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Testing Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testing Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testing is the process of evaluating a system or its component(s) with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not. Testing is executing a system in order to identify any gaps, errors, or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements. Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test.

Try Testing Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Testing Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Testing Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: 1.How will u write integration test cases will u track bugs from winrunner u customise the bugs as pass/fail
4.u find a bug how will u repair testcases u have bug or not
6.what is use case ? what it contains

Answer: (1) Integration Testing :Testing of combined parts of an application to determine if they function together correctly.This testing can be performed in both black box and white box testing.The documents like SRS/Functional specifications/Use Cases/Work Flow can be used while deriving integration test cases.We will check the interaction between different units /different functions of an application/product.The format of test case will be almost same for any testing type/technique like test case nu Source:
Question: How would you test a mug (chair/table/gas station etc.)?

Answer: First of all you must demand requirements and functional specification and design document of the mug. There will find requirements like ability to hold hot water, waterproof, stability, break ability and so on. Then you should test the mug according to all documents. Source:
Question: What are all the key factors to write system test plan?

Answer: A system test plan is based on the user requirements document and also the market standards of technology with the most used systems and browsers would be taken into consideration.

Question: What is the most challenging situation you had during testing

Answer: The most challenging situation during testing is identifying whether the data is right or wrong and the initial understanding of the functionality of the application.

Question: Who approved your test cases?

Answer: Test lead or we can baseline the testcases with pear reviews and some times client will aprove the test cases, that depends on the organisation's policy

Question: What is the difference between testing and debugging?

Answer: Testing is the performed by tester with the intent of finding a bug in an application. Upon finding a bug, the tester will be reporting it to development team.

Debugging is the act of fixing the bugs that is reported by either the testing team or by the end users. Debuging is done by the development team

Question: What is the testing process?

Answer: Testing the process which ensures that the product will attain the user requirement expectations, as well as it is the process which enables us to find those undiscovered error which can effect the performance of the software product. Source:
Question: What types of tests comes under black box testing

Answer: In Addition to it:

1. GUI Testing

2. Load Testing

3. Multiuser/Concurrent Testing

4. Stress Testing

5. Regression Testing
Question: What is compliance testing?

Answer: A set of tests carried out to gain sufficient assurance that the prescribed internal controls are operating effectively. Source:
Question: In bug life cycle which what are the activites between new and assigned states

Answer: NEW means when a tester will find a defect he/she will mark it as only NEW as this defect has found now and he/she will send it to T.L and D.L

ASSIGN means after getting a Bug from testing Engineer ( which is marked as NEW ) the D.L will verify it whether it is proper to Fix or not. if after verify all the criteria the D.L has agreed to accept that bug for fixing then he will "ASSIGN" that to the bug related Developer.

This is the difference Between NEW and ASSIGN

Question: What is the difference between retest and regression testing?

Answer: Retesting:testing the same application to make sure that it does not create any defects and if it does creat defects we r going to fix the bugs and then comes regression other words retesting is performed to ensure that if at all the bugs were found we r going to perform regression testing.this means that retesting and regression testing are performed in a cyclic process or chain process.
testing the application before enhancements or changes or fixing the bugs.
Question: What are the types of functional testing?

Answer: There are followingtypes of functional testing.

1. Functionality testing.

2. Input domain testing.

3.Error handling testing.

about 90% of the functional testing will be covered with teh completion of above three.

4. Recovery testing.

5.Compatibility testing

6.Configuration testing

7.Intersystems testing

8.Installation testing.
Question: What is monkey testing?

Answer: In monkey testing we wont have any documents or planning for the testing process ,randomnly testing the apllication.
Question: What was the most difficult problem you ever found while testing?

Answer: Sometimes to explaining the developer, how reported issue is a really bug.

Question: What is the difference between authorization and authentication?

Answer: Authentication :An authentication system is how you identify yourself to the computer. The goal behind an authentication system is to verify that the user is actually who they say they are.

Authorization:Once the system knows who the user is through authentication, authorization is how the system decides what the user can do.
Question: What is the difference between structural and functional testing?

Answer: Structural testing deals with the interior details of the product while the functional testing deals with just the behaviour(overview) of the product. Source:
Question: Test Schedule :- If an application has 100 pages to be tested.How much time it will take?
How u caluculate?(It Depemds upon the Complexity of the functionlity is know factor)

Answer: The time taken for completion of an application will me measured using cyclomatic complexity.It is a quantitative measure to calculate time. Source:
Question: What is difference between Integration testing & Inter system testing?

Answer: integrataion testing:

after the modules(tested units are integrated into modules) are tested,the modules can be integrated and start testing .

inter system testing:

An application which can share same resources with other application is called inter system
Question: What is monkey testing?

Answer: Monkey Testing is very much similiar to Ad-Hoc Testing, but has very thin line in Ad-Hoc we test the application with out any functional knowledge and documents where as in Monkey testing we have a minimum knowledge on the application for ex. we we click on any link we know where it takes. <br> Source:
Question: What version of Oracle database did you use?

Answer: SQL> select banner from V$version;This is the command to know "what Version we are working"


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