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Testing Scenarios Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testing Scenarios Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Test Scenarios to tell the test case controller which test cases to process and how to process them. The scenarios are stored in a scenario file. The file may contain one or more scenarios, and they may be cross-referenced. The file is written is a simple, but powerful, scenario language.

Try Testing Scenarios Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Testing Scenarios Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Testing Scenarios Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: This question was asked to me in an interview in Ionidea.
Qs: You have two mobiles, one at the calling end and other at receiving end. Write 10-20 test scenarios such that it covers scenarios that include call waiting, successful call and alerts shown while making a call. You should write test scenarios, and not test cases.

Answer: 1. Call handling from caller to receiver.
2. Message handling of caller and receiver.
3. Conference functionality in caller and receiver.
4. File transfer between caller and receiver through Bluetooth
5. Usability and performance between caller and receiver.
6. Same vice versa for receiver and caller.

etc...i think it goes like this...
you can add your points to this. Source:
Question: GUI contains 2 fields

Field 1 to accept the value of x and

Field 2 displays the result of the formula a+b/c-d where a=0.4*x, b=1.5*a, c=x, d=2.5*b;

How many system test cases would you write

Answer: 1) put x=0;2)alpha characters3)alphanumeric characters4)SPecial Characters(blant space ,$,^)5)natural num,integer num,decimal num,irrational Source:
Question: Is it compulsary that a tester should study a Design Document for writing integration and system test casses

Answer: First of all i wanto to tell to all , According to my knoledge 'Integration Testing' is not done by 'Test Engineer'.But if there is a chance to Test Engineer to participate in 'Integration Testing'.

Next,it is a must to study both Functional Requirement Specification and Design Document to conduct System Testing.

One more thing for a type of 'Adhoc testing' or 'Exploratory Testing' it is not must to study the design document
Question: What could be the possible tests for testing a web page which displays flag of a country n some text in their language(for example Arabic ) when a button called Arabic is pressed and displays flag of another country and some text in English when a button called English is pressed?(internationalization)?

Answer: Button Pressed in Arabic:

1. Flag for the appropriate country with matching Text Displayed.

2. Correct Flag displayed, Text Wrong.

3. Correct Text, Flag wrong

4. Flag wrong, Text wrong

5. Null, Null

6. Correct Flag, Null (Text)

7. Creect Text, Null (Flag)
Question: How to find out the length of the edit box through WinRunner?

Answer: We can find the length of the edit box using the

edit_get_row_length ( edit, row, out_length );

edit: The logical name of the edit object.
row The row to measure.
out_length The output variable that stores the number of characters in the row.

edit_get_row_length ("Agent Name:", 0, row_len);

Question: Testing Scenarios :

How do you know that all the scenarios for testing are covered?

Answer: Typically, in test situations, traceability matrices are used to trace requirements to test cases in order to ensure that there are test cases for all the requirements (usually done by a analyst). Some tools, such as Rational Suite Enterprise, will help analysts trace requirements and then allow the tester to trace from the use cases and/or requirements to test cases.

Of course, many types of traceability matrices may be created or reverse engineered. For example, you may back trace de Source:
Question: Different between test scenario and test case?

Answer: A test scenario is almost like a story like example "a user enters into the application from login window by entering valid user name and password.After entering he will click on module Payslip and clicks on latest payslip feature to view his latest payslip".Any test scenario will contain a specific goal.

A test case can be derived from a scenario .For the above scenario we can write a test case like :

Test Case # 1:

S.No Steps Expected

1 Source:
Question: other than requirement traceability matrix what all other factors that we need to check in order to exit a testing process

Answer: To Exit the testing process we need to consider following :-

The number of sev 1 defects
Need to check whether the Quality measures defined in the test Plan are all met?
Need to consider Mean time between failures
The Test budget
The project deadline (Importance of product to the client)
The business risk of releasing/not releasing the software to the users Source:
Question: Please Any one send me Common Test cases or Check List for GUI Testing

Answer: Following are the common things to be tested for UI

For windows - Size, Focus, Caption, close button, Focus, Control buttons, location adjustments

For formatting - font, color, frames

For text - label, content, spelling, scrolling,l inks, bullets and numbering, usability, internationalization, localization, null entry, data type, formatting

Also we should check for keyboard access, shortcuts and tab key usage

Question: Wht is the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing

Answer: Smoke Testing: Smoke testing is non-exhaustive software testing, ascertaining that the most crucial functions of a program work, but does not bother with finer details.

