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Testing Discussion Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testing Discussion Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs. It can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product: Meets the business and technical requirements that guided it's design and development.

Try Testing Discussion Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Testing Discussion Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Testing Discussion Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: in my interview...I was asked this question - "who fixes the bug finally..the developer or the tester" reply was "developer" which he said was wrong. he said it was the tester..could you please explain ur comments??

Answer: Developer, as he only knows his code. You should have reasoned with him, regarding the role of tester.

Question: How do we know which specififations are important if we have short time for testing?

Answer: By taking risk analysis specification, which part is more complex in the application and for which part end user is interacting more we have to test that part first. After that if time permits test the remaining application also. Source:
Question: what is the difference between end to end testing and system testing?

Answer: End to end testing means given software is working as per client requirements. i.e.,test the entire software(first end module to last end module)(simply said as verification the entire software i.e.,functional testing).

but in,

System Testing,testing the futional and non funtional both to be tested.

Question: What is configuration management?

Answer: Making changes to the work product systematically is called configuration management.

mostly used popular tools is VSS

VSS : Visual Source safe.

It is a version control tool

Work product : The documents are delivered at importent milestones of a project.

Imp Work products:

1) Project proposal

2) Project agreement

3) Project Plan

4) QA Plan

5) Test Plan

6) SRS

7) Design Doc

8) Configuration management Doc Source:
Question: You have tested the application and it is released. The user asks for some changes in the project and gives one week time to complete it. Out of the one week, 6 days is taken by the developer to make the changes. So you have only one day to test it. What will you do in the case in case of manual testing?

Answer: In that case we can test the main part of the application, we can found 80% of errors in that main functionality only, for that only we can mainly concentrate on main functionality...

Question: After complistion of alpha and beta testing and the product is realised in the client environment, then the client facing some problems at the time from where we are starting the testing? from starting or we are conducting the regrssion testing.

Answer: You need to do only Regression testing , Regression testing's main goal is newer version doesn't have impact on old version . i.e all old functionallity is working fine Source:
Question: Consider if there is no Test lead, No Test Manager and QA Manager. If you are the senior test engineer, you are getting pressure from the client to give the build. But you see that, there r 5 high and 5 low sevierity bugs. So, what you will do and how you interact with the client

Answer: As you said 5 bugs are high and 5 bugs are low severity.if there is no test lead or manager not available as a senior Testing Engineer i would concentrate on 5 high severity bugs.First i ll understand them and send them to the particular development team with help of project manager.If required i ll explain them the situation and about the bug severity.mean while i ll intract the client behalf of my test team and i ll make them understand the current status of the application. Source:
Question: Can any one tell me brief details about use case with example?

Answer: The purpose of a use case is to facilitate agreement between developers, customers, and users about what the system should do. A use case becomes sort of a contract between developers and customers. It's also a basis for use-case realizations, which play a major role in design. In addition, you can produce sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, and class diagrams from use cases. Furthermore, you can derive user documentation from use cases. Use cases may also be useful in planning the te Source:
Question: In QTP is there a way to add objects to the Object Repository during runtime?

Answer: In Scripting u have to write like:

Dim V1

Set v1= description.create()

v1("Propertyname").value=" " 'Wite a propertyname here like editbox

window("").object("Object Name"). Method(" Method Name like v1"). value
Question: What is dfference between positive and testing testing.which one do you prefer as tester and why?

Answer: Positive testing -- In Positive testing we write test case according to the specifications i.e. eaxctly what given in the specs

Negative testing -- In Negative testing we write test case opposite to he specs i.e. to fail the requirement given in the specs

e.g - If spec says a text box should accept 12 characters then for Positive test case we will say it should accept 12 characters and if we write test case saying enter 13 characters then its a negatve test

Question: In my interview, they asked the purpose of Test Approach in Test Plan. I have said it describes what are all the testing methods we have to follow on testing the particular application. But the interviewer said my answer was wrong. Can anyone explain?

