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AOL Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

AOL Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

The Oracle Applications AOL/J Setup Test Suite, used to trouble-shoot the Self-Service framework, can be exploited to remotely retrieve sensitive configuration and host information without application authentication.

Try AOL Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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AOL Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try AOL Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How cam i changes in custom.pll? After changes how can i send on the server and what's effect in this condition?

Answer: 1. FTP the Custom.pll from $AU_TOP/resource

2. Open the Custom.pll in Forms6i

3. Include the following code for your Form logic :


Form_Name varchar2(50) := name_in('system.current_form');

If Form_Name = 'YOUR CUSTOM FORM" then


include your logic



4. Once changes over , using the following command to generate the CUSTOM.plx

f60gen module=CUSTOM.pll userid= Source:
Question: What is '$flex$ and '$profile$, Waht is the use of '$flex$'?

Answer: $Flex$ is used when we need to return the Flex value contained by any AOL Vlauset or AOL object .

For Ex . $Flex$.<Valueset name> would return the value held by that valueset .

$profiles$. are used to get the values of environment variables like org_id or mfg_Organization_id etc which are related to the current apps environment.

Ex. $profiles$.org_id would return the operating unit which is active at that time for the user. Source:
Question: How can i implementing and managing the custom schema?
please give me quick reply.

Answer: Basically a schema is collection of objects(tables, views, indexes,sequences) belonging to particular user, here in case of Oracle apps every module is implemented as a user for example Order Management is implemented as a user ONT, so to create a custom schema, we need to create a user and register the user with AOL.

check this link for step by step process to create a custom module(Application) and register with oracle AOL. Source:
Question: How do I check if Multi-org is installed?


If MULTI_ORG_FLAG is set to 'Y', Then its Multi Org.
Question: How do I submit a concurrent request from PL/SQL?

Answer: begin

v_request_id := fnd_request.submit_request(applicationshortname,concurrentprogramshortname,description,paramers)


if v_request_id > 0 then

dbms_output.put_line('Successfully submitted')


dbms_output.put_line('Not Submitted');


Question: What is AUTO Accounting what are the steps for setting up auto accounting

Answer: Auto Accounting is a mechnism for generating defualt accounting flexfields for revenue , receivables, frieght and tax based on the other parameters associated with the invoice you are entering.. since auto accounting looks at the following tables to get the data so please set/define the following depending upon your requirement.


2.Transaction Types.

3.Standard Lines.


5.Customer bill-to-site

Question: How do I generate a message file (usaeng.msb)?

Answer: Use: FNDMDCMF applsys/pwd 0 Y APP usaeng
where: applsys/pwd is the APPLSYS user and password
and APP is the short name of the application (like PO or INV) Source:
Question: What do I do if I am missing an executable from my APPL_TOP?

Answer: Simply display the error(request status ERROR) , object name and path in the logfile.

NOTE : Before submitting any request(s), required executable(s) to be trasfered(FTP) in their corresponding TOPs thru UNIX.

Question: What are Different types of transactions in AR?

Answer: I know 6 of them in total

1) Charge back

2) Credit memo

3) Debit memo

4) Invoice

5) Guarantee

6) Deposit
Question: I have applied a patch. at the time of applying he update a table and suddenly he gives the error that table is lock. Now what i do?

Answer: one case could be multiple upgrade scripts in the patch are there, and ad workers are running them parally , so when the first worker was upading the table and second one also gone for the update at the same time, in this case locking error will come.

To resolve this kind of issues patch should not contain different upgrade scripts for a single table ,all the upgrades should happen in the same file. Source:
Question: What are the standard concurent programs for auto invoice interface and customer interfaces

Answer: Autoinvoice Import Program -- for auto invoice program Customer Interface Master Conc Program --> for Customer Interface Source:
Question: What is Auto Invoicing? Explain?

Answer: Auto invoicing is used to import the AR invoices direclty into the AR module Source:
Question: How do i recover the responsibility in apps if it is disabled?

Answer: Here is the API script which add the System Administrator responsibility through which you add the other responsibility.

CURSOR c1_cur IS SELECT u.user_name
FROM fnd_user u
WHERE u.user_name IN ('subbarab')
AND (u.end_date IS NULL OR u.end_date = TO_DATE('31-dec-4712','dd-mon-yyyy'))
ORDER BY u.user_name;

FOR c1 IN c1_cur LOOP
B Source:
Question: What are the logfile and output file naming conventions?

Answer: Log file get following name by default: lRequest_id.req

and Output file get following name by default : oRequest_id.out

Output files are stored at $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT

and Log files are stored at $APPLCSF/log

These paths may vary depending on the setups that sys admins perform at the time of Oracle Apps installation
Question: What so you mean by Hierarchical and non Hierarchical security type in value set?

Answer: You define a security rule element by specifying a value range that includes both a low and high value for your segment. A security rule element applies to all segment values included in the value range you specify.

You identify each security rule element as either Include or Exclude, where Include includes all values in the specified range, and Exclude excludes all values in the specified range. Every rule must have at least one Include rule element, since a rule automatically excludes Source:
Question: Where do concurrent request logfiles and output files go?

Answer: The solutions provided are very informative and crisp . HIghly for beginners and for experts . Source:
Question: What are the interface tables used for ar invoices, customers, receipts for conversion process

Answer: Following are the Validation for Autoinvoice:

? AR Transaction Type Validation : Check if the Transaction type provided in data file is defined in AR transaction types(RA_CUST_TRX_TYPES_ALL)

? Transaction Batch Source Validation: Check if the source provided in data file is defined in AR transaction Batch source (RA_BATCH_SOURCES_ALL).

? Invoice Currency Validation: Check if the currency provided in data file is defined in AR Currency (FND_CU Source:
Question: What is quick code? why is it called a quick code?
What is steps of defining a quick code?

Answer: Quick code is that where we can hurry up the process of getting services and extended warranties quickly.

Question: Why does Help->Tools->Examine ask for a password?

Answer: Navigate to the Update System Profile Screen.

( navigate profile system)

- Select Level: Site

- Query up Utilities:Diagnostics in the User Profile Options Zone.

If the profile option Utilities:Diagnostics is set to NO, people with access to the Utilities Menu must enter the password for the ORACLE ID of the current responsibility to use Examine. If set to Yes, a password will not be required.

Question: What is US directory under any TOP?

Answer: The US directory is for the US English Language.People who use French put the code in F and Arabic language code for forms and reports etc is kept in AR directory Source:

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