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Scope and Application Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Scope and Application Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Oracle Apps are highly popular with large companies. Experience with them will make you very hireable. This is an opportunity to build upon your developer skills and make yourself marketable as a consultant.

Try Scope and Application Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Scope and Application Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Scope and Application Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What does 'Unfreezing Rollup Groups' do?

Answer: By unfreezing rolllup group you can make changes to the rollup group. After making changes, you have to freez it again and compile it to get the effect of change. Source:
Question: What is the result of following query 'select * from po_headers'?

Answer: It will not return any row because it is just a view. Usually the difference between tables and views are tables are suffixed with 'ALL' like po_headers_all. If you wanna select from the view then you need to setup the Org_id and then you can get the data

You have to set the org_id to retrive data from this view..

begin fnd_client_info.set_org_context('XX'); end;

where 'XX' is the relevant ORGANIZATION_ID for which you want to retrive data from hr_op Source:
Question: Where do we use connected and un connected lookups?

Answer: If return port only one then we can go for unconnected. More than one return port is not possible with Unconnected. If more than one return port then go for Connected.

If you require dynamic cache i.e where your data will change dynamically then you can go for connceted lookup.If your data is static where your data won't change when the session loads you can go for unconnected lookups
Question: What is the difference between 11.5.7 and 11.5.10 versions of oracle applications

Answer: some new features came like

--forms personalization..etc
Question: Can I post to a parent account?

Answer: No...Parent account are made in Orrapps which are not posted to your GL, Hence u can not post

Question: Can we look-up a table from source qualifier transformation. ie. unconnected lookup?

Answer: You cannot lookup from a source qualifier directly. However, you can override the SQL in the source qualifier to join with the lookup table to perform the lookup.
Question: What are snapshots? What are materialized views & where do we use them? What is a materialized view?

Answer: Materialized view is a view in wich data is also stored in some temp table.i.e if we will go with the View concept in DB in that we only store query and once we call View it extract data from DB.But In materialized View data is stored in some temp tables.
Question: What are the various tools? Name a few?

Answer: A few more
- Cognos Decision Stream
- Oracle Warehouse Builder
- Business Objects XI (Extreme Insight)
- SAP Business Warehouse
- SAS Enterprise ETL Server

Along with the above, need to include the below tools --Informatica --Abintio --DataStage
Question: What is fact less fact table? where you have used it in your project?

Answer: Fact less table means only the key available in the Fact there is no measures available.

factless fact table means that contains only foreign keys with out any measures example:attendance report of employees in a particular company contains no measures only
Question: what customisations you performed in your implementations

Answer: No answer available currently.


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