Answer: Purpose of Testing approach in a test plan is to deine the type of testing at a broader level. you will speciy whether you are going for white box or black box testing , whether you are going for a manual testing or a automation testing,

if black box , are you directly going to do SIT (system integration testing) , or first do functional intergration and then system testing....,

these are all descibed as testing approach in a test plan, testing methods

is a sub topic in Te Source:
Question: How do you implement a new testing process in a company

Answer: According to me the new form being adopted in a copmpany just tests the ability and skill of a person as well as it brings some type of interests in all to try for the best put up of there own in onw way people in a company work with full dedication,devotion and determination for a good rapo and it too helps company in field of its progress. Source:
Question: You have completed a project and the live date is nextday, you got one big problem but that problem can't be resolved in short time and the estimate is 30 days. Waht are your options ..?

Answer: We could think of any workaround which would be suitable at that point of time for the problem, and make a note in the Release notes.

In case there is no workaround, then a note should be mentioned in the release notes stating it as a known issue.

Question: You have tested the application and it is released. The user asks for some changes in the project and gives one week time to complete it. Out of the one week, 6 days is taken by the developer to make the changes. So you have only one day to test it. What will you do in the case in case of manual testing?

Answer: In this situation i will prefer to consult the client and request him to extend the date of release for another 1 week,for thorough testing and fix the defects that are found,so that the quality product can be released.

Because it took 6 days to complete the coding part.Only 1 day for testing is remaining.Why are we testing?to find the hidden defects.So if you start testing the major functionalities in that single day left,found any defects.Than what is the situation?We cannot release the Source:
Question: How do you implement a new testing process in a company which must replace existing process

Answer: A lot depends on the size of the organization and the risks involved. For large organizations with high-risk (in terms of lives or property) projects, serious management buy-in is required and a formalized QA process is necessary.
Where the risk is lower, management and organizational buy-in and QA implementation may be a slower, step-at-a-time process. QA processes should be balanced with productivity so as to keep bureaucracy from getting out of hand.
For small groups or projects, a Source:
Question: If there is game which has 20 levels an expert can only play the game upto 20 levels if i am as a normal person or tester can play the game upto 12th level then how i will test the game upto 20th level. Please guide me

Answer: In general scenario as a tester ,you need to understand the requirements and functionality of the game.Access previleges must be given to a tester to test all the levels individually.After integrating all the levels,he can start from the 1st level to 20th level.If a tester plays level 1 and wins that level,he can be able to enter the next level.If he looses,he should not be able to enter the next level,and it is according to the requirement.But in this situation he can now assure to the client t Source:
Question: What is severity and priority?its differnce

Answer: severity of a bug is technical in nature and it is always constant. Can be said to be how bad a defect is while Priority is ushally more of a business decision and would depend on the business objective of the application and how its owners see the bug

Question: Why we use winrunner mostly why don't we use loadrunner to test applications?

Answer: By Using LoadRunner We can do only performance,stress,load testing.By using win runner we can do functional,GUI,Bitmap,Data base,Data driven testing.
Load runner is costly when we compare with winrunner.

Question: Suppose a website contains 20 pages & having similar type of error in most pages.Tester checked one page & posted the bug in a bugtracking system including that this bug remains in most pages but developer only debugged one page (the location Tester had written). Now who is responsible to check other pages Developer or Tester ?

Answer: Yes, it is responsibilty of the tester to identify the bug

While Posting bugs we have to clearly specify that this bug is repeated in other screen also.

By mistake you have posted a bug saying that error is displayed in a single page ....Then there is a thing called Defect discussion where the nature of the bug is discussed with the development team by EOD... where the development may come to know the nature of the bug...

Question: What is quality matrices?

Answer: Quality metrics is used to measure various parameters in a Software Engineering.

1) It is used to measure the size of the project and complexity of the project.

2) Measuring the productivity of the people.

3) Tracking the progress of the project .

4) Analyse the software effectiveness and taking corrective action if necessary.

There are 4 types of metrics.

1) Product Metrics

2) Productivity Metrics

3) Person Month

4) Quality Metrics< Source:

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