Sanity Testing: Sanity testing is a cursory testing; it is performed whenever a cursory testing is sufficient to prove the application is functioning according to specifications. This level of testing is a subset of regression testing. It normally includes a set of core tests of basic GUI functionality to demonstrate conne Source:
Question: What are all the scenarios to be considered while testing reports

Answer: I think all the possible test cases for particular workflow, that is entire testing process will involves, Like Unit testing, Integration testing, End- To- End Testing. After reciving the stable build we will chk that. in simple way i can say that it is testing process:- Test Startegy-> Test Plan-> Test Bed -> Test Driver-> Test Log-> Test Execution -> Final Reprt. This entire process comes under Test Scenerio. Source:
Question: How do you know that all the scenarios for testing are covered?

Answer: When comes to coverage, 100% coverage looks improbable if not impossible. Still being tester, we cannot use this as excuse of not covering everything,

So if all the agreed/freezeed processes/flows mentioned in the test design are completed and excuted, we can say that all we have covered/executed the all scinerios.
Question: Complete Testing with Time Constraints :

Question: How do you complete the testing when you have a time constraint?

Answer: If i am doinf regression testing and i do not have sufficient time then we have to see for which sort of regression testing i have to go
1)unit regression testing
2)Regional Regression testing
3)Full Regression testing. Source:
Question: can u give me the test scenario template and one example test scenario?

Answer: EX:Login page

In login page you have to give values for user name,
password and then click on ok button to login and cancel
button to close the login window
user name:Alphanumerics with 4-16characters long
password:lowercase letters with 4-8 chars long
OK :Next window
CANCEL :Close the window
Prepare Test Scenarios

Test Scenario Template
Test scenario1:Verify user name value
Test Scenario2:verify pass word value
Test Scen Source:
Question: Is it essential to create new Software requirement document,test planning report if it is a "Migrating Project"?

Answer: A migrated Project which is enhancement of the exisitng project. so,It is not essential to create new SRS. we can make changes to the existing SRS as per the requirements.

or A migrated Project is a project which is conversion of application from envrionment to another environment. e.g. converting from .Net to java Environment.We need to check s/w and hardware requriements of the project

we can use the same SRS if there is no major change in the Requirements
Question: Given an yahoo application how many test cases u can write?

Answer: First we need requirements of the yahoo applicaiton.
I think test cases are written aganist given requirements.So for any working webapplication or new application, requirements are needed to prepare testcases.The number of testcases depends on the requirements of the application
Question: What is Testing Scenario ? What is scenario based testing? can u explain with an example ?

Answer: A scenario test is a test based on a hypothetical story used to help a person think through a complex problem or system. They can be as simple as a diagram for a testing environment or they could be a description written in prose. The ideal scenario test has five key characteristics. It is (a) a story that is (b) motivating, (c) credible, (d) complex, and (e) easy to evaluate. They are usually different from test cases in that test cases are single steps and scenarios cover a number of steps. Te Source:
Question: can anyone pls clarify diffn between functionality and GUI testing in a web based project?does field validation is GUI or functionality?

Answer: GUI Testing: GUI Testing means checking the availability of controls (fields, buttons, dropdowns, etc..) on the application.

GUI Testing not comes under Functionality Testing.

Functionality Testing: Validation of actual functionality of Controls after giving input to certain fields in the application.

We can devide System Testing into following categories,

1. Functionality Testing

2. GUI Testing

3. Performance Testing

4. Security Testing ....etc.< Source:
Question: What is scenario and end to end scenario.

Answer: Scenario: It is the terminalogy we are using for doing the testing. It comes like subjct to context while we are doing testing.

E2E: This the one type of testing to do the testing for the appliction point to point (target reaching)
Question: How do you know that all the scenarios for testing are covered?

Answer: Typically, in test situations, traceability matrices are used to trace requirements to test cases in order to ensure that there are test cases for all the requirements (usually done by a analyst). Some tools, such as Rational Suite Enterprise, will help analysts trace requirements and then allow the tester to trace from the use cases and/or requirements to test cases.

Of course, many types of traceability matrices may be created or reverse engineered. For example, you may back trace defec Source:

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