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ONT Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

ONT Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

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Try ONT Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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ONT Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try ONT Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How to pass parameters to a report ? do you have to register them with AOL ?

Answer: frist of all you have to register the parameters of your repot in AOL.


1.switch to SYSADMIN responsibility.

2 register the executable, navigation is


3 register the program for this,navigation is


in this form there is a one button <PARAMETER> click and register your

report parameter.
Question: What happens to the form when u register

Answer: Registration of Form in Oracle Apps indicates that the form can be accessed from Oracle Application Responsibility. For that you have define the following.

1. Define the form

2. Define the function

3. Attach the funtion to the Menu

4. Attach the Menu to the responsibility.

Question: What is the use of cursors in PL/SQL ? What is REF Cursor ?

Answer: If you have not used REF cursor, then when you need to open cursors multiple time, it will throw an error. Because in a procedure there is a limitation availe for maximum number of cursors to be open at any point of time.
Question: What is the difference between Organization_id and Org_id ?

Answer: OrgId: Org Id is an unique ID for the Operating Unit.Organisation Id: The Organisation Id is an ID for the Inventory Organisation which is under an Operating Unit.

Org Id is an unique ID for the Operating Unit.Organisation Id: The Organisation Id is an ID for the Inventory Organisation which is under an Operating Unit.
Question: What is the difference between data conversion and data migration?

Answer: Data Migration is upgrading from one version to another version fro e.g. from 11.5.9 to 11.5.10.. Data Conversion is receiving data from a legacy system or receiving data from another module ( e.g. PA), validating it and converting it to ur our the target module using the standard import program.
Question: What the process of po requesation interface
what are the the interface table and basetables
and what are validations?

Question: Why is FND CURRENCY used in reports

Answer: FND_CURRENCY is basic foundation class used to format currency.
Ex. 1234556
By using above we can print it as
Question: What is cost center segment?

Answer: It is one of the segment in the accounting flexfield. It is not necessary that this segment should always be there in the accounting flexfield, but most of the companies include this segment in the accounting flexfield to post the assets and expenses costcenter wise and get the report accordingly.
Question: What are _ALL tables in Oracle Apps?

Answer: ALL tables in oracle applications gives the info about Multiple organizations info about these tables.
Question: What is record group ?

Answer: Record Group is an object. It is a collection of records fetched based on SELECT statement. It is of three types:

1. Static

2. Query based

3. Non-query based

The record group has two types
1- static values
2- query based

there is no third type.
Question: List the key flexfields in AR?

Answer: There are 2 Kff's are there in AR1.Sales Tax Location FF-this is a mandatory one to implement2.Territory- its an optional one. Source:


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