) Code generation

5) Testing

6) Development and Maintenance
System Engineering and Modeling
In this process we have to identify the projects requirem Source:
Question: What are the test cases for mouse(This question is asked in one of my Interview)

Answer: Test cases for mouse

1. Objective is to verify that when we click the right mouse button is it going to open list of that particular file or anything.

description(test case) is porint to one file or anything and click the right mouse button

Expected is it opens the list regarding that file (eg:list includes properites and etc)

2.Objective is to verify that when we click the left mouse button twice is it going to open that particular file or not

De Source:
Question: Write the test cases for ATM in security point of view

Answer: TC 1:- succesful card insertion.TC 2:- unsuccessful operation due to wrong angle card insertion.TC 3:- unsuccesssful operation due to invalid account card.TC 4:- successful entry of pin number.TC 5:- unsuccessful operation due to wrong pin number entered 3 times.TC 6:- successful selection of language.TC 7:- successful selection of account type.TC 8:- unsuccessful operation due to wrong account type selected w/r to that inserted card.TC 9:- successful selection of withdrawl option.TC 10 :- succe Source:
Question: Can anyone tell me how to test the two different vresions of spell check in MS Word in short span of 30 min. ie suppose the earlier version of the MS word consisted of say 5000 words and now the new version consists of say 5,00000 words. You now need to test the functionality of the newer version of spell check in 30 min. how will you achieve and be sure of your testing that you have covered the entire thing. In short what method will you adopt in such a case.

Answer: This is done thru parallel Testing where u reconcile output of new sys to the output of current system to verify new system performs operation correctly. Source:
Question: How to check the font size of a letter?is thier
any tool?is it usability testing?

Answer: It is very easy to check the font size

no need of any tool for that

just copy the text (which font size u want to know) and paste it in word then select the pasted text in word it'll display the font size and font style

Question: A website consists of only the Birth date field.
The date and month field are combo box, but the year field is a text box. How many test cases can be written for this scenario

Answer: Test case 1:

verify that the Date list consists all the No's from 1 to 31 and the focussed date in the list is selected.

Test case 2:

Verify that the Momth list consists all the No's from 1 to 12 and focussed month in the list is selected.

Test case 3:

Verify that the Yesr text field accepts Valid input .

Test case 4:

Verify that year text field does not accept Invalid input.
Question: Which of the following statements about generating test cases is false?
(a) Test cases may contain multiple valid test conditions
(b) Test cases may contain multiple invalid test conditions
(c) Test cases may contain both valid and invalid test conditions
(d) Test cases may contain more than one step
(e) Test cases should contain expected results

Answer: Test case contains both valid and invalid conditions to test and it may contain marethan one step, that depends on the functional specification. it contains expected results also, so that we can have comparison between actual and expected results Source:
Question: Give test case for withdraw module in banking project

Answer: Step1: when the balance in the account is nill, try to withdraw some amount(amount>0) should display msg as " insufficient funds in acc"

step 2:when the account has some balance amount, try to withdraw amount(amount>balance amount in account), should display "insufficient funds in acc"

step 3: when the account has some balance amount, enter a amount (amount<=balance amount), should withdrawn correct amount from account.

step 4: when the account has some balance amou Source:
Question: What can be the possible test cases for the Black Board Duster?

Answer: 1. To check the mouse company

2. Whether it is a PS/2, USB or serial port mouse or cordless mouse

3. It should be plugged to all the ports of different manufacturers

4. It should be platform independent.

5. right clicking on the mouse should open the context window.

6.Double clicking on any folder should open up the file

7. Should be able to scroll up and down using the scroller.

8.should be able to change the functionality of the right and left m Source:
Question: Can you please tell me the negative test case for a glass of water.

Answer: * To check the glass inside water is there or not

* to check the the water i.e cooling water or hot water

* to check that water quality i.e pure water or normal
Question: What are Testcases for date field validation
It has calender provided beside textbox (we need to select date from text box)

(Third party Calendar controls/date pickers will have a text box attached with a button/icon beside it) You can consider the following test cases for a calendar control.

They may be many cases ,if the text box is editable or not, purpose of the date field used etc?.

1. Ensure that calendar window is displayed and active, when the calendar is invoked by pressing the calendar icon. (Once we faced an issue, the calendar window is in minimized state when we invoked the Source:
Question: How many test cases we can write for a medium level project?

Answer: its completely based on the application.

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