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Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Software testing is the process used to assess the quality of computer software. Software testing is an empirical technical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test.

Try Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: what is debug mode in qtp

Answer: Debug mode in qtp is a temporary results folder.That means if we run any test in debug mode then the results will be stored in temporary results folder(without wasting the database memory). Source:
Question: What is mean by data flow diagram? What is the difference between the data flow diagram and flow chart?

Answer: Come on guyz, refer Software Engineering book...these r all basics...U must know all these by ur edu' completion.

Let me answer u this time...

DFD dipicts the data dependencies/control/flow among the modules.

Flow Chart shows us the flow of the process/program control among the modules/programes.
Question: What is the difference between Master Test Plan and Test Plan? Do we really require two Test Plans? Please explain in detail?

Answer: Sometimes for a large project the organization may have a Matser teat plan and for phase testing efforts level test plans which are the subsets derived in MTP, having references to MTP

The Master Test Plan explains the methods, procedures, and approach that the co. employs in the verification and validation of an internally developed, Third Party Vendor, or Third Party Vendor Modified application or product.

The purpose of the Test Plan is to gather all of the information necessary Source:
Question: Pleese tel me about STLC clearly and Buglifecycle

Answer: STLC means Software Testing Life Cycle
In this we have four types of testing phases
1).Unit Testing-This testing is conducted by programmers not by the testers.this testing is completely based on the internal coding.
Approch of Unit Testing is
a.Equivalence Class
b.Boundary Value Analysis
c.Error Guessing
2).Integration Testing-The main objective of integration testing is to discover the defects between the modules and sub systems.
Approach of Integration Testing is
a Source:
Question: How will you test a newly installed elevator? What will you be the broad categories of your test cases.

Answer: 1.we test a newly elevater by seeing its specifications &warnings.

2.checking wether all the buttons are working properly or not.

3.checking the elevater by over wieght Or more weight than the maximum load.

4.checking wether the elevater is stoping at the correct floor as described
Question: How will you test a stapler?

Answer: Open the stapler and Put standard stapler pins and try using the stapler.

Put 2 bunch of stapler pins to chk the spring is able to take the load

put 1/2 bunch of stapler pin and chk if spring is moving properly and stapler is working properly.

Bend one side of stapler pins and chk if it staples. Source:
Question: What is step generator in qtp ?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: What is meant by smart identification in QTP?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: What is Risk Analysis?

Answer: Risk analysis:

Risk analysis is appropriate to most software development projects.

Use risk analysis to determine where testing should be focused.

1. Which functionality is most important to project

2. Which funtionality is most visible to user

3. Which functionality has largest impact on users.

4. Which aspects of the application is most important to the customer

5. Which aspects of the application is tested early in the development cycle.
Question: How can we do Database Testing?

Answer: BY writing queries Source:
Question: What are the types of flat files in qtp supports?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: 1. What is Bug life cycle?
2. Test case biggest number of given three numbers?

Answer: Bug life cycle contain the detail about the bug which we found during the

1:Defect ID

2:defect discription




Q2:Techniques of writing test cases

1:equivalance class partioning

2:boundry value analysis

3:error guessing
Question: What happens when Software defects increase as software development processes

a.increases linearly
b.decreases linearly
c.increases exponentially
d.decreases exponentially

Answer: When the Software Defects increasses as software development processes, it would obviously increase in a exponential manner . If at all as a Testing process, if tester finds a Bug in one area it is quiet obvious that it is dependent on some other area which is prone to throw an error. In other words if we find a bug, it doesn't mean that we have actually found the Bug but we have encountered a point where the cause of the bug has been detected Source:
Question: What is the major Defect in Bugzilla defect tracking tool when compared with the other defect tracking tools?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: Need Examples for:
1. Low Severity and High Priority.
2. High Priority and Low Severity.

can any one explain plz

Answer: consider this case....any mistake in the logo or company name in the home page.if will not effect the functionality of the application,but it needs to be fixed soon.
it is low severity and high priority bug Source:
Question: when do we start testing in software testing life cycle and when do we stop testing

Answer: In Tesing Life cycle Software Tesing is very important Stage. We need Testing before release of that software to the customer.After gettting SRS according that we prepare for Test Plan which covers all detailed information regarding testing.Doing of testing at the earlier stage of life cycle is haing minimum cost.Therefore normally we do the testing after the coding phase.But testing can start from the begginning i.e. at the requirement stage.Early Testing reduces the cost.
After removing all Source:

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: What is the differance between bug and feature .

How u dill with it with R&D.

Answer: A Bug is an error which is a deviation from expectation in the software

A feature is an expected behaviour of the software

A correction has to be given for a bug

A feature has to be accepted as no correction will be available
Question: what is call to existing and call to copy of actions in QTP

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: What is a traceability matrix?

Answer: Traceability matrix is prepared in order to cross check the test cases designed against each requirement.Hence giving an opportunity to verify that all the requirements are covered in testing the application.
Using this one can also know whether all the test cases has been covered or not. Source:

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