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Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Oracle Forms is a tool (somewhat like Visual Basic in appearance, but the code inside is PL/SQL) which allows a developer to quickly create user-interface applications which access an Oracle database in a very efficient and tightly-coupled way.

Try Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is who column and how you set the values?

Answer: Columns tracking the audit trial(user) information.
Question: What is use of FNDSQF library?

Answer: Routines for handling Message Dictionary, felxfields, prpfiles, concurrent processing, mulicurrency, WHO etc Source:
Question: What is naming convention for Data base trigger?

Answer: DB Trigger are not allowed in Apps.

Question: Which form objects we should not use?

Answer: You should use FND_FUNCTION.EXECUTE instead of either CALL_FORM or OPEN_FORM whenever you need to open a form programatically.
Question: In one of the Standard Oracle Form(Quoting Form), the Export (File -> Export) functionality is disabled. How can I enable this Export Functionality?

Answer: Export function is disable when you intial open to the responisibility .that automatically enable when you enter into specific form and you need to export that data.Example :-Login as a Application Developer navigate to Application-->Registerand preess f11 and press ctrl+f11 then you wil get all applicatins now if you want to export all data go to the file and see The function is eabled Source:
Question: What are the steps you have to follow to register a Form?

Answer: ftp the form (.fmx) to resp. tops/forms/us folder

ftp the form (.fmb) to $au_top/form/us folder (not mandatory but fmb's are kept here only)

add form to a function

function to menu/submenu

menu/submenu to the responsibility

responsibility to the user.
Question: Shall we delete exiting triggers?

Answer: We must not delete the triggers which comes from the Templates.

Question: What are the standard libraries available in template form?

Answer: Three main libraries that are attached to the template form are :
FNDSQF Source:
Question: What is table handler package?

Answer: Table handler package r releated to the table.and the values r stored into the base table.
Question: What is folder form?

Answer: Folder form is adjustable form layout where you can change the postion,promt and number of feilds displayed and the default query with which the form has to be opened Source:
Question: What is ZOOM?How it works

Answer: Zoom allows the addition of user-invoked logic on a per-block basis. For example, you may want to allow access to the Vendors form from within the Enter Purchase Order form while the user is in the PO Header block of that form. You can enable Zoom for just that block, and when the user invokes it, you can open the Vendors form. Example code here:--function zoom_available return boolean is form_name varchar2(30) := name_in('system.current_form'); block_name varchar2(30) := name_in('sy Source:
Question: Name the directories where you have to copy your Fmb and Fmx files?

Answer: FMB has to be placed on $AU_TOP/forms/US and FMX has to be placed in the custom top!

Question: What is use of APPDAYPK library?

Answer: The APPDAYPK library contains the packages that control the Oracle Applications Calendar feature. The calendar (or the date picker) is a utility that oracle apps provide to pick the dates for a date type field Source:
Question: What is template form?

Answer: Template Form is a form that is to be used for building a new form and this form references all the standard libraries like(FNDSQF,APPCORE,APPCORE2,APPDAYPK,CUSTOM) which are used to build a form as per the oracle standards.This Template form has been provided by Oracle only.

Navigation for this Template form is:


Question: What is a reference trigger? Can we modify a reference trigger?

Answer: Only the comment property can be changed for a trigger referenced in the oracle forms. Source:
Question: Compare Custom development & customization. When they are used and Why ?

Answer: Developing forms from the starting ie from scrap is custom development and customization means customizing the existing forms as per the customer requirements or business requirements. Source:
Question: Can we change the profile value ? How ?

Answer: fnd_profile API can sbe used to set the profile value

fnd_profile.put(name in varchar2,value in varchar2)
Question: Can we modify all the trigger?

Answer: No. There are some triggers which should not be modified Source:
Question: What is use of custom library?

Answer: Custom.pll is used to implement any new pl/sql code that you would need to write in customizing forms.

Question: How do you find out the FMB file name?

Answer: Go to the Help menu on the applications window and select About Oracle Applicaitons.

Under the title Current Form you will get the executable file name (.fmx).

Form path : /............./forms/US/XXXXXX.fmx

The fmb name is XXXXXX.fmb Source:

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