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Oracle Apps Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Oracle Apps Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Oracle Applications is a tightly-integrated family of application products that share a common look and feel. Using the menus and windows of Oracle Applications, you have access to all the functions you need to manage your business information. Oracle Applications is highly responsive to users, supporting a multi-window graphical user interface (GUI) that provides you with full point-and-click capability. You can use your mouse or keyboard to operate graphical controls such as pull-down menus, buttons, poplists, and check boxes. In addition, Oracle Applications offers many other features such as field-to-field validation and list of values to help you simplify data entry and maintain the integrity of the data you enter. Oracle Applications provide business information for effective decision-making, enable an adaptive enterprise for optimal responsiveness.

Try Oracle Apps Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Oracle Apps Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Oracle Apps Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the difference between Organization_id and Org_id ?

Answer: OrgId: Org Id is an unique ID for the Operating Unit.Organisation Id: The Organisation Id is an ID for the Inventory Organisation which is under an Operating Unit. Source:
Question: What is auto reduction?

Answer: LOV Auto-reduction : Lov Auto-reductions is used in forms. <br> <br>The general idea is to wrie a statement like "Select {name column},{value column} from {table} <br>where {name column} like '%{:Combo_Item}%'" <br>You can create a record group out of this statement ans populate the combo box dynamically. <br> <br>example <br> <br>When the user types in 0208% <br> <br>This list has the following items is displaced <br&g Source:
Question: Where you will keep the host source code?

Answer: Host resource is located under AU_TOP/11.5.0/bin<br> <br> <br> Source:
Question: What is the difference between Organization_id and Org_id ?

Answer: Oraganization_id comes under Inventory whereas org_id comes under Operating Unit Level. Source:
Question: What all things are stored in RA_CUSTOMER_TRX?

Answer: The header information about transactions are stored in this view(RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALLtable).<br><br>The RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL table stores invoice, debit memo, commitment, bills receivable, and credit memo header information. Each row in this table includes general invoice information such as customer, transaction type, and printing instructions. One row exists for each invoice, debit memo, commitment, bill receivable, and credit memo that you create in Oracle Receivables. Invoices, de Source:
Question: What is auto invoice?

Answer: It is a program that imports invoices,credit memos, debit memos, on account credits from other system to Receivables. Source:
Question: What are _ALL tables in Oracle Apps?

Answer: _ALL tables in oracle applications gives the info about Multiple organizations info about these tables.


Question: What is descriptive flex field and what is the use of them?

What is the procedure for useing the.

Answer: Descriptive Flexfileds r used to add additional informations.and these values r stored to the column attributes.

go to sysadmin application-flexfields-descriptive-segments
Question: How will you display message for testing the form you modified?

Answer: Fnd_message.set_string('test only ');<br><br>;<br><br>--or fnd_message.error;<br> Source:
Question: What is "Finance Charge"?

Answer: Additional charges that you assign to customers for past due items.Finance charges can be included on your customer?s statements and dunning letters. <br> <br> Source:
Question: What happens to the form when u register

Answer: Registration of Form in Oracle Apps indicates that the form can be accessed from Oracle Application Responsibility. For that you have define the following.

1. Define the form

2. Define the function

3. Attach the funtion to the Menu

4. Attach the Menu to the responsibility.

Question: What are forms customization steps ?

Answer: For form customization we need to download the template.fmb in binary format from AU_TOP directory.

Then rename template.fmb to the your form name and start customizing it.

Upload the form into AU_TOP/forms/US

Compile the form.

Copy the form into respective custom top as INV_TOP, PO_TOP etc.

For registering in apps -

Register form --> Register function --> Register Menu -->
Question: What is Key and Descriptive Flexfield.

Answer: Key Flex Field:

KFF is a Mandatory field which is already driving the functionality and it is the field where atleast first segment is made mandatory.

KFF willbe filled in segments

KFF Is mandatory

KFF Drives functionality

Navigation is Inventory(Navigator)->Setup->FlexField-Key->Segments

then you can search for application and the flex field

Examples : in Oracle Inventory

System Items,Stock Locators,Item Categories,Item Catalogs Source:
Question: What is invoicing rule?

Answer: Invoicing Rule determine when to recognise the receivable for transactions. There are 2 types invoicing rules:Bill in arrears and Bill in advance.<br><br>Bill in Arrears recognise receivables at the end of the revenue recognistion schedule. Bill in advance recognise receivables as soon as invoice generated.<br> <br> <br> Source:
Question: What are global segments?

Answer: Global segment is a type of descriptive flex field. <br> <br>Global Segment: always appears on the customer's application page, regardless of the context <br> <br>please refer to note <br> <br> Source:
Question: What is accounting rule?

Answer: Accounting rules detrmine the period in which the revenues were genereated against the transactions. Rules that Receivables AutoInvoice uses to specify revenue recognition schedules for your transactions. You can define an accounting rule where revenue is recognized over a fixed or variable period of time. <br> Source:
Question: what is auto invioce in OM module?what is use of it?

Answer: An auto invoice program in OM module is a concurrent program to generate transactions or invoices in receivables for all the shippped orders.

Question: How AR & OE are related?

Answer: OE (Order Entry): Once order and shipped to the customer and invoice is sent to the customer. Once the payment for the Invoice is received the information is entered in Oracle Receivables.<br> Source:
Question: What is one full life cycle implementation?

Answer: Full life cycle is started from scratch to Production which includes mainly

1) Designing Modules.

2)Development of Modules.

3)Testing of Modules.

4)Going to Production.

Question: How to attach reports in Oracle Applications ?

Answer: Design your report

put your file into product_top>version>language>

define executable

define concurrent

add to the request group

run the report respective responsibility.

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