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Clarify CRM Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Clarify CRM Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Clarify is an Amdocs Customer Relationship Management S/W product.It is based on client server technology which may range from 2 to n tiers.Though for adopting greater than 2 tier middlewares are required.Clarify is supported in two modes via thick client and thin client. The Amdocs Clarify CRM suite of customer solutions help organizations to deliver a unified view of the customer, and act as a single point solution for sales, support, ordering and analytics.

Try Clarify CRM Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Clarify CRM Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Clarify CRM Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What are the CRM Technology Components?

Answer: CRM Engine

Front-Office Solutions

Enterprise Application Integrations (EAIs) for CRM

CRM in the Back Office

CRM Engine

? This would be the customer data repository.

? The data mart or data warehouse is where all data on the customer is captured and stored.

? This could include basic stuff such as name, address, phone number, and birth date.

? The purpose is a single gathering point for all individual customer information so that a unified c Source:
Question: In clarify CRM billing manager, what is the relation between financial account and the billing arrangement?

Answer: It is One to One.For every account there is one Billing site and one Billing Contact. Source:
Question: Which method on the client side is used to indicate that the node value has been changed

Answer: B) isFieldDirty()
Question: Which of the following is/are true about savebeans ?

Answer: A) Uses CBOs for database operation.
D) They can be customized by subclassing.


Beanfactory is used for intantiating child load and save beans

Question: ClfyMenu custom tag used to create application menus consists of __________ and is defined as part of _________.

Answer: A) clfy:menu , clarify.tld
Question: Which of the following statements is false about the use of objId in the Clarify CRM database.

Answer: It is B. The value of objid cannot be updated by the user. Source:
Question: Worker Beans, Save Beans and ________ together make up the Application beans in the ClarifyCRM.

Answer: A) Load Beans
Question: Worker bean calls ________ method to create, __________ method to initialize and ___________ method to initiate the creation of CBO?s within Save Bean

Answer: B) setUpSaveBean(), createSaveBean(),SB.init()
Question: Which of the following statement(s) is true about the Bean Factory

Answer: Answer: A, Explanation: If we want to creat a load,save or Message Bean we need to instantiate the Bean Factory.

Question: For any activity like update and insert, performed in the clarify CRM, a log is created called activity log. Name the table in which it is stored

Answer: Act_entry Source:
Question: Does clarify database has explicit primary keys defined for the tables.

Answer: NO. Primary key are not defined in the Clarify Database. The restrictions and relationships are managed by the application itself. Source:
Question: What is the full form of CDOCOL?

Answer: CDOCOL means ClarifyCRM data Object Collection. Source:
Question: Which of the following statements is true about the windows broadcasting.

Answer: Window broadcasting also provide functionality to update the new data in Edit Window.

Question: What are the Features of eCRM?

Answer: eCRM implies capabilities like self service knowledge bases, automated email response, personalization of web content, online product bundling and pricing.

? eCRM gives Internet users the ability to interact with the business through their preferred communication channel.

? It also allows business to offset expensive customer service agents with technology.

? eCRM puts much emphasis on the customer satisfaction and reduced cost through improved efficiency.

? eCRM use Source:
Question: The toolbox configuration files for the ClarifyCRM Administrator are defined in

Answer: B) /commonjsp/desktop/iAdmin.xml
Question: To add the shortcut keys to the Menu items we use the one of the following property

Answer: C) hotkey
Question: What are Objectives of CRM?

Answer: 1.To create a consistent customer experience

Your relationship with customer should be thought of as an ongoing conversation without end.

Collective consciousness expected

Customers talking to Accounts receivables person, sales person, call from telemarketing person, direct marketing, returning to web site. Source:
Question: What is the name of the feature by which the window manager automatically checks for the unsaved changes while closing the window and prompts the user to save any changes

Answer: A) window dirty bit checking
Question: The use of the eorder Application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice)

Answer: A) Search for products
B) Save the shopping list

(A, B), other options are provided from eSupport

Question: What are the Advantages of CRM?

Answer: Provide better customer service

Make call centers more efficient

Cross sell products more effectively

Help sales staff close deals faster

Simplify marketing and sales processes

Discover new customers

Increase customer revenues Source:

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