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Product Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Product Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Product testing, also called consumer testing or comparative testing, is a process of measuring the properties or performance of products. The theory is that since the advent of mass production manufacturers produce branded products which they assert and advertise to be identical within some technical standard. Product testing is, perhaps, the single most important type of research any company ever conducts. Achieving clear-cut product superiority in a category is the surest way to build brand share, engender customer loyalty, and boost profitability.

Try Product Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Product Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Product Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How to do SOAP Testing manually?

Answer: Easiest way....ask developers to provide a clienttough way.....learn HTTP n SOAP a little write client programs to call the server..u can use perl/python Source:
Question: How will be the testcases for product testing . Provide an example of test plan template

Answer: The concept of Product Testing varies from company to company. When you talk of a Product, that product can be a ERP software, Banking application product, Billing Product.

So when your writing test cases for the product you need to keep in mind one main thing that is ''Check for Business functionality'. Your test case should cover the above aspect with all the other like field validation.

For writing Test Plan, Under the Approach and Stratergy section you need to c Source:
Question: How product based testing differs from Project based testing.give me a suitable example

Answer: There is no much difference between producta and project. product is some thign that first it will be developed, tested and sale it to clients, where as project is taking teh erequirement, develop, test and then hand over to client

1) product will take lot of changes accordign to different clients and the nature of business.where as applciation take only few changes untill client satifies.

2) single product can be sold to multiple clients, wehre as applciations are as per the clie Source:
Question: What is meant by Test Plan ?What will be included in it ? Give a sample Test Plan for a Login Screen

Answer: I think there is a lot of confusion between a test plan and test case.

Test Plan:Test Plan is a document consisting of scope,objective,approach,schedule of the testing activities for the specific project.It mainly consist of who to test?,when to test?,why to test?,where to test?

IEEE 829-1983 standard test plan consists of different fields like,Test plan ID,Introduction,Test Items,Features to be tested,Features not to be tested,Testing tasks,Schedules,Tranining and Environmental ne Source:
Question: What is the difference between testing a product and testing any web -based application?

Answer: if product is a clent based one then there is difference between this both but if the product is webbased then no difference in my view product is build by company and kept for sale as to be sold by customers who needs them and product will be customised as per required changes(if needed) and sold to sense ur question is some what confusing as it should product testing Vs project testing otherwise webtesting Vs client server testing

Question: How Waterfall model can be used in developing a product?

Answer: Usually products are first developed and then it is sold to customers. so even u follow the water fall method, at last u have to change some features according to their demand requirement. client may ask for design change after coding and testing, so difficult to maintain the water fall method.
Question: Difference Between Web based testing and Client server testing

Answer: Web Based Application: here you are going to check the application which is going to be launched on the internet or intranet. means it is in the form of web pages.

Clinet Server application: Basically the applications used in LAN in which a client and a server is present. In this a .exe file of the application stored at the server is called from the client and accessed and all the databse is stored in the application.
Question: What are the advantages of working(as a testet) for a product based company and a service based company?

Answer: In product based company, the tester will come out with creative idea about the products. he think like a client when changes were being made. products are basically should have less work and more out put to client . where as for applications , once it is done it will be implemented and maintainence work wil be there once in a year as per the company policy
Question: How will be the testcases for product testing . Provide an example of test plan template

Answer: totally agree wtih mr.Amte. As u dont have any particular requirement. so u have to discuss with team and write test cases. but personaly u need to note the fundamental features and ristrictions of differnret features and then start write test case. just like

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