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Informatica Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Informatica Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Informatica is a software development company founded in 1993. It is headquartered in Redwood City, California. It was founded by Gaurav Dhillon and Diaz Nesamoney. Anil Chakravarthy is the company's CEO. Informatica is successful ETL and EAI tool with significant industry coverage. ETL refers to extract, transform, load. Data integration tools are different from other software platforms and languages.

Try Informatica Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Informatica Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Informatica Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How can you recognise whether or not the newly added rows in the source are gets insert in the target?

Answer: In the Type2 maping we have three options to recognise the newly added rows
Version number
Effective date Range. Source:
Question: What is the difference between Informatica 7.0 and 8.0 ?

Answer: the basic diff b/w inbetween informatica8.0and informatica7.0 is that in 8.0series informatica corp has introduces powerexchnage
Question: Is sorter an active or passive transformation?What happens if we uncheck the distinct option in sorter.Will it be under active or passive transformation?

Answer: Sorter is an active transformation. if you don't check the distinct option it is considered as a passive transformation. becos this distinct option eliminates the duplicate records from the table. Source:
Question: How do we do unit testing in informatica?
How do we load data in informatica ?

Answer: Unit testing are of two types

1. Quantitaive testing

2.Qualitative testing


1.First validate the mapping

2.Create session on themapping and then run workflow.

Once the session is succeeded the right click on session and go for statistics tab.

There you can see how many number of source rows are applied and how many number of rows loaded in to targets and how many number of rows rejected.This is called Quantitative testing.

If once ro Source:
Question: Differences between Normalizer and Normalizer transformation.

Answer: Normalizer: It is a transormation mainly using for cobol sources,

it's change the rows into coloums and columns into rows

Normalization:To remove the retundancy and inconsitecy
Question: What is the use of incremental aggregation? Explain me in brief with an example.

Answer: Its a session option. when the informatica server performs incremental aggr. it passes new source data through the mapping and uses historical chache data to perform new aggregation caluculations incrementaly. for performance we will use it.
Question: What is the difference between filter and lookup transformation?

Answer: 1) Filter transformation is an Active transformation and Lookup is a Passive transformation

2) Filter transformation is used to Filter rows based on condition and Lookup is used to to look up data in a flat file or a relational table, view, or synonym Source:
Question: What is the difference between informatics 7x and 8x
and what is latest version?

Answer: Java Transformation available in the 8x version and it is not available in 7x version. Source:
Question: Explain about Informatica server Architecture?

Answer: Informatica server,load manager/rs,data transfer manager,reader,temp server and writer are the components of informatica server. first load manager sends a request to the reader if the reader is ready to read the data from source and dump into the temp server and data transfer manager manages the load and it send the request to writer as per first in first out process and writer takes the data from temp server and loads it itno the target Source:
Question: What is the target load order?

Answer: You specify the target loadorder based on source qualifiers in a maping.If you have the multiple source qualifiers connected to the multiple targets,You can designatethe order in which informatica server loads data into the targets. Source:
Question: How to append the records in flat file(Informatica) ? Where as in Datastage we have the options
i) overwrite the existing file
ii) Append existing file

Answer: This is not there in Informatica v 7. but heard that its included in the latest version 8.0 where u can append to a flat file. Its about to be shipping in the market.

Question: Performance tuning in Informatica?

Answer: The goal of performance tuning is optimize session performance so sessions run during the available load window for the Informatica Server.Increase the session
performance by following.
The performance of the Informatica Server is related to network connections. Data generally moves across a network at less than 1 MB per second, whereas a local disk
moves data five to twenty times faster. Thus network connections ofteny affect on session performance.So aviod netwrok connections.
Flat Source:
Question: Diff between static and dynamic cache? and please explain with one example?

Answer: Difference between static and dynamic cache-
Static- Once the data is cached , it will not change. example unconnected lookup uses static cache.
Dynamic- The cache is updated as to reflect the update in the table( or source) for which it is reffering to.(ex. connected lookup). Source:
Question: In update strategy target table or flat file
which gives more performance ? why?

Answer: Pros: Loading, Sorting, Merging operations will be faster as there is no index concept and Data will be in ASCII mode.

Cons: There is no concept of updating existing records in flat file.

As there is no indexes, while lookups speed will be lesser.
Question: What is power center repository?

Answer: Standalone repository. A repository that functions individually, unrelated and unconnected to other repositories.
Global repository. (PowerCenter only.) The centralized repository in a domain, a group of connected repositories. Each domain can contain one global repository. The global repository can contain common objects to be shared throughout the domain through global shortcuts.
Local repository. (PowerCenter only.) A repository within a domain that is not the global repository. Each Source:
Question: Define informatica repository?

Answer: Infromatica Repository:The informatica repository is at the center of the informatica suite. You create a set of metadata tables within the repository database that the informatica application and tools access. The informatica client and server access the repository to save and retrieve metadata.

Question: Why is meant by direct and indirect loading options in sessions?

Answer: Direct loading can be used to Single transformation where as indirect transformation can be used to multiple transformations or files

In the direct we can perform recovery process
but in Indirect we cant do it .
Question: How the informatica server sorts the string values in Ranktransformation?

Answer: When Informatica Server runs in UNICODE data movement mode ,then it uses the sort order configured in session properties. Source:
Question: Why we use lookup transformations?

Answer: Lookup Transformations can access data from relational tables that are not sources in mapping. With Lookup transformation, we can acomplish the following tasks:-
Get a related value-Get the Employee Name from Employee table based on the Employee IDPerform Calculation.
Update slowly changing dimension tables - We can use unconnected lookup transformation to determine whether the records already exist in the target or not. Source:
Question: How do you handle decimal places while importing a flatfile into informatica?

Answer: while importing flat file definetion just specify the scale for a neumaric data type. in the mapping, the flat file source supports only number datatype(no decimal and integer). In the SQ associated with that source will have a data type as decimal for that number port of the source.

source ->number datatype port ->SQ -> decimal datatype.Integer is not supported. hence decimal is taken care.

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